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Customer Reviews for: Grappling MMA Mats 1-5/8 Inch

Customer Rating:


I am quite pleased and surprised by what I received. I do not think you need anything under these mats for training, straight on the concrete is fine. Great quality for the price. I showed one of the end pieces to some of the senior belts in my Dojo and the Sensei and they share my view and were impressed with the price per mat.


San Jose, CA

Customer Rating:


Mats were purchased for Jiu Jitsu. They appear to be well made, arrive on time, well packaged. They installed well, and look very good! Overall, very satisfied. Mark- San Jose, CA


San Jose, CA

Customer Rating:


So far we are very happy with our mats. The price was amazing for the quality of these mats. The lady who put my order together was great. I have never ordered from someone who was so nice. The mats were everything she said they would be. I don't think I will ever order from another company. I just had an awesome experience with this company. Thanks guys and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Niota, TN

Customer Rating:


We have used these mats in our academy for almost 3 years now. We recently purchased more to finish off our floorspace. The mats are absolutely fantastic! They are firm (yet still soft), strong, and durable. They provide great traction on the feet with the softness you'd want for grappling and throws. Although being puzzle mats (making them easy to move and relocate), they are thick and heavy enough that they do not come apart while training. Of all the mats I've trained on, I like these best. Curtis Yergensen Twin Falls Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Head Instructor BJJ Black Belt under Master Pedro Sauer


Twin Falls, ID

Customer Rating:


So far these mats have done exactly what we wanted, but haven't seen hard use as of this date.


Magnolia, TX

Customer Rating:


I began my experience with great mats online. Because of questions I had i ended up calling in to talk to someone. The experience was extremely helpful. the grappling mats them selves are working out very well. I have been using them for brazilian jui jitsu for about a month now and have no complaints.


Minooka, IL

Customer Rating:


They are great mats just like the has taken my training area to a whole new level.....thnx great mats


The Colony, TX

Customer Rating:


Great price for 1 5/8 inch product. Packed and delivered with no damage, very solid and forgiving surface and degree of cushioning for falls and ground work. Overall I'm very pleased with the product.


Sidney, IL

Customer Rating:


a bit stiffer then expected, but other than that great. easy storage and configuration to needs.


San Clemente, CA

Customer Rating:


Great product, great customer service. Mats were delivered as promised. We just placed a 2nd order today to add to our space. Would recommend anybody to buy from


Colonia Escalon,

Customer Rating:


I absolutely love my mats! Definitely the best mats at the best price. I know several people/schools with these, also from GreatMats. These are the clear choice for martial arts. Very easy to maintain - take care of them and they will take care of you for years!


Bellingham, MA

Customer Rating:


Although this was not our first mat. It was the first mat purchased from Greatmats. We specialize in advanced training of Bodyguards, Force Protection Specialists and Urban Street Combat Techniques. We found the customer service all through the transaction was excellent. All of our questions were answered and fully addressed. Assistance in making the proper choice for our needs was carefully explained to us. Delivery was quick and on time. Layout and assembly of the mats was simple and quick. Since laying the mats we have used them non stop daily and they appear and function as they had the very first time. We will comfortably purchase from Greatmats again and recommend them to anyone requiring mats for any purpose. Cordially, Sonny



Customer Rating:


Mats are great! Easy to assembled and disassemble. Couldnt be happier!



Customer Rating:


Mats are nice overall, but a bit sensitive on the top surface. Soft shoes must be worn while on the top of the mats, or the surface can be scarred permanently.


Boca Raton, FL

Customer Rating:


I was very pleased with the delivery and we love the mats. They look a lot better that what we had before and they feel a lot better on all of our student's feet. We also were able to quit using the fold out mats for our jujitsu classes because of the thickness of these mats.


Greenbriar, AR

Customer Rating:


Great as your name society says,good work; and great mats of good quality, we are very happy and satisfied; thanks greatmats, from tahiti, french polynesia.



Customer Rating:


The mats are perfect for our gym. They are durable and provide more than adequate cushion for safety. We prefer these mats over others for their ease of use and flexibility to arrange them as we need them. For MMA gyms or even home use I highly recommend these mats.


Columbia, MO

Customer Rating:


The premium MMA mats are worth every penny! Great impact absorption for take downs, falls or ground drills. This product looks nice and performs. Strongly recommended for grappling schools. If product does not reach wall to wall expect some mat movement (shifting). There are many ways to rectify that issue but it is something to note.


germantown, MD

Customer Rating:


We put them down in a matter of minutes here at the AFT Training Center even my 8 yr old was dropping them in place as fast as I could open the bundles. They do bleed color for the first few days so beware white uniforms! I'll still give them a thumbs up for value per dollar spent!



Customer Rating:


The product works great. It's on top of a concrete floor, and we've had some accidental slams that the mats easily absorbed. I'd be surprised to find better mats at a price even close to these. They're definitely quality.


Bellingham, MA