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I recently purchased the 3/4 inch dog agility foam interlocking mats for use in my training classes. It is wonderful. It gives the dogs great traction, especially during off-leash play sessions. I really feel like these mats are keeping my clients and their dogs safer. They clean up wonderfully too. I am very pleased with the interlocking mats. Deb Dolak, CPDT-KA


Muncie, IN

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We purchased the green dog agility mats from GreatMats for our 8 months old miniature schnauzer. We use them for our puppy's play pen in our living room. The dog agility mats are very good for our puppy's paws and to protect our living room wooden floor. We would highly recommend these mats if you want to create a perfect play pen/living space for your beloved dog.


New York, NY

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Hi Folks, I am very pleased with my agility mats. First, I would like to thank you for processing my order and shipping it so efficiently. They arrived 10 days after I called you. I ordered the mats to create a practice area in my garage for my dogs at home. They participate in obedience, rally and agility competitions regularly, so it is great to be able to work with them at home on a safe and comfortable surface. However, I also organize dog "shows" with volunteers at a rehabilitation hospital and seniors residence in Montreal twice a year. The dogs do agility, rally and obedience demonstrations, as well as tricks and games, to entertain the patients and seniors. Last Friday, I took 30 of the mats to the hospital to create a floor for our Christmas show. They were no problem to transport, fitting easily into the back of my Dodge Caravan. Installing them was a breeze; we had our floor down in half an hour. All 15 dogs were comfortable working on the floor, from the Rottweiler to the Yorkshire terrier. Thank you for making this excellent product available in Canada. Harriet Schleifer


Montreal , QC

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Overall very pleased. My application was an unheated building, and the mats seem to work just fine. If they get wet it is not great for traction, but rubber would have been worse. Installation was easy, fitting was easy. I plan to order more to do my den! I will recommend Great Mats to my counterparts. PS. Paul was helpful and great to work with.


Head of Chezzetcook, NS

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Like a lot of things about the mats. They have wonderful traction for the dogs. No slipping at all. Love the way they fit together and the seams disappear. Like that each square has 4 removable sides so can fit a variety of situations. Love that they are reversible. They are wonderful to walk on and easy on the knees if you have to kneel down to work with a dog. Great Mats gave very good service. Only thing I am a bit unhappy about is that they do scratch very easily from toenails, and anything that is set on them, like a chair - makes permanent marks on the mats. If you leave weave poles or tunnel at same place very long - they soon get a badly scratched area. Eventually I'll have to replace some of the mats or turn them over. But, overall they suit my needs for some obedience and some inside agility exercises very well.


Nashville, TN

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We have now put the "Dog Agility Foam 3/4 inch" mats in two of our dog obedience training rooms. We are quite pleased with product. Our club members and their dogs like the bright blue color and the shock absorbing quality of the mats. The only problem we have is that the mats get quite soiled with dog drool and foot traffic soil. We tried cleaning them ourselves with a rented carpet cleaning vacuum machine but it was quite labor intensive and did not do so great a job. In June, just before our annual meeting, we hired a professional cleaning service, who put down enzymes and cleaner and allowed it to dissolve the soil and then scrubbed the mats with a nubby cloth rotating pad (on a electric scrubbing machine), then sucked up the moisture with a vacuuming device and used fans to dry. They looked like new! Since we then bought more mats to do our second room, you know we love the product. Marylou Ryan, President, Suburban Dog Training Club, Wyndmoor, PA 19038.


Erdenheim, PA