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Customer Reviews for: Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles

Customer Rating:


The thickness is great - my dogs can jump comfortably. I was disappointed that the product punctures so easily - the first day I had a lot of doggy toenail punctures in the mats. Greatmats called me back about that concern and said the punctures will not affect the integrity of the product. I've only had it down for a couple weeks, so I don't know what the long term quality will be.


Salt Lake City, UT

Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:


The Mats installed easily and we are completely satisfied with the product.


Harbor Springs, MI

Customer Rating:


Obediance Club of Daytona: The dogs and handlers love running on the mats. The members are all looking forward to trainining in our new Agility room. Also, they were very easy to install and look great.


Daytona Beach, FL

Customer Rating:


Love the comfort. I wish it didn't dent as easily when something of weight is put on it, but I can deal with that. I use it for training my dogs and as a gym for myself. I have MS and I do a lot of stretches on the floor. These mats are so comfortable for that. Great product.


Shelburne Falls, MA

Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:


After using these mats at Dogstar Activity Center, I decided to buy some for my garage bay so that I could train during the winter months. They were simple to install and they easily clean up. My order was delivered promptly. I would absolutely recommend this product!


Groton, MA

Customer Rating:


I looked at many options for my flooring for my new agility and obedience training center. I chose Great Mats for several reasons: the price was competitive, for agility, the product offered great shock absorbition as I have big dogs and for obedience and rally it was not overly "cushy" and did not make for your dumbell bouncing all over the place. The product arrived in less than and week. It was easy to install-5 women installed it in about 4 hours to include doing some cuts around steel beams and doorways. The customer service along the way was superior too.


Denver, CO

Customer Rating:


Love this flooring!!! Put it down in about 4hrs to an area 42'x48' gives me a great choice to train on those cold winter days and also be able to jump my dogs year round!!! Excellent product!!!


Wheeler, WI

Customer Rating:


I love the new flooring. It is being used in a basement obedience training area. It was delivered to my husbands business. It took a couple of days to bring it home in his car and my minivan. Then we just brought it in the house and pushed the packs down the basement stairs. I still don't believe that each 5 tile pack weighs 30 lbs. I think it was much lighter than that. My husband and I (both senior citizens) were able to install it in about a day and a half. We installed everything that did not need to be trimmed, in one day, and spent the next half day installing the pieces that had to be trimmed. It would have been nice to have some brief instructions on how to arrange each tile so that it fit with the one next to it. Once we figured out that the corner with the "arrow" had to be placed so that it appeared on the lower right corner of each tile, the installation was easy. I am now trying to figure out how I am going to clean it. You recommend Pine Sol, but Pine Sol is poisonous to dogs, and my dogs retrieve stuff off the floor. So I am not comfortable using that product. Any ideas would be welcome.


Madison, WI

Customer Rating:


Our mats arrived in perfect time and we did need a forklift to unload them off of the truck as we had 79 packages and they came on wooden pallets. When we set up installation, we had an assembly line and it only took us an hour and a half to lay the entire agility floor. They are beautiful. I highly reccommend putting carpet pieces under the ends of the contacts so they don't dent the mats, but I'll say the dogs and handlers love them. I'll be sending you some photos if you would like them for your website. The color was perfect for our club and I must say, our sales rep was an awesome company contact for answering questions.


Tampa, FL

Customer Rating:


Earlier this year, we began to take our choclate lab Kodiak to agility training at Clever K9 (Lakewood, NJ). Their flooring is by Great Mats. Fast forward to June, we installed the same flooring in my wifes' new venture Dalias Doggie Rehab here in Toms River, NJ. The toughest aspect of the installation was tearing up the glued down carpet. All 1200 square feet! The mats were so much easier.... maybe 8 hours. We placed contractors grade plastic sheeting on the floor to protect the mats from the remaining glue. The Ocean County Health Inspectors were pleased with the install as well.


Toms River, NJ

Customer Rating:


I had a 30'x40' training building built and needed a covering for the 3/4" plywood floor. I ordered samples and talked with Greatmats about a suitable floor. I am very glad I went with the green Dog Agility Mats. They were easy to install and made clean cuts with a box cutter & straight edge. My dogs love playing and jumping on their new floor. I like going barefoot on it! I received them within a week of ordering. I knew ( from previous reviews) heavy objects will leave dent, so I make sure to put something under it.


Little Rock, AR

Customer Rating:


I have been a groomer for 30 years and wish I'd been grooming on this flooring all that time!Thanks for the promptness in shipping.The product was easily laid by my handyman.It's 5-Star.


Peculiar, MO

Customer Rating:


The floor was easy to install and looks great. My dogs seem to like the ability to "grip" the floor, and my knees feel good running on it.


Novi, MI

Customer Rating:


So far, we love our agility mats. You should note however, that you need to recommend putting something under any heavy agility equipment. Ie: Aframe, dog walk, teeter, as these items permanently dent/cut into the mat. I have gone to my local carpet store and purchased small carpet sample squares which seems to be working. Otherwise, the mats are wonderful. Also alot of AKC agility equipment is blue and yellow, therefore I would recommend the green mats as the blue equipment mixes with the blue mats and its hard for the dogs to see some of the equipment (broad jumps).


Prudenville, MI

Customer Rating:


We have been using the GreatMats flooring for about 3 weeks at DogStar Activity Center. The product was SO easy to install and only took a few hours for a few people to put down 3500 sq. ft. of flooring. Other Pros: Liquid Spills bead up and are easy to clean So far the footing seems pretty good. I'm not seeing much slipping from the dogs. The company has been fantastic! Shipping was super fast. Cons: The only thing I've noticed so far is that the floor does tend to make for a bit of static. Nothing excessive at this point.


Pepperell, MA

Customer Rating:


I recently purchased the 3/4 inch dog agility foam interlocking mats for use in my training classes. It is wonderful. It gives the dogs great traction, especially during off-leash play sessions. I really feel like these mats are keeping my clients and their dogs safer. They clean up wonderfully too. I am very pleased with the interlocking mats. Deb Dolak, CPDT-KA


Muncie, IN