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We extended our dog training facility and needed more agility mats. I thought Id try to contact the first salesperson I worked with 4 years to see if someone would contact me. To my surprise, it was the same person! He was very helpful, got us what we needed and in a timely manner.

Pet Experts Dog Training

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We purchased 300 mats (about 6 years ago) to cover our floor for training dogs in our facility. We recently expanded and needed to get 400 more mats to cover the larger space. We like the mats and being able to add them to our current mats was easy since they had the same design. Being able to pick a color is nice.

Lisa Smilonich --Grand Forks Dog Training Club

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Good traction but could be improved upon with a more durable surface which would extend the life of the agility mats.


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Finished laying out the matts- the dogs and handlers really seem to like them! Installation was super easy, and the commercial floor cleaning system did its job without harming the matts. Here is hoping they hold up well over time :D

Gayanna M


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My two complaints are that it took a long time to get them as they were back ordered and I wish they had a little bit of texture to them. I put them in an unheated, in-insulated barn and so far they work great. My faster dog slips a little on them but both dogs think running on them is pretty great.

Leslie Ems-Walker

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Good service. Timely delivery. Agility mats were in excellent shape and extremely easy to install. My contractor & my self installed blue mats in a new 2,400 sq. ft. training building in about 4 hours. Good product & experience. Would highly recommend Greatmats.

Kenneth Lane

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Top notch company with great customer service. Ive purchased from them twice and theyve always done a great job. The dog agility mats are great quality.

Kimberly Hanson

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Easy ordering, good customer service, super easy installation. Hoping they hold up!

Ciceral Animal Clinic

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Have only had the floor down for a couple weeks but it looks great.


Grove City, OH

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I had a problem with a few mats and they fixed it very quickly! Would definitely recommend buying from Great Mats.

Anne A Wiley

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About 10% of the shipment had small holes in the product which I assume was shipping damage as the shipment arrived with the pallet overturned. The product worked as advertised

Merrymac Enterprises

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Excellent product and customer service. Price good, but shipping is a killer. Wish there was more options for cheaper shipping. Definitely would recommend company and product.

Brian B.

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Ryan was great and helped expedite our order, the shipping company was wonderful (YCR) and the mats look great in our training building. I wish I had went this route years ago!

Dog Sense Learning Center

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This is the 2nd time ive ordered flooring for my dog training facility. Both times, I was helped by the customer service folks (yes, a live person actually answers the phone!) and the product was shipped and delivered within one week. Ill be back again for sure.

The K9Konnection

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Only problem I ran into was when I emailed or called my contact person and didnt receive a prompt reply back. Would have been nice to receive an "out of office message" and contact info for a backup person. Product is great. We picked it up and it was ready on time and loaded on to the trailer.

Dog trainer

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Nice and knowledgeable sales. Easily installed... I installed a 600 square foot area in two days by myself...a tsquare and a utility knife..Maybe a knife designed for use with your thicker mats could be designed and avaluable for sale.Great quality. Glad I bought extras so I can switch out different colored mats. Maybe more colors available for dog agility mats would be a great selling point...Thanks Ryan and Heather for your help.

Diane Squicciarini

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Pam Livingston was my contact person at Greatmats. She was helpful in assisting me to determine which product was best for our situation. We decided to go with the Dog Agility Mats. Once we were ready to purchase, Pam went above and beyond to make certain that the delivery was set up to accommodate our needs. The mats were delivered as promised and they were very easy to install. Five of us installed a little over 1800 sf of mats in just a few hours. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Ron Seeley

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See above so fat working well, install was easy

Diane L Sutton

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We ordered these mats for Top Notch Dog Trainings new facility. They arrived as promised. A few mats were damaged in transit - however since I marked the shipping bill & took pictures, Ryan at Greatmats quickly ordered replacements. Installation was easy; we put down 1800 square feet in a few hours. Cutting the mats to fit was also easy. We start classes on these tonight - all of the instructors love the way they feel to walk & work on. Now to see how well they hold up under LOTS of dog traffic!

Top Notch Dogs LLC

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We purchased the Dog Agility Mats to create a fitness area in our basement for humans and dogs to use the treadmill, work out and winter agility training with my dogs. We outfitted just a portion of the basement with mats. Eventually we may do the entire basement but for now this works! My dog friends are so envious! The matting does a great job of adding insulation to the basement too.r


Mystic, CT