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Customer Reviews for: Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles

Customer Rating:


There is nothing I don't like about them.


Menomonie, WI

Customer Rating:


The GreatMats were the most affordable and safe mats for our very large space.


Fort Worth, TX

Customer Rating:


Just to have that comfort level as you're walking around and you're demonstrating or working with the dogs or whatever, it's much easier on the legs and the hips. We're enjoying that aspect of it. In obedience you have to throw dumbbells. You have to relearn for the bounce factor. But the comfort level is a big key. It's a pleasure to walk on. Initially, the dogs had to relearn how to stop on a floor like this that is grippy. They don't slide. We're really happy with it. It's what we needed, especially for our agility dogs.

James H

Franklin, MA

Customer Rating:


The dogs could grip the floor to minimize slipping. The foam mats had a nice cushion for the dog and human joints. We have a full slate of classes 5 days a week with seminars and agility competitions on the weekends. Every person that walks into our facility immediately remarks on how wonderful the flooring is.


Burlington, MA

Customer Rating:


Super easy and fun installation - similar to putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. We laid the tiles in our basement in a day (took longer to clean out the basement than to install the tiles) and we are both over 70! Best of all our dogs seem to approve of the results!

Sally and Bob

Old Lyme, CT

Customer Rating:


After almost three years, we are still loving our floor, although it's pretty roughed up in some areas :) They do scratch and puncture. But from "far away" the still look beautiful and it really doesn't compromise the function. This is after 3 years of use - every day! We love Greatmats.

Astrid G

Colorado, CO

Customer Rating:


Installed yesterday. Dog - approved today!


Oak Grove, MN

Customer Rating:


Easy install, good service, look nice!

Diane L

Williamsport , MD

Customer Rating:


These mats were the solution that I need to cover my concrete back porch and turn it into useful training space.



Customer Rating:


Dog agility training floor


Wilmington, MA

Customer Rating:


Here is a picture of my new mats.

Karen D


Customer Rating:


All of our customers are loving them! My knees and feet are not sore after training for hours! I do not like how easy it is to puncture but other than that they are AWESOME!


Rush, NY

Customer Rating:


Finished laying out the matts- the dogs and handlers really seem to like them! Installation was super easy, and the commercial floor cleaning system did its job without harming the matts. Here is hoping they hold up well over time :D

Gayanna M


Customer Rating:


Have only had the floor down for a couple weeks but it looks great.


Grove City, OH

Customer Rating:


We purchased the Dog Agility Mats to create a fitness area in our basement for humans and dogs to use the treadmill, work out and winter agility training with my dogs. We outfitted just a portion of the basement with mats. Eventually we may do the entire basement but for now this works! My dog friends are so envious! The matting does a great job of adding insulation to the basement too.r


Mystic, CT

Customer Rating:


The home we purchased had an RV garage that we converted to an Agility Room. The tiles were easy to install, cut to fit, and give the dogs great traction. We're very pleased with our purchase.


Burlington, WA

Customer Rating:


Everything looks good, thanks for your help.


Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Customer Rating:


Very happy with our bright new floors. They are heavily padded to keep our canine friends safe. We were very happy with the service that we received. We were also happy to receive a slight discount since this was our fourth order.


Southampton, PA

Customer Rating:


Installation was very simple and quick. It took a couple minutes to figure out to keep the corner that looks like an arrow all pointing the same and then it went down as fast as we could pick up a pick and set it in place. We've been using it for 2 weeks to practice Treibball and obedience now and love it! The dogs love it.The building isn't really big enough for much agility. It feels really nice and cushioned to walk on and insulates the concrete floor.


Twin Falls, ID

Customer Rating:


We love our new Greatmats purchase. We purchased dog agility mats for use in our obedience training building. They met our expectations and were very easy to install. We already have highly recommended them to others in the market for mats.


Plano, IL