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We use it at every event we go to, and we use it as much as we can when we travel anywhere and also when we’re working on set and in class. People really like it for agility. I don’t have any slipping issues with the Greatmats. I really think that thickness of the mats for stunt performances and live shows is ideal. I can depend on them on anything we’re thrown at. It allows my dogs to perform at their best. There are some dogs we have that are great performers but absolutely hate slippery floors and just won’t work on slippery floors. It’s a must wherever we go to bring Greatmats with us. We try to use them in the areas we need the most shock absorption. All the big landings, I’ll strategically place a couple. We love them so much we even use them on grass sometimes. It offers just a nice surface to work from in general.



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I love my flooring. It is wonderful. The dogs love playing on it. Your customer service is great and I thank you. I need more but that will be in the future.



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We got our new floor laid this weekend and it looks AWESOME! — at Agility Bassets.


Raymond, WI

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We purchases this product for our small agility training area and know we made the right choice. It was very easy to put down and works for our skills training needs.


Wyncott, PA

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The order arrived on time and as promised. The floor was easy to assemble. It has actually effected the training in our facility in a very positive way. Excellent product.


Fort Worth, TX

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We put mats down in one and a half days. The floor is beautiful and we are ready to resume classes and dog training!!


Richmond, VA

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fast delivery, east installation, excelled sorry and comfort for both dogs and handlers


Orlando, FL

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I've been impressed by the mats so far. They're standing up well to daily use. Dogs running and playing on them does cause some scratching and gouging, but it doesn't seem to affect the effectiveness of the mats. Our trainers really like the mats due to its anti-fatigue properties (squishiness) while they're standing and kneeling on it for long hours. It's also been a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning up liquids, whether it's water splattered from a dish or a puppy accident. The liquid stays on top and is super easy to clean up. I'm very glad I bought these mats and installed them in my training facility!


Roebling, NJ

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We are very excited to have new @greatmats agility flooring in our club thanks to a grant from The Quesnel Community Foundation! We are loving it already!!


Quesnel, BC

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Just amazing!!!! I will be doing more business with this company :)

Rebecca J

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Great product. Easy to clean. I would like to buy more to finish the room but the shipping cost is prohibitive


Renton, WA

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Delivery was very fast... Less than a week for my 50x60 agility matting for my obedience building. Light weight enough to install myself. About 2/3 the price of thick rolled rubber matting, which I would have had to have a lot of help installing.


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I purchased the agility mats for my agility business. I chose the color blue. I was sad to hear that I could not do a checker patttern, I was told that the squares would most likely not interlock between colors. The flooring is very easily scratched. Intents are easy to do with just walking on the floor. It will bounce back with most of the intents after awhile, thats good. We have noticed that the lighter blue squares are pretty soft, where the darker blue squares are harder. It all came from the same bag, so the fact that they are not the same color or even the same level of softness was interesting. I do like how it feels on the feet and back, and the dogs do not slip, easy on the bodies. I love the waterproof factor, water sits right on top allowing you to clean easily. Time will tell if this floor can still look good and perform after class use. If it does, this will be a great investment.


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good guys!!!!


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You can practice longer and harder. It’s good for the dogs. We jump jumps, and it’s a soft landing for them. Everything has been positive. The mats have been wonderful for me.



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Friendly, helpful service. Delivery was right on time and great product


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Thanks for the great dog agility mats. They make my Clever Paws Dog Training business in Boise, Idaho look awesome!



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I had a great experience in ordering my dog agility mats. Pam Livingston was very helpful. I placed my order on a Monday and it was delivered the next day. The delivery actually beat the email with the delivery details. I will definitely order Great Mats again.


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Great experience! Quick delivery, easy to put in. Love them!


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It saved us money on set, and it was much safer. We can use them for future conferences. The trainers felt much more confident with dogs using tunnels and jumps and weave poles. It gave us a much more professional appearance. It was a nice kind of natural border, and it stood out better on site. It opens up a lot of doors (and tunnels and weave poles) for us now.


Lexington, KY