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I had worked these mats before so I knew what to expect. The 7/8" mats are super thick. We used in upstairs finished attic space. Even I can get on my knees for a round of knee hockey with no complaints. I think it also keeps the noise down by having the thick mats. They are easy to install but you definetly need the right tools to make accurate cuts along the edges. Certainly, the thinner mats would be much easier to cut. Greatmats delivered quickly and I loved the FREE shipping. I shopped around online and Greatmats had the best prices by far. I

mom of 3

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Perfect for concrete floors


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Easy to install (took about 2 hours for 300 sq ft room) and look great


Oakland, CA

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We purchased the 7/8 inch reversible mats to use for my daughter's new playroom. The green/brown mats were perfect! They give the appearance of grass with paths in our 'treehouse' theme. Cleanup is easy. My only issue is with the static.


Seymour, IN

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We ordered two dozen to be used here at the office as mats for a standing workstation. Everyone loves the comfort that they provide and many are trying the new concept of standing while working. It is becoming more and more popular and more and more are looking for ways to change up their work routine for better health and energy. It seems to be working well here. Thanks for the comfortable mats that now brighten up our office and bring new energy into our work day.


Denver, CO

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This is a great product! My husband installed this mat as the flooring for our workout room in the basement of our new home. The cushioning is very good for any workout. I would have given the product 5 stars except for the fact that the mat color varies a bit from one batch of mats to another. We chose the brown/green mat and use only the brown side up. No green shows at all once it is installed. We have at least 3 different shades of brown in our room which is 17' x 22'. We had to use the darker ones more as a border etc. Otherwise, we are completely satisfied with the mats and their quality.


Broken Arrow, OK

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Love our mats (10' x 10')...I thought they were going to be a little softer...but no hands do slip when I go to do pushups on them... I think they will be quite durable.


Oswego, NY

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This is the second order that i placed for these workout mats. The first order was excellent. We ordered the blue/red and black/grey combo for our basement workout room. Color and fit were great. Price was very competitive After our basement flooded we needed to replace about half the mats. The second order was place about 11months after the first. The order arrived very quickly and well packaged. But greatmats must have changed the manufaturer or some thing along the way. The color did not match the old mats, they were a shade off. This would not have made a difference to us if all the mats were the same, but now the floor looks mismatched. Next, the thickness was about 1-2 millimeter off. This is really bothersome since walking on the mats bare foot you can feel and see the difference in thickness. Lastly, the fit.... somehow the new mats just dont fit as snug as the first order. There are gaps between the corner jigs. Over all, if you order these the color and thickness shouldnt be too much of a problem, but the fit might really make difference


Elmhurst, IL

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Great mats. Using them in my basement for the kids' play area. Very happy with them, one area that have had a few issues with is small tears in the edging when removing it to fit the mats together, but otherwise very happy!


fairfield, CT

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Good, thick mats. Very comfortable to walk and stand on. Good customer service, too! I would recommend this site to anyone.


Appomattox, VA

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This mat is FANTASTIC. Thick, durable, and stays together great. I bought it for an exercise mat, but has some squares left over and used them in front of the kitchen sink......better than a chefs mat.


McDonald, PA

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A great product which offer great support. I have been using them daily for a month now and they are holding up fairly well. They are somewhat slippery and they are starting to pull apart somewhat, but they are so much better than cheaper varieties.


Topeka, KS

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I ordered the mats for my class room and I LOVE them!!! Even better, my students love sitting on them instead of dirty carpet or the cold, tile floor. I can't say enough good things about having the mats as a part of my room. Thanks for the quick delivery too!!!!


whiting, NJ

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Fits great and looks great. I can do my jumping jacks without any negative after effects on my body. The only negative: it is slippery and I would have preferred it less so.


Golden Valley, MN

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Good product, good price I use my mats for AcroYoga. My flyers appreciate a safe landing zone!


Wimberley, TX

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great product - easy installation


Rochester, NH

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Even after months of use these mats are still a little slick when doing yoga and similar events. Great Mats did say to mop the mat with dish soap and that only helped a little.


delavan, WI

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Wonderful product, easy installation and maintenance.


Brooklyn, NY

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Good product at a great price but a little slippery.


Surrey, BC

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Super easy to instal. And just as easy to cut with a razor if you want to customize how they fit. I installed them in our basement storage area (concrete floor/foundation) so my son and I have a bigger, out of the way place to play. Aside from the fact that I love the cushioning they provide, they also help keep the temperature of room warmer.


Madison, WI