Customer Reviews for: Home Sport and Play Mat 3/4 Inch x 2x2 Ft.

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


I really like the floor mats, however they shift/move as I workout. I will have to purchase something to hold them in place, but other than that, the floor mats are great!

Lisa Ballard

Customer Rating: 3 Stars


Both the product quality and customer service were lacking, but ultimately I got something workable. Two attempts to get a response from customer service via their online email failed. Eventually I got a very short response back, but upon trying to elaborate the conversation, I got nothing. Eventually I called and got a less than enthusiastic sales person who didnt seem to care how she sounded on the phone. As for the product I received, it was not acceptable in terms of quality. The mats were not the same thickness, so much that you could trip over them from one to the next. I contacted customer service and they confirmed that the measurements exceeded their allowable guidelines. They were gracious to replace the unacceptable mats, but even the remaining mats that fell within guidelines were still very much different in width. Overall, it was a disappointing experience, but I suppose I got what I paid for.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Easy to put together and durable for what I wanted in flooring for a home gym.

Mark Salmans

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


This is my second order from GreatMats. Comparing cost and quality to other mats or suppliers, this is the best bang for my money. Setting up the floor is very quick and easy. Takes very little time to do so. We can spar and roll around without injury, while providing the ''bounce'' we still need as if you were working out directly on a solid floor. I've fought in some kickboxing rings where it feels ''soft'' which makes you feel as if you were sinking into the floor, slowing your attack--this material allows the ''springing'' action you need while protecting you or your students during falls. I teach my kids and others at home in my basement dojo so safety is very important. Shipping is delivered as scheduled straight to my door. Colors can be coordinated however you want, allow design to your workout area. Overall, excellent quality. Very easy to install. Nice 7/8'' pad material. Safe for falls while providing the ''springing'' action for sparring. Delivery is on time as promised. Price is excellent compared to others. See my basement workout/dojo!


Annandale, VA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


They looked up my order from 5 years,ago to match up mats. Perfect match. Phone rep was great.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I recently purchased 50 7/8 Home Sport and Play Mats and was please with the quick turn around in delivery. Within a few hours I had installed the mats in a 180 square foot home gym. A great product at a great price. Im already telling my family and friends about this company.

Terry Cartwright

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Would buy again. Top notch mat.

Carol Oswald

Customer Rating: 3 Stars


The thickness varies s lot and leaves an edge that stops kids from rolling toys on it. It also looks pretty bad being different heights, not smooth looking. However they are soft and quiet.

fun kids

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I installed these in my Home GYM, very easy and I like that you can use either the Grey or Black side of these mats. They seem durable yet soft enough for Yoga, P90X and any of my fitness activities. I installed them on new laminate wood flooring, so I put down some anti-slip rug grippers to keep the mats in place since I have them in the middle of the room. So far they have remained secure and I love the mats. Great easy installation, Great product, Great FREE shipping, GreatMats! Photos have been emailed, website would not take them..



Customer Rating: 3 Stars


Some of the pieces are thicker than others so the floor doesnt fit flatly on the floor.

Cindy Heath

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great soft exercise tiles so far. They are durable and uniform. Expecting great things from them.

James OKeefe

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Pam did a wonderful job helping us obtain samples and order our floor mats. They arrived when expected and we love them!


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great sales rep who recommended what mats would be best for my needs. Very fast delivery, easy installation. I love my new home gym, and the flooring is perfect for my needs.

Amy Headrick

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I am 100% satisfied with my order. The mats arrived in a timely fashion, the cost was reasonable, and the product was exactly as advertised. The interlocking mats were easy to assemble. My 9-year-old daughter was so excited to begin her workouts that she not only offered to help me install them, she actually did the installation herself, including designing the color scheme afforded by the two-tone mats.

Marc Miller

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


The sales rep was very helpful in helping me choose the best mat for my needs. The price was good, the shipping was fast and I am very happy with the mats, thus far.

Suzan Gebow

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


The mats work great over tile floor. Our little still falls sometime but now has a soft landing.

Dennis Shade

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mats! Love them! So easy to install and they stay together well. Love my new workout space.


Fortuna, CA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We havent had a chance to test the mats yet by putting on equipment on it, but they arrived quickly, as picture and were easy to install!


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Our basement is very big but the concrete floor didn't make it a fun place to be. We wanted to create a media room and play area there but getting a floor put in was too expensive for our budget. I found 3 companies online that offered foam floor tiles to meet our budget and received samples from them. I gave the samples to my kids and told them to do their worst. This sample was the only survivor. Installation was so easy we thought we missed something in the instructions. The floor is fantastic! Much better than I'd hoped. Everyone loves it and now the basement is the most fun place in the house.


Greenwich, CT

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We ordered mats for our workout room. I wanted the "nice" ones, so I could actually stretch before running. The quality and comfort of these mats was better than any gym floor I have ever used.

Patti R