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Customer Reviews for: Home Sport and Play Mat 20 mm

Customer Rating:


Excellent product. It was an easy install and great service.


Ladysmith, WI

Customer Rating:


Exactly what I wanted and expected--thank you.


Lubbock, TX

Customer Rating:


Great product. I completed two full P90X programs and Insanity before wising up and purchasing these mats for my basement. I created a 6 x 10 "plyometrics station" in the middle of my basement home gym. I still do an occassional Insantiy or P90X Plyometrics workout - much better with these mats. There is a noticable difference in how I feel working out on these mats. No question about it. I also did yoga directly on the mats. Installation was easy for me - I put them down right on my basement concrete - no problems. I used a checker board pattern and the area looks great. If they move at all it's only about a half an inch, and only after I go hard. They never feel unstable. They are a little slippery with hard-rubber shoes or barefoot (yoga), but this is minor. One of the best purchases for my home gym - hands down.



Customer Rating:


Easy to walk on, Very comfortable. Need to be careful when water is on them. Very slippery.


Canisteo, NY

Customer Rating:


These are Great Mats! Installation was quick over our painted concrete basement floor. The mat covered area is used for aerobic activity, dumb bell work, and stretching. The surface has just the right amount of grip to not be slippery and is comfortable, even over concrete. A great value and solution for a home exercise floor. Our heavier equipment is set off to the sides of the mat on a different surface, so as not to compress the foam. The brown is a nice soft color. Highly recommended.


Neenah, WI

Customer Rating:


Exactly what I was looking for. Great balance between firmness for stability in lifting and cushion for rolling, stretching, and martial arts ground work. There is a little more friction than a martial arts/judo tatami, so watch up for 'rug' burns. Otherwise, awesome!


Knoxville, TN

Customer Rating:


GreatMats: The product is excellent. I use it in my garage workout room, which is fully covered, but open-air. The mats were easy to assemble and provide outstanding cushioning, without being too soft. The only issue I have had is when I do some exercises that require me to place most of the weight on my arms and then move my legs back and forth on the toes of my shoes. In some of these exercises (mountain climbers) there could be a little more friction/grip. I am able to solve this problem by simply placing my feet outside the coverage area of the, I very, very satisfied and I'll probably order more if I decide to expand the exercise area.


Charlotteville, VA

Customer Rating:


We are using these outside on patio stones under our trampoline. They provide cusioning for the contact points and the trampoline stays put.


Keizer, OR

Customer Rating:


Perfect for my workout/aerobic area. Great service and fast delivery.


Cranston, RI

Customer Rating:


These mats are very easy to work with, easy to install. Nice and cushy on the basement floor, keeps the cool from the concrete off our feet. Very satisfied with the product.



Customer Rating:


We purchased the mats in hopes that we could work out on a padded floor instead of concrete. The padding is perfect for the workouts that we do. (P-90x) it has proven a great investment.


Siniff, OH

Customer Rating:


Renovating our house included new wood floors. I am another P90X fan who needed a good surface to exercise on. THESE ARE GREAT!!! I can break down my "workout floor" in half and slide under the bed when not in use; and I purchased a couple more to cushion my rack of dumbells--I highly recommend this product!!! Great value for a quality product.


Clinton, MS

Customer Rating:


I am so happy with our new gym floor. We have about a 10x14 foot area and we put it all together in less than an hour. The cushion is great for high impact exercise and weights. Pricing and shipping were better than any other site. Would highly recommend this mat and company.


Olympia, WA

Customer Rating:


This was my second order. Everything was fine, the service is always very quick.


Tiffin, OH

Customer Rating:


Very pleased with the product. It looks great in our workout room and shipped very quickly!


O Fallon, MO

Customer Rating:


I am extremely happy with the Play Mats (7/8 inch, 2x2 ft). I ordered 16. They seem to be well made and they provide GREAT cushioning for exercising including Plyo stuff. I am currently using them for the Insanity work. After that I will be using them for the P90X workout. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to puzzle them together but once I got that,everything snapped together in just a few minutes. I would high recommend these mats. It's a great pad for a great price.


Valencia, CA

Customer Rating:


Easy to order, quick delivery, easy to put together. Great quality product. We're very happy - using it for exercising and kids to play on.


Lewisburg, PA

Customer Rating:


Have had the floor down for several weeks, I am a Turbokick instructor and have been training on this floor. Fantastic . it is covering a cement floor and has protected my legs and joint from the impact. Also ,when searching for a new floor we found that most were far more expensive than this one.


Saint Marys, OH

Customer Rating:


I have been very pleased with the quality and appearance of these mats. I constructed an 8' x 8' area in my basement to be used for exercising to DVDs and it has worked out very well. I have no complaints about this product.


Bloomsbury, NJ

Customer Rating:


Over all a decent mat there are some color & thickness inconsistancys but not too bad. I would buy again.


Elmont, NY