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Customer Reviews for: Home Sport and Play Mat 20 mm

Customer Rating:


Very pleased with purchase of this product. Prompt delivery and product as promised. Thank you


Windsor, ON

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Haven't tried them yet, but they appear to be what I need. No problems w/order or delivery. Thanks


Huntsville, AL

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Since 1972 I have opted to sleep on the floor rather than a bed due to a minor but constantly troublesome back ailment. I recently purchased 3 interlocking exercise mat panels to use as a base under my bedding and have found that they not only protect me from the cold floor surface, but provide some cushioning, as well. When I arise each morning, I simply deposit my pillows and blanket(s) into a wicker trunk and slide the exercise mats under the sofa. It takes just minutes and leaves a presentable uncluttered area when not in use. Thanks for providing these mats at a reasonable cost. D.A. WILSON


Sunnyvale, CA

Customer Rating:


We love our mats. Very easy to take care of.



Customer Rating:


Perfect. No smell, easy to put together. 6 segments make a perfect exercise area for a 5'8" person. Good amount of padding. Very lightweight, but seem quite durable. I think you will be happy with these mats. If I ever decide I need more I will be purchasing more of these.


Spicewood, TX

Customer Rating:


great product - fast shipping, easy to install, exactly what I needed for my garage/home gym.


Joliet, IL

Customer Rating:


Highly recommended. Delivery was fast. They are easy to install. They are great in our kids playroom, I actually need to order some more to cover another part of our basement. A few days after installing the mats, my kids decided to play with wet play dough, it of course got on the floor and made a mess. I just pulled the two mats out that were messy, rinsed them under the sink, and plugged them right back in the floor. It was great!


Minnetonka, MN

Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:


I'm glad I got these mats. My workout room in the back looks fantastic and I did it for a reasonable price. Thanks Ryan for hooking me up. Fred


Garden Grove, CA

Customer Rating:


Hi there, Mats showed up sooner than expected, and are exactly what was advertised and exactly what we ordered. Thank you1 Wayne Gray


Bonner Springs, KS

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We bought the home sport & play 7/8 to protect the grand children when they swings on the swings mounted from the deck. We felt they needed protection from the concrete patio that the grand children were swinging over while playing on the swings. This product provided the peace of mind for us at a reasonable price. we love the mat ... Thanks!


Moscow Mills, MO

Customer Rating:


Exactly what I needed for working out in the garage. Perfect combination of cushion and strength.


Columbus, OH

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I LOVE my Greatmats! I have been searching for a durable well-made mat that provided more than adequate cushioning for me at home for my dance aerobics and floor exercising. All other brands did not provide adequate shock absorption and the pieces would come apart during my workouts which became a risk for injury. No shin splints for me with the Greatmats and the pieces stay together no matter how much pounding they take ! If you are an at-home exercise maniac like I am, look no further as I have tried most other brands and these are the best product and value!


Phoenix, AZ

Customer Rating:


This is my 4th set of mats, as my workout area gets bigger, the quality remain consistently high, and the service is excellent.


Conroe, TX

Customer Rating:


great workout room flooring. not to soft and not to firm.


Cape Coral, FL

Customer Rating:


Awesome! These mats are perfect for our new playroom in the basement. Easy to clean and very soft.


New Cumberland, PA

Customer Rating:


I ordered these mats to work out on in my basement. They are great! Very soft. You can do Yoga or Pilates without another mat and in bare feet very easily!


Grand Island, NY

Customer Rating:


I purchased this product to use in my Grandson's play area. It's the absolute best! The 7/8" thickness is really a huge plus. It protects the most important baby in the world.


Lizella, GA

Customer Rating:


My foam flooring arrived in a timely fashion (muchy faster than expected) and in good condition. The material seems to be as advertised and will suit my fitness area needs quite nicely.


Corvallis, OR

Customer Rating:


We did the entire floor in our home gym room our treadmill and weight machine sitting on the mats with out having any problems it's nice to be able to do sit ups without having to put the old rolled mats down. We have only had the mats for about a month now and so far we like them.


Winnemucca, NV