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Customer Reviews for: Foam Play Mat and Sport 3/4 Inch Super Thick

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Thanks for your timely delivery. Unfortunately, the materials were delivered to a wrong address and someone at that address accepted the delivery. This is no fault of Greatmats. This was Fedex, and the person that accepted the delivery. Also, the tiles I purchased were not consistent in thickness. There was a clear 1/8'' difference in tiles and it looked like patchwork. I was hoping it needed to acclimate, but they didn't change. They varied from 5/8 to 3/4 inch. Fortunately, My customer hasn't complained so far. Maybe there is a dye lot issue? I would like to know before showing this product to another customer. I will see if the homeowner has moved in and will try to get pictures if not. I don't want to open a can of worms.

Robert T

Kipling, NC

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Great flooring. We have it in our playroom/rock climbing room. My 1 yr has fallen on it a bunch of times but doesn't get hurt. It has a nice give to it that is comfortable to walk on. The texture is nice, grippy but not harsh on tender baby knees.


Issaquah, WA

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This is my second order from GreatMats. Comparing cost and quality to other mats or suppliers, this is the best bang for my money. Setting up the floor is very quick and easy. Takes very little time to do so. We can spar and roll around without injury, while providing the ''bounce'' we still need as if you were working out directly on a solid floor. I've fought in some kickboxing rings where it feels ''soft'' which makes you feel as if you were sinking into the floor, slowing your attack--this material allows the ''springing'' action you need while protecting you or your students during falls. I teach my kids and others at home in my basement dojo so safety is very important. Shipping is delivered as scheduled straight to my door. Colors can be coordinated however you want, allow design to your workout area. Overall, excellent quality. Very easy to install. Nice 7/8'' pad material. Safe for falls while providing the ''springing'' action for sparring. Delivery is on time as promised. Price is excellent compared to others. See my basement workout/dojo!


Annandale, VA

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I installed these in my Home GYM, very easy and I like that you can use either the Grey or Black side of these mats. They seem durable yet soft enough for Yoga, P90X and any of my fitness activities. I installed them on new laminate wood flooring, so I put down some anti-slip rug grippers to keep the mats in place since I have them in the middle of the room. So far they have remained secure and I love the mats. Great easy installation, Great product, Great FREE shipping, GreatMats! Photos have been emailed, website would not take them..



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Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mats! Love them! So easy to install and they stay together well. Love my new workout space.


Fortuna, CA

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Our basement is very big but the concrete floor didn't make it a fun place to be. We wanted to create a media room and play area there but getting a floor put in was too expensive for our budget. I found 3 companies online that offered foam floor tiles to meet our budget and received samples from them. I gave the samples to my kids and told them to do their worst. This sample was the only survivor. Installation was so easy we thought we missed something in the instructions. The floor is fantastic! Much better than I'd hoped. Everyone loves it and now the basement is the most fun place in the house.


Greenwich, CT

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Love the cushion, I do cardio and strength training. Little slippery when doing my stretching after my workout, otherwise I love them! I recommend them, so easy to put together!

Jill L

Meckling, SD

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The kids love walking barefoot on it, and like the bright colors. It was easy to put in & easy clean up when needed.


Oklahoma City, OK

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We chose this product for our combination home office / home gym. They arrived quickly and the product looked as promised. My girlfriend installed the mats as soon as they arrived before I could even get home to help. (She said it was easy to do with just a pair of very sturdy home scissors). The finished project looks good! The mats are comfortable and provide some cushion over the hard wood floors. Given the room design and dimensions, the mats do not move while we workout on them. I can see where over time they may deteriorate faster than we would like; but, given the price point and the material chosen, these mats are doing exactly as advertised and promised. A good choice for the price!


Atlanta, GA

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We like the floor product.


Marblehead, MA

Customer Rating:


Turned out really great and was easy to install! My kids love playing on it :)



Customer Rating:


These mats were easy to install and have made our basement a much safer and softer place for the children to play


South Portland, ME

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Our daughter has epilepsy and started falling during seizures. We decided to turn her bedroom into a ''soft'' room by removing all of the heavy furniture, mounting her t.v. on the wall, changing her bed, and replacing the carpet with the 7/8 inch foam flooring. I have to say that this floor has saved my daughter from serious injury on numerous occasions. When she falls, her head makes contact with the floor first. This floor has been a saving grace, allowing her to play in her room without constant supervision and without wearing a helmet. She loved it the moment we put it down. The non-slip pattern on it helps with traction, but can be slightly abrasive to the knees of crawling kiddos and makes cleaning and drying a little difficult. But the pros totally outweigh the cons and I have recommended this flooring to others. [The attached pictures show the floor in place at two angles. Not great shots, but you can see the flooring looks like a brown rug. The bed was temporary until her new bed came in and the legs were terrible for the mat causing deep indentations]


Jonesboro, AR

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These mats are awesome. We installed them only just yesterday so I cannot attest to their life span just yet but I got them for two reasons: for my kids to play on and for my wife and I to do our cardio workouts (Insanity & P90X). I did my first Insanity workout on them this morning (barefoot assuming it would help keep the longevity of the mats) and I was surprised at how well they worked out. The rep I spoke to both online and over the phone was extremely nice and helpful. He actually recommended a slightly different product because I was installing the mats on top of carpet which they do not reccomend (mats will slide on carpet and may separate at the seams if carpet is too plush). But I did it anyway. I have an older carpet that is more or less of a commercial grade (hard, not plush) and the mat underneath the carpet is too old to worn to provide any spring to it. I did have to add a cheap no-slip carpet mesh under the mats to keep them from moving but it works like a charm. Will return to increase or lower my rating from 4 stars after I see how they hold up over the next few months. Overall, great buy.


Suffield, CT

Customer Rating:


Excellent fit between pieces. Easy cutting around room edges.


Lancaster, PA

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So far, we are very happy with the mats. With more time, I might be increasing my rating to five stars! The color is great, the smooth (cleanable) but soft texture of the surface is welcoming, easy to walk and work on. Installation was pretty simple once we realized the edges called for one of two versions. Other people in the community are asking for Greatmats information to order their own mats.


Amherst, MA

Customer Rating:


For the value, this mat has been very durable. It is used in a small commercial martial arts school and is holding up very well. I have had in in use for a year and just ordered more to expand it.


Tipton, IN

Customer Rating:


LOVED THE MATS! They came super fast and have worked out perfectly!


Shorewood, WI

Customer Rating:


I use the mats for my workout room. Replaced some cheap mats. Product quality is excellent. Pieces fit together perfectly. Rather slippery compared to my old mats but I'm thinking that will go away with use. One warning... I use a folding chair for some exercises and the chair feet leave permanent divots in the mat whereas my old cheap mats bounced back. Not something I care too much about but thought I'd share. Overall I'm happy with these mats.


Ashburn, VA

Customer Rating:


GreatMats is the best. This is my second order with them. As always they were excellent at answering my questions and offering solid advise based on their expertise and experience. Their prices are great and my mats arrived very quickly, were exactly as ordered, and were easy to install. Our exercise room looks fantastic. Now we have a floor that not only looks great, but is awesome for Zumba, P90X, yoga and whatever else.


Ithaca, NY