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Customer Reviews for: Foam Play Mat and Sport 3/4 Inch Super Thick

Customer Rating:


Great product. Easy to install, quick delivery and easy to clean. Also, the best price per sq foot that I found between the five companies I priced. I used mine to cover a carpeted room in a home I am renting to turn it into a gym. The mats are great for keeping the carpet from getting sweaty and gross. The also add greatcushion that the worn out carpet ddoesnt provide. The mats have good traction for most calesthenics movements, however, my hands tend to slip from just a little sweat. For instance if I am doing any sort of angled push up or yoga movement I still need a yoga matt or towel for traction. Also, one not for the manufacturers, perhaps you already offer this and I missed it, but on a carpeted surface, the matts give a little at the seams because the carpet gives beneath them. They by no means separate, they hold position, but I do have to watch to not put my hands and feet there if I want good support. A possible fix to this might be a product that is cushioned on one side and hard plastic or a stiffer support on the other. Other than those very minor details it is a great product with exceptional customer service and the best price I was able to find per square foot.


Valdosta, GA

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Great flooring, great price, and quick delivery. The flooring looks and works great!


Seymour, WI

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LOVE - LOVE - Love these mats. Needed a waterproof solution I could easily remove if the floor became wet. So after sealing the concrete floor with Red Patch - I bought these thick mats in black/grey. I used solid black around the gym equipment, and then created a checkerboard pattern for the rest of the basement. They look great and provide a good base for my soccer playing son. The mats will indent if something heavy is placed on them - so be careful with high-heels, heavy objects with wheels, or any other sharp, pointy object.


Montvale, NJ

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Originally ordered 20 sections of Home Sport and Play 7/8 in early 2012. We use it as padding for our living room to protect our baby girl who is learning to crawl/walk. Just moved to a new home and purchase an additional 25 sections of the same flooring to add to our original purchase. The playroom is now safe for both our little girls to play and tumble around. Holds up great. The original sections are two years old and retain the density and cushion just as well as the newly purchased sections. Highly recommend this flooring!!


Boca Raton, FL

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My purchase got here way faster than i had expected. They lock together easily, and they function great as a sturdy and supportive place to practice yoga and dance.


Grand Junction, CO

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Love these mats. I have bad knees and working out on these mats is great. The only thing I do not like is that as a whole they do slide durring some work out videos. So we bought more to fit the room and now have no issues. My floor is concrete. At the seams they are still holding strong. I work out 7 days a week for about 30 mins to and hour and have had them for over an month now and they are in perfect shape.


Fox Island, WA

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I have been looking for a better solution to creating a softer surface to walk on indoors. Previously I had been using 9 yoga mats but they were always sliding all over the hardwood floors and didn't provide the extra cushioning that these mats do. Having to stop and rearrange the yoga mats every 10 minutes or so certainly discouraged me from walking for extended periods of time every single day. These mats are very easy to set up and the way the borders are integrated into each tile means you never have to worry about ordering the right number of borders. With the addition of rug mats for underneath, these mats stay in one place without having to rearrange everything multiple times a day. My only regret is I didn't find out about these great mats years ago. Customer service is outstanding. I have already recommended this company to several friends.



Customer Rating:


Great product and very easy to install


Riveriside, CA

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Very happy with result. the tiles are rather stiff, but certainly look as if they'll hold up well for home exercise. I wanted only enough for the exercise corner of my basement finished room, but ordered a few too many. I've tried out several different configurations and am happy with how easy it was to take them apart and reconfigure.


Hiram, OH

Customer Rating:


I think the floor is a great product and very easy to install.

McGraths Catering

Customer Rating:


Every person I spoke with at GreaMats was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products they sell. I would recommend this business to anyone.

A May

Customer Rating:


Ordered two boxes of black/grey. The pieces aren't an exact color match.


Downs, KS

Customer Rating:


The mats are great and affordable - I dont knnow HOW they can be tax free AND free delivery.

Suzanne Tunnell

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I bought these mats about two years ago to do TapOut and Insanity workouts on my hard wood floors. They give great protection and cushioning whether you are stretching, running, jumping around or just doing yoga. I did need to buy a $15 stabilizer mat at target as the mats would slip around without it. It takes 30 seconds to set all the mats up and I wash them quickly with soap and water afterwards to keep them clean. The mats dont tear, chip or wear easily and tennis shoes will have no effect on them day after day. I would highly recommend these mats.

Paul Margolis

Customer Rating:


Perfect and easy to install. Easy to do in a couple if hours for a large playroom.

Willy Moy

Customer Rating:


Quality is very good. I had a professional install and the amount I ordered was within 4 full pieces. It does appear to "dent" if you have a chair or a piece of furniture on it with legs. All in all what we wanted for our home gym.


Cumming, GA

Customer Rating:


Product came in as promised on time. Product looked great, easy to assemble. Kids loved the feel and cushion.

James Tran

Customer Rating:


shipped faster than expected, mats were perfect. I have used them before and always great service.

Thomas Burdick

Customer Rating:


I ordered these foam tiles for a basement obstacle course and rock wall area measuring 160 square feet. My nine year old and I installed the mat in a checkerboard pattern in 20 minutes. I find the surface durable, warm, and soft to land on. Great product.


Somerset, MA

Customer Rating:


Love these mats!! Easy to put together & great cushion when working out!


Sharon Springs, NY