Customer Reviews for: Home Sport and Play Mat 3/4 Inch

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This is a GREAT product. I converted our formal dining room to a play room for the kids. I got the higher impact mats so they could comfortably play their Wii games and wrestle around. I found these mats so comfortable that I have since usurped the space for my P90X workouts. My joint pain has significantly decreased since I changed to these mats. My friends who work out at home are SO jealous!


Cleburne, TX

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After a very easy instillation, we love our new playroom floor. Its gently enough for the babies but tough enough for the older children. I am very impressed with the quality of these mats. Thank you Great Mats for an awesome product.


Chico, CA

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This flooring is the best. I bought 30 of them and use them for all kinds of Fitness DVDs. I use them in the basement on top of concrete/thin carpet flooring. I highly recommend this product. I ordered mine in two shipments at two different times. Both shipments arrived timely and in great condition. The tiles are very easy to put together and look attractive. Kids love to play on it too so it is multi-purpose.


Rochester, NY

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Great mats!


Nashville, TN

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Great matt for cushioned exercise, after 1 year post achilles tendon surgery. Worth the money not to reinjure.



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The mats are nice and stay put while I do aerobics. Having them makes getting frequent exercise all the easier. Thanks.



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Tried a similar product which was available from Costco. It was quickly evident what the differences were. In comparison the Costco mats were half as thick. The Costco mats were way softer. The Costco mats puzzle patterns came apart as soon as any side to side or lunge type movements were made (typically while doing a P90X type or any workout video). I was thankfully able to return all the Costco mats for a full refund of $200 for the 40 sq.ft. Buying the great mats was a little more $$$ for the same square footage but the benefits were immense. My son (6'2" 210lbs.) now does all his aerobic training on theses high density mats. He wears his shoes for all exercises. The mats don't seem to mind. He also does all his mat work directly on these superb mats without the use of any type of yoga mat. Aesthetically the mats also look awesome. I bought the grey/black ones. We laid them out in a 5x8 pattern alternating them for a checked effect. They look awesome. All in all i have only one negative against these mats: Anybody that comes over and sees them always asks me to set up a mat area for them at there house. LOL. Steve Bains Vancouver BC Canada


Surrey, BC

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I use my Greatmats as an exercise platform. So far, they are performing as described. Even though I measured, I ended up with more of them than I needed, so I have some spares. My mats were not ordered as a permanent floor covering, so they are not "installed". They do clean easily, and they do not slide out of place when I exercise. My mats are on a hardwood floor and if they were going to slide, they would have done so by now. Great product as far as I am concerned. I will be ordering again if I need more. Melissa


Walland, TN

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These mats are great. I had alphabet mats before that were smaller and thinner covering the floor of my toddler play room. My kids would pick apart the pieces of the alphabet mets. These mats are very sturdy. I like the brown and green color. My kids can't get them apart and they are easy to clean.


Narberth, PA

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Love the mats! Really thick and cushiony. Fast shipping too!


suwanee, GA

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Great product. Very easy to install. I put the mats in my basement directly on e basement floor. No glue needed. Pieces fit together and I used a box cutter to fit the ends. Thought the price was very reasonable.



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Absolutely perfect! It was exactly what we were looking for our girls home gym, bright, colorful, fun easy to clean and durable.


Chesapeake, VA

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I love our new floor. We made a home gym with these mats. Good cushion under the feet without too much give. I am able to move our exercise equipment on them without tearing. They clean up well and cut easily when we were installing around corners.



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Great product, very helpful for the home.



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These mats brighten up a good corner to exercise in my basement, and they provide a good cushion for my stretching and workouts. I experienced easy ordering and delivery with no hassles whatsoever.


Mount Vernon, NY

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Excellent quality and very fast delivery. These 7/8" thick mats are 2ft x 2ft and included the edge pieces on 2 sides. Excellent value !



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The ordering process was simple and straight forward. The product arrived within a couple of days - faster than expected. The mats went together very easily to create and 8' X 8' workout surface. We saw the choice of the thinner mat (5/8" pad with a non-slip finish) but since we were going to install it over a basement floor, we wanted maximum cushioning and went with the 7/8" thick pad. The cushioning is great. The only issue is that the surface can be somewhat slick. We had to purchase a thin non-slip carpet pad from a local hardware store to stop the pad from sliding around when more than one person was working out at the same time. That worked great to keep the mat from sliding on the floor. Depending on the exercise routine, we may also use a thin yoga mat on top of the mats to eliminate slipping. But it was our choice to go with cushioning over slip resistance. Too bad they did not both come in the same product.


Indianapolis, IN

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Love my new mats. They are much nicer than working out on the cold concrete basement floor. Daughter loves them too when she does her Zumba and Insanity workouts. Good, sturdy interlocking pieces and I like the idea that I can piece them together in the shape/size I need.


Clarksville, TN

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These mats work great in my unfinished basement to create a comfortable aerobic workout area. They are easy to put together, light weight, and don't slide around. Plus provide excellent cushioning for high impact work outs like Insanity and P90X plyometrics. I would recommend them highly and the customer service was great as well. These mats came recommended a GREATMATS.COM employee.


Cumberland, RI

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The mats are very well made and durable. The thicker style allows them to stay together better than thinner interlocking ones we have had in the past. Great for cardio and Insanity workouts.

Warren B

Columbus, GA