Customer Reviews for: Home Sport and Play Mat 3/4 Inch

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I ordered these mats to work out on in my basement. They are great! Very soft. You can do Yoga or Pilates without another mat and in bare feet very easily!


Grand Island, NY

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I purchased this product to use in my Grandson's play area. It's the absolute best! The 7/8" thickness is really a huge plus. It protects the most important baby in the world.


Lizella, GA

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My foam flooring arrived in a timely fashion (muchy faster than expected) and in good condition. The material seems to be as advertised and will suit my fitness area needs quite nicely.


Corvallis, OR

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We did the entire floor in our home gym room our treadmill and weight machine sitting on the mats with out having any problems it's nice to be able to do sit ups without having to put the old rolled mats down. We have only had the mats for about a month now and so far we like them.


Winnemucca, NV

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Excellent product, would recommend to any one.


miramar beach, FL

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These mats are so great for my home gym! Stylish, and they are wonderful for high impact moves!


Vicksburg, MI

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Arrived quickly, installed easily, LOVE IT!


Farr West, UT

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I created a 3x4 tile mat on a concrete basement floor for pilates and aerobics. I can comfortably do pilate floor exercises and low impact aerobics without shoes (my preference). Just the right amount of cushion and firmness for both. Puzzle pieces fit together nicely and stay in tack. Doesn't slide. Delivery was on time. Very happy with my purchase!!!


Naperville, IL

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I am currently using the product for insanity workouts and originally had some reservations about the durability and if the mats would stay together. This product is holding up great to some severe punishment and the interlocking system is working great. I put it down in the garage on top of concrete. very pleased with the performance, good price and shipping was included.


york, ME

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I am extremely pleased with these, they were even better than what I was hoping for. I had to remove the carpeting in my family room and because the people in the house before me converted it from being a garage the floor is concrete, which was not an option for my workouts. The four squares are a bit small for laying full out on them and I so wish I could order another pack but that is completely financially unfeasible right now. But I give you an A+++. I had wanted to order the next thicker ones but needed to save money, but these are more than adequate. They are easy to put together and seem very well constructed and look like they will wear well over time. So as I said, I am more than pleased!!! Thanks!


Kansas City, MO

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So far we have been very happy with our purchase. We installed it in our office area and in our food prep+ Bathing area.We have had many nice remarks about the appearance and our workers report that it is great for releiving stress on their feet and body while standing for extended periods of time. It has been very easy to keep clean also. The only problem we had was when a lady wore high heels and the spikes went right thru 4 squares. We replaced them very easily and have taken care of the problem by adding a runner in the area where we greet people. We have made an additional purchase for our island in the middle of our boarding kennel.We ordered additional mats for area where our older dogs lay,theylove them:))


simpsonville , SC

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I bought these for my home gym 3years ago. They held up so I bought more. Very comfortable to workout on. Sturdy, at least for home use. Shipping was FAST. Still look and feel good after many years.


Prospect, KY

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The mats are awesome... Costumer service is great and very helpful. Shipping is right on time. Such an AAA+++ experience with this company. Thank you so much and kids love it. Romeo R.


Cumming, GA

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Mats are great for my personal workout use. I've been doing Insanity on them for 3 weeks. Installation was quick and easy. My only complaint was that one of the squares was a little bit thicker then the rest, so it's raised and you can feel it when walking across it.


Newark, DE

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We have just installed these in our office entrance and grooming area at Hi/Lo kennels. They are easy to clean and they really offer releif while standing and working on them.We have just ordered more to use in our boarding kennel.We have put some down for our older dogs to releive stress on their joints, They seem to appreciate them also:)


simpsonville , SC

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love it. i bought this floor for a small studio where i do personal training. i wanted it to (1) provide a more comfortable surface for mat work (room is hardwood) and (2) protect the floor from the damage incurred by dropping weights on it all the time. it went together easily, looks great, and is easy to clean. it's just what i needed!


huntsville, AL

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Great product and service, Thanks


Venice, FL

Customer Rating:


Love it


Huntington Beach, CA

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Fast delivery, great value for a good product I use them under my heavy bag, with kettlebells and for Bodyweight training. I replaced some cheaper mats with yours and they dont move around even when doing Kicking drills.


Ardmore, PA

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The mat I ordered was perfect for my aerobics group. the interlock blocks were easy & fun to assemble. The colors were energizing. Since we have been exercising on the mats there have been no complaints of painful legs. the mat really absorbs so well in low & high impact movements. durable & skip resistant. We absolutely love it & completely satisfied.


Sparta, GA