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Learn about dog agility mats, dog training rubber floors and obedience options.

What kind of outdoor dog training flooring should I use?

If looking for attractive outdoor floorings, consider our Doggy Bone Pavers. These have slip resistance even when wet. These can be adhered or loose laid. They help to control bacteria and dust, making for a healthier environment for everyone.

Why do you need special indoor dog training flooring?

Safeness, fast installs, and durability are the key benefits with these specialty items. Our Geneva features an interlocking tiles design for easy, DIY job. Even cut them to fit tight to the wall installations. There are no adhesives required for the layout, and these have a low odor, making them suitable for indoor use. At 3x3 feet in size, these are small and easily managed, but they are large enough to lay out over significant spaces quickly.

Where can I find rubberized dog training flooring for indoor dog pen uses?

Greatmats recycled rubber mats are made of 100% recycled materials, so they can qualify for LEED points. Have the peace of mind knowing that this is environmentally friendly. Our rolls are reversible, so receive the maximum use out of both sides, but keep in mind that they are heavy and will require multiple people to flip and handle.

Whether working on obedience, sport dogs, flyball, or agility, Greatmats offers dog training floor mats for all applications. Some of the world's top trainers rely on us for dog obedience mats and for good reason.

What are the Best Dog Training Mat Options?

We offer units suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Ours are made of foams, rubberized ingredients, plastics, and artificial grasses, all of which yield strong tractioning.

These are safe on the lower body joints for dogs and their trainers, and ours are aesthetically pleasing, too. Each type is a little bit different, though, so we've highlighted the benefits each provides.

Consider the following factors:
  1. Type of workouts performed on the dog training facility flooring.
  2. Amount of traffic and how durable it needs to be.
  3. Will the install be a DIY, or will professionals do the job?
  4. Importance of semi-permanent or temporary installation; will there need to be the ability to move or relocate it?
  5. For bigger spaces, rolls may be a more practical pick, both in terms of cost and their ability to cover large spaces with minimal seams.

What are Options for Foam Dog Training Flooring?

Foam mats are popular among pros. They have superior cushioning that will help all involved stay comfortable. If spending hours a day teaching classes, then the cushion of foams will be beneficial.

Our EVA Foam Dog Agility Flooring is among our most popular pet training mats. Our floor mats for dog training flooring are made of tough EVA foams, so they provide excellent cushion and traction, while absorbing shock. These are cushy and do not run the risk of damaging the foot, paw pads, bones, joints, or toenails, maximizing safety and providing an optimum surface.

These come in 3.3x3.3-foot reversible puzzle squares. Simply install them over a hard, flat location and interlock them for a secure fit that will not pull apart. These are non-absorbent and are easy to clean.

Pros have used these for years without the need to replace anything or even to utilize the reverse side, despite heavy daily use. (Note: Canine toenails will puncture this, but it will not affect its functionality.)

How to Find Rubber Dog Training Flooring Options?

Rubber matting for dog training is another popular choice. A bit tougher than others, these still are gentle floors for dog paws, while also providing a non-slip surface that will not scuff, mar, or puncture. Additionally, rubber flooring for dog training is an economical pick for larger facilities which will see heavy traffic and use.

For larger installs, rolls are long lasting, economical options. They cover extra large areas with very few seams. They will last for years with proper care. They can be seam sealed and glued down for a water tight permanent installation.

If these are a bit bigger than desired, look at our straight edged or puzzle style pieces, which are a much more manageable size versus a roll and are preferred for installations atop smaller areas. This anti fatigue rubber flooring for dogs is a great choice.

Our Fitness Rubberized Mat is another great selection. These are available in 4x6-foot sizes, so quickly cover a big space. The straight edges are precision waterjet cut. Place them next to each other for a tight fitting, quality layout. These have a non-slip diamond top texture to keep everyone safe.

When is Artificial Dog Training Grass the Right Choice?

Faux turf is a smart choice for outdoors, indoors, and show ring matting. It brings a beautiful natural appearance to any facility, without the maintenance and hassle that real grass requires. Because of this, synthetic turf makes excellent dog show mats, but it’s also a great way to revitalize an area.

Our Artificial Grass Padded consist of durable and slip resistant tiles. They feature a textured nylon wear layer for added durability.

For larger areas, think about our UltimatePet. These synthetic turfs are 100% permeable and guaranteed to drain at least 250 inches of precipitation per hour, meaning they can withstand the rain and snow that accompany an outdoors installation. This is equipped with advanced UV inhibitors to protect against fading and is stain resistant. It is soft and has a high tear resistance.

Whether seeking to revitalize or create a new layout, or if searching for the right show floorings for upcoming event, we are sure to have the right product. For questions, our experts are happy to help. We not only offer quality products and service, but our pricing is the most competitive in the industry, and we back it with a price match guarantee.