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How To Install PVC Edging on Workplace Matting

Date Published: 04-29 - 2024

This video demonstrates how to install the PVC Edging on these products:
Heronrib, Heronair, Vinygrip, Firmagrip and the HVD.

Lay the Matting and Edging in a clean, dry area to acclimatize and relax.
This may take up to 24 hours.
If you're in a cold environment, use a heat gun and weights to help relax the matting, PVC edging, and snap track.
Measure the PVC Edge to fit around the mat.
The mat needs to sit flush with the edge.
To make a corner, mitre the PVC edges at a 45-degree angle.
Apply cold weld paste to mitred edge.
Hold them together with mesh tape.
Add weights and let dry. Repeat for all corners.
Apply cold weld paste to the edging.
The base bar should sit flush to the edge.
Apply cold weld paste beneath the underbars.
Add heavy weights and let dry.
Carefully bend back the edging and fill the gaps with cold weld paste.
Leave to completely dry for 24 hours.

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