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Top Drainage Mats & Matting for Commercial Floors

By Paige Cerulli Created: November, 2023

Your flooring choices for commercial spaces can impact not only staff safety but also the safety of your customers. Water adds an extra safety risk, so it’s even more important to invest in quality commercial drainage mats to maximize workplace safety.

Where to Use Drainage Mats

Drainage mats are perforated, allowing liquids to drain through and helping to keep your feet up and out of the liquid. Drainage matting also features non-slip designs to help prevent falls and promote safety.

You can use drainage mats in many different commercial locations:
  • Pools

  • Public Beaches

  • Water parks

  • Locker rooms

  • Hospitals

  • Entrance areas

  • Roof and industrial walkways/bridges

  • Animal groomers

  • Restaurants and food preparation stations

  • Refrigeration trucks

  • Walk-in refrigerators and freezers

  • Retail supermarkets

  • Industrial settings

  • Workplace settings

6 Benefits of Drainage Mats

Drainage matting offers several valuable benefits, making it a worthwhile investment for many commercial settings.

1. Drainage

Drainage mats are designed with holes to quickly drain liquids away. The mats can help to prevent employees’ shoes from getting wet for increased safety.

heavy duty red commercial drainage mat in restaurant

2. Non-Slip

These mats feature various non-slip designs, including various texture options. Combining the non-slip design with the drainage feature helps to keep people safe, even when moisture is present.

standing on red anti slip drainage matting

3. Anti-Fatigue

Many drainage mats feature anti-fatigue properties, which can help to make a hard concrete floor more comfortable for workers. Matting with anti-fatigue properties can help to minimize discomfort, so workers are better able to focus on their jobs when working longer shifts.

4. Interlocking Options

Interlocking mats allow you to create a full floor or a long line of matting that functions as a solid surface. This design can be ideal in helping to hold the mats in place, and it also eliminates unnecessary transitions onto and off of the mats for a smoother, safer floor.

black drainage mat with interlocking puzzle edges

5. Various Styles

Drainage mats are available in various styles, so you can choose the option that’s best for your application. For example, some mats are designed for barefoot use, while heavy-duty industrial mats are supremely durable and can withstand harsh, heavy use. Mats are also available in various sizes, from small individualized options to larger rolls.

6. Various Special Features

Drainage matting is also available with special features to enhance its use. Antifungal and anti-bacterial properties can contribute to a safer and healthier workspace. Some rubber matting is resistant to certain chemicals, oils, and acids, giving it the durability needed to be used in particularly harsh settings, like commercial kitchens or garages.

4 Top Drainage Mats for Commercial Floors

At Greatmats, we offer several mats that are ideal for commercial applications.

black drainage mat with holes
  1. The VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue Mat 3 x 5 Feet is an anti-fatigue mat designed to maximize worker comfort. It’s grease-proof and ideal for use in kitchens, bars, prep areas, and more.

  2. The VIP Deluxe Heavy Duty Red Mat 29 x 39 Inches is a grease-proof heavy-duty mat that offers excellent drainage, so it’s a popular option for cafeterias, food preparation areas, and manufacturing operations.

  3. The Interlocking VIP Duralok Black Bevel 38 x 61 Inches Mats quickly drains liquids away, and its molded beveled edging allows for a smooth and safe transition onto and off of the mat. It’s ideal for kitchens, areas behind counters, and assembly lines.

  4. The WorkStep Black Mat 3x10 Feet is a water-repellent anti-fatigue mat. It provides anti-slip traction and is suitable for use in restaurants, machine shops, shipping and packing operations, and more.

5 Top Drainage Matting Rolls for Commercial Floors

At Greatmats, we offer several rolls of matting that are ideal for commercial applications.

4 colorful rolls of drainage matting
  1. The Firmagrip Industrial Matting 2 ft x 33 ft Roll contours to uneven surfaces and features a diamond tread for slip resistance. It’s ideal for small wheeled traffic in settings like industrial buildings, airports, and assembly lines.

  2. The Herongripa Slip Resistant Matting Roll 2 x 33 ft Roll features antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It’s resistant to chemicals, oils, animal fats, and acid, and is ideal for use in food processing areas and commercial kitchens.

  3. The Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Roll 3 x 33 ft Roll is comfortable against bare feet and is a great thermal barrier, so it’s often used for pools, water parks, and locker rooms.

  4. The Floorline Matting 2 x 33 ft Roll features an open grid design for optimal drainage and is certified clip resistant, ideal for restaurants, poolsides, spas, and more.

  5. The Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 3 x 33 ft Roll is a heavy-duty matting designed for tough environments like industrial, marine, and food processing settings.

Ordering Drainage Mats and Matting

At Greatmats, we have an excellent selection of drainage mats and matting. Contact our customer support team with any questions. We’re happy to provide additional details, create shipping quotes, and help you order the best product for your needs.