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Large Carpet Squares and Rectangular Tiles

Sometimes, covering a large space with carpet simply doesn’t lend itself to the use of a roll of carpeting. In those cases, large carpet tiles from Greatmats are the ideal selection. Most of these tiles measure around 1x1 meter and give the installer the ability to create the desired floor layout in a hurry.

These extra-large carpet squares are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures. Our big tiles are popular for large spaces in both residential and commercial locations.

Size and Shape Options

Large carpet tiles from Greatmats are available in both square and rectangular shapes, although square shapes are far more common.

Frequently, these tiles will measure 1 by 1 meter in size, which is equal to about 3.3 feet on each side of the square tile. This type of tile can cover a 10x10-foot room with about 9 or 10 tiles. If you were using 1x1 foot tiles in the same size room, you would need 100 tiles.

Rectangular-shaped tiles are available as well. Some offer a size of 24 by 40 inches, while others are as large as about 1x2 meters. These shapes may be the best option to cover certain types of spaces.

Material Options

Our large carpet tiles for sale consist of a number of different materials. Where some manufacturers may create cheap carpet squares in these large sizes, Greatmats always focuses on delivering high-quality materials that will last.

Traditional carpet fiber materials like nylon, polypropylene, and polyester are commonly found in these products. They will stand up to heavy foot traffic without showing wear and tear.

Some models make use of a polyurethane back layer that provides a bit of cushioning and noise reduction when laying these tiles over the top of a hard subfloor, like concrete.

In this product line, there’s even a plush polyester fiber design that creates a soft, cushiony feel for installation in areas where people may be sitting and lying on the floor to play or watch a movie.

The soft polyester fibers mean that the tile is machine washable, which is helpful in areas where children or pets may soil the carpet.

Pattern and Texture Options

Select from a wide range of colors and textures with these large carpet tiles. Customers can pick models that deliver style for a luxury home or a customer-facing area in a business or hotel. A berber texture yields a high-end look and feel as well.

For the most stylish options, select among colors like light gray, dark gray, tan, dark brown, blue, charcoal, and others. Some of these tiles contain patterns with more than one color to create designs that look great in large rooms, where installations of these large carpet tiles often occur.

There are even models made for children’s playrooms or daycares that feature fun colors and graphics. Some of these tiles use non-traditional carpet colors of reds, browns, and greens in striped patterns for an eye-catching design.

The graphics include icons like crayons, books, and stars. There’s a tile that resembles a little town with roads and buildings printed on it for some extra fun.

Common Use Options

The majority of these large carpet tiles will work in luxury installations. Businesses appreciate the high level of quality they receive from the carpet fibers and the designs, creating an area that they are proud to show to customers.

Some models contain a rough texture, allowing them to stand up to areas with significant foot traffic without showing unwanted wear at a business, school, or government building.

For use in a home, the plush fibers in some of these tiles deliver excellent results for a bedroom or media room where the family will be sitting and lying on the floor.

Daycares and schools may choose to make use of the large carpet squares containing bright colors and graphics for a fun reading area or gathering area.

Installation Options

For the majority of customers, installing these large carpet tiles can be a DIY process.

Some of these tiles use a loose-lay design. They have a backing layer that delivers a bit of tackiness to hold the squares in place. Installers can use double-faced carpet tape with these squares as well, making it easy to stick the tiles to the subfloor.

The loose-lay design works especially well with our carpet tiles made to cover a gym floor. When hosting a non-sports-related event in the gym, use the tiles to protect the wooden gym floor.

Some tiles require a glue-down installation, ensuring a permanent layout, which is important in high-traffic areas.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

When deploying these tiles, customers do not have to use any special cleaning techniques. They can operate a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to remove soils and dirt, preventing matting of the carpet fibers.

When the tiles have significant soils and stains on them, customers can use a carpet cleaning machine. Some models of these tiles are able to go through a washing machine cycle to clean them and remove stains.