Foam Mats for Kids: Safe & Soft Playroom Flooring

Kids floor mats deliver an excellent solution for bedrooms, playrooms, or basements. No matter what size and color are required, we have it in stock. Another great feature of these is the ease of assembly and disassembly. Greatmats has one-piece foldable, roll out, and non-slip interlocking kids play mats that work well for toddlers and babies. Any room, including your living room, can become a fun spot for playing in no time at all.

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Colorful and fun interlocking foam floor mats that are soft for kids

Kids floor mats deliver an excellent solution for bedrooms, playrooms, or basements. No matter what size and color are required, we have it in stock. Another great feature of these is the ease of assembly and disassembly. Greatmats has one-piece foldable, roll out, and non-slip interlocking kids play mats that work well for toddlers and babies. Any room, including your living room, can become a fun spot for playing in no time at all.

Safe Kids Floor Mat in Playrooms

To prevent scrapes and bruises from falling as much as possible, selecting the right kids foam mat is important.
  1. Look for a slip resistant surface. Some have a texture to resist slips.

  2. Layout goes fast when placing these directly atop the existing subflooring.

  3. Consider environmental challenges and conditions. A basement might have problems with water seepage and dampness. Seek waterproof units to counteract this issue.

How to find safer kids mats:

  1. EVA foam tile delivers an affordable option.

  2. Whether seeking a permanent or temporary unit, these durable kids foam floor tiles yield comfort.

  3. Non toxic foam works nicely to create a baby area for periods of tummy time.

  4. Basements are perfect for these, creating safer spaces.
  5. These look great, whether they’re installed in a day care, school, preschool, church, or learning center.

Our kids play mat will be delivering a variety of benefits that our customers love.

  1. Having a safe jumbo foam play mat installed will reduce injuries for the children.

  2. Maintenance is minimal, saving money over the long run.

  3. In areas where a child will spill food, water, paint, and other items, it protects the original floorings.

  4. Delivering safety is as easy as assembling the jigsaw puzzle-style pieces, which takes very little time.

  5. Youngsters are more engaged with these fun, colorful models.

We have many types of kids floor mats available. Listed below are some of the most popular options among our customers.

Stylish Foam Play Mat Products

When installing foam floor puzzle mat models, they fit together tightly with no adhesive. This style of EVA foam floor play mat has reversible options. While great for creating a safe place during baby care time, they are not intended as napping mats for infants.

To resize them, just cut them with a sharp utility knife and create a straight edge.

Those with foam puzzle mats bright colors or wood grain finishes look amazing in a bedroom. Whether the child dreams of hanging out with safari animal characters, having superhero adventures, or anything in between, our fun floor mats for kids will create the ideal atmosphere.

Our thick kids floor mats are low priced. We offer a four pack of puzzle foam interlocking tiles that are ideal for many situations.

The material in these delivers waterproof benefits for the subfloor. These are easy to clean washable tilings after spills.

Our 1/2-inch thick economy puzzled edge models are value priced. Installation goes quick with these floor mats for kids. Available colors include black gray or blue.

For additional color options, the Greatmats 5/8-inch interlocking foam mats for kids represent a smart pick. Select from 15 colors here, including primary colors, providing an almost endless number of design choices.

EVA floor mats for kids carry waterproof capabilities. They also resist stains, meaning they’ll fit in anywhere successfully.

No adhesive is needed for these. Just lay them over the top of a cement or hard tiling at a house, school, church, or preschool.

Another strong possibility is the Greatmats 1/2-inch floor mat for kids product. For those who need to stay on a tight budget, this style has the ideal mixture of cost efficiency and durability.

Foam Floor Mats for Kids for Indoors

In locations where foot traffic will be busy, such as an activity gym, our Home Sport 7/8-Inch has impressive durability, making it one of our best sellers. These activity play mats resist scuffs from footwear, toy cars and other play items by using a cross thatch surface.

Even with such impressive toughness, these are comfortable and provide shock absorption against falls.

To deliver designs that are long lasting, these are firmer than normal. This allows them to thrive anywhere. Playrooms, entryways, basements, and churches can use these.

Height rated matting has a level of construction that protects children who slip to the ground. These are specified to help prevent injuries to the head from a certain height. For indoor playgrounds, protection from falls is a must have product.

We offer the extra-large Indoor Playground Tiles rated with fall heights up to 4 feet. Add in the no-burn tatami surface and an excellent level of cushioning, and it’s perfect for a variety of play spaces, including a play gym or playhouse.

Also consider the Home MMA BJJ Matting. Installing these puzzle play floor mats for kids allows for martial arts practice at home. At a size of 2-by-2 feet, these are quickly maneuvered into place, while delivering excellent protective levels.

Carpets in a playroom are a common sight. And although carpets are nice choices, youngsters falling on the carpets may suffer rug burns. Carpeting provides little to no protection for sore lower body joints either.

Rely on us to have better and safer choices. Many of ours include a skin safe tatami, which is popular any locale where youngsters may roughhouse.

Another choice is a carpet topped matting. For those who like the comfortable feel of carpeting but who want forgiving cushioning, these work nicely.

For an innovative offering for the bedroom, we offer cheer rolls. Each roll delivers a soft, carpeted spot.

We have a carpeted designed for permanent installations too. The Royal Interlock Carpet Squares consist of a high quality carpeting that will fit perfectly in the house. The foamed backing yields a forgiving, cushioned feel not found with carpeted surfaces alone.

Playroom Mattings

For playtime in areas with extremely high levels of traffic, durability is key. We have rubberized kids floor mats that are rugged. They don’t have quite the softness of foams, but they’re especially durable and reasonably soft.

Large play mats for toddlers are especially economical for those who need to cover a big space quickly. Paintball courses, arcade areas, or walkways in schools all can benefit from this too. Rubberized rolls cover spaces quickly with a minimum number of seams, if that’s preferable.

For playgrounds, a rubber mat for kids will maintain the integrity of heavy use spots under slides or swings that can become rutted through constant playtime. Rubber mats for kids put an end to these dangerous ruts.

PVCs are a popular option for rumpus rooms. PVC has extra cushion versus kids rubber mats and is more durable than foams.

Count on us to deliver multiple thicknesses and varying sizes to meet almost any need.

For playing, or general needs, we have the perfect choice in stock. Several of these function nicely as permanent or semi-permanent installations.

For those who want a temporary install, we have numerous options. Add cushioning, warmth, or protection for the subfloor with our multiple selections. Most of ours have a reasonable size and a lightweight design that’s easy to move around and install.

Our customers include residential users, schools, day cares, churches, and other places where children gather for indoor recess. Our products are in use around the world.

Best of all, our kids floor mats allow for a DIY installation. They do not require messy gluing. Fitting these into a particular spot is as simple as cutting them with a carpet knife.

FAQ Kids Floor Mats Q&A

Which are the best kids floor mats?

Whenever toddlers run, they’re almost certainly going to trip at some point. Choose flooring with an ASTM Fall Height Rating. When the area is lined with floorings that have a fall rating, they are rated to protect against head injuries after falls.

Are kids floor mats washable?

Yes. Those made of foams will not absorb water. Cleanup is a piece of cake, as they sweep clean. Should light mopping or scrubbing be needed, this is easily done without moisture absorption.

What are the softest kids floor mats that won’t indent?

A padded play mat for hard floors is a smart idea. Versus foamed materials, PVCs can support the legs of heavy furniture more effectively. Others may indent under heavy weight over time, but PVC maintains its shape with a softer feel than rubberized products, should a child crash to the ground on the PVC.

Are foamed floors a good option for a childrens play area and bedroom?

If seeking an inexpensive choice for a space for playtime, interlocked designs are highly usable. They’re softer, but they also insulate the youngster from a cold cement subflooring.

Are kids floor mats interlocking?

Often times, yes. With interlock squares, assembling and disassembling the pieces is a simple process. Toddlers can begin playing immediately. Installations in the middle of a room, called an island design, work easily with this style of kids mat. If each piece ships with two border strips, it will simplify the process of creating a finished edge on the island install.