Interlocking Rubber & Foam Tile Flooring & Mats

Our interlocking floor mats and interlocking floor tiles are easy to install with a professional looking finish, yet also result in the perfect DIY project. These are found in a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and thicknesses, offering plenty of choices for a customized look. Choose from differences in surface textures and hardnesses.

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Products: Showing 97-120 of 265
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Interlocking flooring mats and tiles, Foam interlocking tiles, Snap interlock floors

Our interlocking floor mats and interlocking floor tiles are easy to install with a professional looking finish, yet also result in the perfect DIY project. These are found in a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and thicknesses, offering plenty of choices for a customized look. Choose from differences in surface textures and hardnesses.

Greatmats offers one of the best selections of interlocking floor mats available. We stock hundreds of options with varying material selections.

Interlocking Floor Mats for Garage

  1. Small size is easy to handle
  2. Usually requires no adhesive
  3. Quickly remove them as desired, enhancing versatility
  4. Multiple textures and materials
  5. Great choice for DIY work
  6. Replace a piece if damage occurs

There are many benefits to working with interlocking floor mats outdoor use cases, but it's particularly convenient when creating a portable installation, or if repairs are needed in the future.

Because these are designed to withstand repeated installations, remove them in the future if desired. If a section becomes damaged or worn, then replace only it. Being able to replace individual pieces saves money and time.

They are made of closed cell foams or rubberized ingredients. This construction makes them durable and forgiving.

We have a huge selection that are suitable for numerous projects, including the following.

Snap Together Interlocking Floor Tiles Wood

Most of these interlocking floor tiles have a raise-up base, so they’re ideal where moisture issues exist. This allows airflow beneath them. Rather than becoming trapped, moisture dries in a hurry, which helps to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.

Don't worry about pulling them up and letting them dry if they get wet, as the raised base system allows them to dry out while in place. They won't be destroyed by basement leaks, general dampness, or floods.

Quite a few use a no-break polypropylene, which is especially strong. These interlocking basement floor tiles can withstand heavy loads, and they can be used in wet spaces. They're versatile and make an investment suitable for a wide range of projects. They're most frequently used for dance floors, garage fs, athletic courts, and warehouses.

If standing all day, our flexible interlocking floor tiles outdoor deliver a comfortable surface that offers anti fatigue benefits. They connect using a tab and loop system that won't separate unless it’s time for disassembly. They're a popular choice for use in workshops, decks, gyms, and playgrounds.

They are easily installed, and are much more convenient to handle than large, heavy rolls. They are small and lightweight, which is handy.

Greatmats Interlocking Floor Tiles

  1. Easily transportable
  2. Simple to lay out
  3. Air and water circulation
  4. Quickly disassemble, re-position, and reassemble
  5. Excellent comfort

Interlocking Floor Mat Puzzle Edging

Ours are highly versatile and can be used for virtually every occasion and location. Use them for interlocking floor tiles garage usage and warehouse floorings, playground surfaces, and even athletic and hand-to-hand combat training facilities.

If working with an area that will see plenty of traffic, ours deliver excellent durability. These are incredibly strong and make a great option for a weight area in gyms and other applications where extreme durability and strength are a must.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

  1. Perfect for spots that are subject to a lot of wear
  2. Varying thickness
  3. Sound dampening characteristics
  4. Shock absorbing properties

These have better cushion than rubberized or plasticky options. This increased cushion and comfort is workable in athletic applications. They are predominantly made with EVA.

There are benefits valuable to athletes and kids, like fall protection or skin burn protection. They can even provide fatigue relief, making long hours tolerable.

Interlocking foam mats slot into a variety of applications. They range in size from 2x2 feet to 1x1 meters and come in thicknesses from 3/8 inch to 1-5/8 inch. These serve several purposes and are used in commercial and home gym floor, kids play areas, trade show booth flooring, martial arts training, and more.

We stock interlocking floor tiles right here in our warehouse, so they can be shipped out promptly.

Indoor and Outdoor Interlocking Rubber Tiles

Ours are designed specifically for indoor use and contain minimal odor material. The extremely tight seams keep them where they belong. Thanks to their durability and performance, they're a popular option for both home and commercial floors.

Many are waterproof for quick cleanup and maintenance. Our EVA foam stops fluids from passing through its cells. Thanks to this design, a spill is no big issue.

It offers some major pluses, including the fact that it is both lightweight and waterproof. Various densities give it suitability for different types of projects with maximum cushioning properties. The Pebble Top Gym Tiling can even be used as horse stall mattings. These are dense and can sustain significant weight without being damaged.

All of our EVA interlocking gym mats are low maintenance. They're self-installable without getting overwhelmed.

Indoor Interlocking Floor Tiles

  1. Low odor materials
  2. Tight and secure
  3. Waterproof
  4. Conveniently sized for handling
  5. Save money versus professional installs

Interlocked Carpet Squares

For the appearance of carpeting minus the need for a permanent installation, tilings consisting of carpets are a brilliant solution. These have both sound and thermal insulation, but they yield a comfortable, attractive, and welcoming locale.

Carpeted tilings have two forms, each offering different pluses. One form has carpeted fibers that are infused on the cushioned backing surfaces.

The second tile type features a raised polypropylene base with a carpet top. The movement of air underneath promotes faster drying and eliminating odors.

These are ideal for spaces like basements, garages, or other locales where wetness may be an issue. They won't absorb moisture.

These double as convention booth floorings where consecutive hours of standing are common. They are easily disassembled and lightweight, making transporting them from show to show a simple task.

Although these are comfortable, they may not be as durable as a firmer unit. Carpeting can be punctured by sharp objects, like high heeled shoes, and some softer tilings can be permanently indented by heavy furniture. Using them only as directed can help to preserve their life.

Beneficial Layouts for Carpet Tiling

  1. Attractive
  2. Airflows prevent persistent wetness
  3. Cushioned properties

Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats

Because rubberized interlocking mats are so durable, they're great mats for commercial and residential gyms, weight rooms, and horse stalls.

Many provide a fall rating that can help to minimize injury, making them a smart choice for use in playgrounds.

They appear in a standard black color, though at Greatmats we have custom colors. For example, the 10 percent light gray mat's color complements almost any interior decor and has proven to be one of the most popular color options.

5 Reasons for Interlocking Tiles

  1. Long lasting product
  2. Appropriate for high traffic areas
  3. Sound, heat, and cold buffering qualities
  4. DIY setup
  5. Fall height ratings

Plastic Lock Together Units

Our plastic tiled units are frequently installed in garages, decks, rooftops, warehouses, pools, and more. Choose from colored and patterned surfaces to get the exact look and feel desired.

Ours use a pliable polyvinyl chloride and are ideal for wet areas. Their design makes installs easy and fast, and they are versatile enough for countless potential uses.

For a designer feel, consider our vinyl plank pieces. They're available in several different wood grain finishes, as well as slate and stone finishes. These are tough. With connecting tabs meant to avoid breaking despite multiple assemblies, they may be installed multiple times. They're frequently used in basements, as portable dance floorings, or in multi purpose facilities, since they offer an upscale look minus the requirement of permanent installs.

Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles

  1. Excellent longevity
  2. Saves on maintenance costs
  3. Attractive, eye-catching finishes

FAQ Interlocking Floor Tiles Q&A

How do you assemble interlocking deck tiles?
The majority of our interlocking outdoor decking and interlocking patio tiles are designed to provide secure yet simple installations. They connect securely with no adhesive needed for installations.

What is interlocked tiling?
It has a universal interlock system using puzzled edges or tabs and loops, so there's no need to make sure that they are laid out in a particular direction in order to assemble. This convenient feature makes installation easier and faster. If working with a smaller space or if performing wall tight layouts, they usually can be cut to fit.

How do you fit interlocking exercise floor mats?
Each high quality unit will fit securely, similar to giant puzzle pieces. Use a sharp utility knife and a straight edge to cut for fitting. Rubberize models are available in a range of thicknesses from 0.25 to 2.5 inches. Usually, a thicker unit yields extra protection and toughness.

How do you install interlocking flooring?
When it comes to connecting them, the process is incredibly basic. These will be fitting tightly, so place them down, align them, and then push or step on them. There's no need for adhesive in smaller locations where forced air and good insulation is in place. To disassemble the interlocking floor mats in the future, pull them apart, transfer them, and reinstall them without damaging them. They’ll last for years.

What is the easiest flooring option to install?
Puzzled edging or loops and tabs allow the units to pop together quickly, while also allowing for disassembly later. Interlocking foam floor tiles have another advantage, because some are double sided, so flip them over and use the underside for a fresh appearance. This design maximizes the useful lifespan.