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Top FAQs for Trade Show & Display Flooring

When it comes to creating a display flooring, whether it's in a store, for a business conference, or for another application, it needs to look great and be easy to assemble. Greatmats stocks a wide variety of display flooring designed to help businesses or products stand out, while also being functional and affordable.

What Is the Best Portable Display Flooring?

Oftentimes, customers will select plastic floorings, as they offer excellent versatility in designs, ease of transportation, and durability.

How Thick Should Trade Show Display Flooring for an Exhibition Booth Be?

To receive the most desirable mixture of cushioning for employees who are standing and of lightweight configurations for maximum ability to transport the trade show vinyl flooring, try to stick to measurements between 1/2 and 5/8 inches.

What Is an Ideal Carshow Display Flooring?

If seeking a subfloor to use in a showroom for an event or at a business, it’s important to select a model that draws attention to the cars’ colors. It should yield a welcoming environment too, ensuring that buyers will feel comfortable checking out the collection of vehicles available.

The Event High Gloss is the perfect way to add some shine and glamour. It’s found in glossy black and white, or order this roll in custom colorings. The tape down installation quickly transforms any space into a showroom.

For automobile showrooms, our LonPlate I Commercial is a true favorite. This is tough and skid resistant. It is commercial grade and even offers microbial resistance. It is perfect for interior applications, and its steel plate design surface helps to camouflage scuffing and wear.

Can You Use Vinyl Display Floors for Faux Wood Trade Show Flooring Designs?

Because of the wide range of designs in display flooring options, including multiple colorings, patterns, and wood grain looks, customers can develop the perfect style to reflect the desires of a certain brand, industry, or business. These even may simulate hardwood flooring products, and they’re able to stand up to busy locations, providing a strong value.

What Are Portable Interlocking Carpet Tiles for Expos or Displays?

These yield a warmth that’s not easily duplicated with other types of floorings for exposition shows, drawing visitors and customers into the booths. Trade show carpeting has a good durability, and our models yield a professional feel.

Additionally, carpet display flooring solutions carry a desirable size, making transportation and installations a piece of cake. Another option for a fast layout is a carpet roll display flooring.

Investing in a cargo carrying case to transport and store them is an excellent way to make the job easier when installing it at conventions, trade shows, and other areas. We have many cargo ready durable plastic carrying cases to help transport and protect them, and they are equipped with casters.

Our Shipping Case 2x4 Feet has rollers and handles. It can hold up to 40 interlocking tiles, and removable straps ensure a secure closure every time.

On a larger scale, our Jumbo 4x4 Foot Case with Casters holds up to 200 2x2 sizes. It's constructed from a tough polyethylene plastic.

What Are Some Display Floor Options With Easy Installation?

We have a variety of tiling units that are sure to suit the requirements, including those with tops consisting of vinyls, foams, and carpets. Best of all, our display flooring systems are easily assembled and disassembled. They are specifically made with the demands of repeated installations in mind.

Consider the following benefits of these:
  1. Specialized orders can create professional looks for any industry
  2. Fast to install, requiring only minimal setup time
  3. Lightweight for carrying over long distances through large venues
  4. Display flooring is made for multiple installations and removals
  5. Colors can be mixed and matched to create eye-catching layouts and incorporate branding
  6. Fatigue relief for long hours standing

We are proud to offer a wide selection of flooring display selections. Here are just a few potential uses for our flooring displays:
  • - Conventions
  • - Showrooms
  • - Special in-store layouts
  • - Events

Showcasing a product in a professional, attention grabbing manner is the first step in engaging with potential clients. It can not only catch a client's eye, but can also be used to establish the messaging. From creating elegant displays to incorporating branding in every element, these are suitable for small businesses all the way up through veteran corporations.

Do Trade Show Foam Tiles Provide a Beveled Edge Option?

Foam tiles are among our most popular units. They are made of premium EVA/PE foam that can instantly turn a hard surface into a comfortable unit. They are ideal when people will spend all day walking and mingling with visitors. These are available in many colors, so mix and match and get creative.

These often have border pieces for a perfectly finished edge. However, beveled edging is rare.

This interlocking floor is designed with edges that pop together quickly and repeatedly, and they are durable enough to withstand use after use.

They are easy to clean in an eco friendly manner, meaning no harsh chemicals are required. Just sweep or vacuum to have it looking great. A Swiffer can be used on smoother models, where the texture won't grab it.

Our Premium 5/8 Inch Foam Mats are hugely popular. These measure 2x2 feet in size and come with two border strips to complete an island install with clean, finished edges. These are comfortable whenever they’re put to use. They are both waterproof and stain resistant for long lasting performance. With 15 brilliant colorings to choose from, create a stunning appearance anywhere.

For the appearance of hardwoods without the weight, our Wood Grains Reversible Foamed model is ideal. These are two sided and are available in a variety of finishes.

These are waterproof and non absorbent, making them a smart choice for numerous use cases. With a strong interlock design, these are versatile and look amazing upon finishing.

Why Should I Use Faux Turf in a Trade Show Booth?

Artificial grass can enhance many booths. If working with it, there's no maintenance or mess.

Our Turf Padded Roll is slip resistant and is equipped with a dense, textured nylon wear layer. Sold in 6-foot widths, it can cover big areas in a hurry.

For an faux grass option that is a bit easier to carry, consider our Turf Athletic. This offers the same benefits of rolls, but it is in more manageable 23x46 inch puzzle pieces.

Do Carpets Work As a Retail Floor Tiles Display?

Display carpet floor mats provide a welcoming surface and can truly set the space apart from the crowd. Interlocked camo carpet tiles make assembly a snap, and there's no lugging heavy, large rolls of carpeting. They also can be laid directly on a firm subfloor, so there’s no worry about edges curling up and needing to fasten corners with tape. These provide anti fatigue and insulation properties, making for an inviting decor.

Our Royal model is an excellent choice for simplicity in transportation and layout. These are laid with a plush, durable carpeting bonded to a foamed base, ensuring durability even under heavy foot traffic.

The precise puzzle piece design means that these fit together tightly with minimal seams. These ship with two borders for an island installation. And if spills happen, it's no big deal. They are waterproof and odor proof.

For truly eye-catching floorings that are sure to garner plenty of attention, consider using our vinyls. These are suitable for covering large areas.