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Greatmats Car Show Floor Tiles with Mark Lund

Date Published: 06-26 - 2017

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Builder of the famed 1967 Mustang Zeldaa, Mark Lund speaks about showing cars and car show flooring.

"I've done body, collision repair, frame straightening my entire life. As far as my own personal cars, I suppose I've built 25, 30 nice Mustangs or Hot Rods.

Everyone seems to build an Eleanor. Well, this ain't Eleanor, so that's why I called it Zeldaa.

I didn't know I was building show car, but hey I'll take it you know. It's almost embarrassing. You keep coming home with the Best of Show. I guess it must have been a perfect 500 point car evidently. So – kind of interesting.

In the winter time, they'll have the big shows indoors at the coliseums and convention centers. It's usually hand picked, and it's the best of the best that go to the indoor shows and you've gotta have a display.

What are you going to do for a floor to make it look nice? This floor. This is the one. It's easy. It's light. It's easy to haul around, quick to put together, quick to take apart. The wife and I can put this up this up in 5 minutes – put it away. This is the cat's meow.

So I think I found the answer to that.

I'm sure glad I found this floor. By golly, this is going to be slick. I'll be happy when I go to more indoor shows. I'll have the perfect floor."

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