Portable Trade Show Floor Tiles - Interlocking Plastic Tile Options

By Julia Nass Created: July, 2017 - Modified: October, 2023

Plastic makes killer trade show flooring because of its versatility, longevity, limitless design options and more. Get to know the top five plastic floor tiles for trade shows to discover more about what makes a fabulous trade show floor.

1. Easy Installation: Garage Floor Tile Diamond

For a seriously durable product with a seriously simple installation process, check out Garage Floor Tile Diamond. These tiles snap together using a tab and loop connecting system. All you have to do is layer tile edges tab to loop and step down. It may seem unlikely that interlocking tiles could handle extreme loads, but these tiles get the job done. Tiles are designed and tested to handle well over 10,000 pounds per square foot of static weight, which makes them the perfect car show flooring.

This interlocking trade show flooring is manufactured in the USA with high quality, no break polypropylene material. The unique design allows tiles to carry heavy loads without deflection or deformation over time. Overall, Garage Floor Tile Diamond is the best looking interlocking car show flooring on the market for the best price. Liven up the space by choosing more than one color and creating a fun design.

2. Compact: Leather PVC Floor Tile Colors

Leather PVC Floor Tile Colors packs down to an easy-to-handle size for transportation. Each tile is only 1.66 x 1.66 foot and 5 mm thick. Don't be fooled by how lightweight these tiles are; they can handle both foot and vehicle traffic. Plus, these tiles are a breeze to connect together. No one will be able to believe your professional, slate-looking floor is merely pop up trade show flooring.

Leather PVC Floor Tile Colors are made in the USA and come in 5 classy neutral colors. The tiles are non absorbent and can be cleaned with a mop, hot water and common household floor cleaner. If you choose Leather PVC Floor Tile Colors for car show flooring, it's recommended to use PVC floor sealer to help withstand blemishes from tires.

3. Fatigue Relief: StayLock Orange Peel

Trade shows are guaranteed to make for long days standing around, which is why Greatmats recommends StayLock Orange Peel interlocking trade show flooring. These tiles are specifically designed for environments in which people are required to stand for long periods of time. StayLock tiles provide superior cushion and bounce support, which prevents strain and provides fatigue relief. This trade show flooring yields a cushion similar to foam for supreme comfort and maximum ergonomic benefits.

Although StayLock Orange Peel tiles have the cushion of foam, they are tough like rubber. Tiles can withstand heavy static loads and light dropping of weights without becoming damaged or separating. This interlocking trade show flooring fits together tightly and will not separate over time. StayLock flooring is waterproof which makes maintenance easy as pie. This flooring can be installed over any flooring surface including concrete and carpeting.

4. Outdoors: Portable Outdoor Floor Tile

Greatmats recommends the Portable Outdoor Floor Tile for trade shows located outdoors. This tile is an all-environment, easy to transport floor. Each tile has drainage holes that allow water to flow freely downwards. Meanwhile, the top diamond pattern finish provides an anti-slip surface. Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles help appease worry in the case of rain or other ugly weather.

Use this tile as car show flooring, as it is designed to hold the weight of vehicles. Tiles snap together one by one, but they can also be rolled up and down for a super fast set-up and take down. Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles will not separate over time, even under the weight of a vehicle. That being said, it's easy to expand or minimize the floor as needed, as tiles make assembly and disassembly a piece of cake.

5. Versatility: Max Raised Floor Tile

Max Tile Raised Floor Tile is the top trade show flooring choice for multi-purpose installations. These floors are used from everything from portable dance floors to exercise floors to show room floors. The classy wood-grain design and all-around usefulness of these tiles make them compatible for almost any use.

These commercial-grade tiles are made with 3 mm thick vinyl laminate top surface bonded to a durable polypropylene base tray. The unique connector system allows ongoing strength and stability throughout repeated installations, removals and transfers. Max Tile Raised Flooring is raised so air can flow underneath the tiles, which prevents moisture build-up. Instantly create a warm environment by choosing from one of the many wood-grain colors and styles, or go for a chic slate, white or black look.