What’s The Best Budget Garage Gym Flooring?

By Kyle Schurman Created: October, 2022 - Modified: February, 2024

Creating a workout space inside the garage is a popular plan for this area of the home. Garages typically have plenty of headroom for large pieces of equipment. Because of the concrete floor, though, creating a comfortable space often involves selecting the best garage gym flooring from Greatmats at a great price.

We offer a number of thin and thick flooring options that provide different levels of cushioning and protection for the subfloor. Selecting the right affordable garage gym flooring requires doing some thinking about how you plan to use the space.

garage gym flooring tiles

Light Duty Rubber Garage Gym Flooring Options - $1.50 to $1.70 per Sq. Ft.

When the plan is to stick with exercise machines, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and small weight racks, a thinner rubber material will work well. Using a thin rubber flooring will provide a great value, as you can cover a lot of square footage for a low price.

Rubber Garage Gym Flooring

By using rubber, you also receive slip resistance, which is ideal for workouts where you need to have maximum traction to generate leverage. Even when the top of the rubber tiles, mats, or rolls are damp, the rubber maintains its high level of traction and slip resistance.

Our Rolled Rubber Sport Regrind is a roll of rubber that is available for less than $1.50 per square foot. Even though this 1/4 inch thick floor has a cheap price, it will stand up to repeated workouts, all while protecting the subfloor adequately.

At a thickness of 0.25 inches, this flooring can support free weights up to 50 pounds.

Plyometric Garage Gym Flooring

For a little more thickness in the flooring, we also offer the Plyometric Rubber Sport Roll, which measures 8 mm in thickness (about 5/16 inches). It costs less than $1.70 per square foot, yet it provides a nice level of cushioning for those performing plyometric workouts.

Rolls of rubber are easy to install, as customers can tape them down using vinyl tape. They then can remove the roll later. Glue down installs are possible, too, for a more permanent option.

Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring for Creating a Workout Space in a Garage - $3 per Sq. Ft.

If you will be using large free weight barbells in your garage gym, and if you plan to drop the barbell onto the floor, you need heavy duty flooring ideas. We recommend at least 3/4 inches of thickness in rubber mats for this purpose.

rubber floor mats 3/4 inch thick for garage gym

Our Horse Stall Mats Straight Edge Cobblestone measure 0.75 inches in thickness with a 4x6 foot coverage per mat. They can support free weights of more than 120 pounds, and they protect the subfloor from impact during weightlifting techniques involving intentional dropping.

Even with high levels of performance in these mats, they carry a cost of less than $3 per square foot.

Lightweight Foam Garage Flooring for Workout Spaces - $2 per Sq. Ft.

When you are planning to focus on yoga or other ground based exercises without deploying heavy equipment, a foam floor is inexpensive to use as garage gym flooring. You can purchase foam tiles from Greatmats for less than $2 per square foot of coverage.

foam mats for garage gym flooring

Our Foam Kids and Gym Premium Mats are ideal for this use case. They measure 5/8 inches in thickness, so they yield a nice level of cushioning over the top of a cement floor in a garage.

Our interlocking tile product has numerous colors available and is easy to install.

This is a closed cell EVA foam, which means it is waterproof. In a garage setting where moisture may be frequently present, having a waterproof material is a smart selection.

foam for garage gym flooring

For those who prefer a bit of texture on the surface of the EVA foam tiles, we offer the Home Gym Pebble Top Flooring Tile. This is an interlocking tile that measures only 3/8 inches in thickness, so is extremely lightweight.

This is an all-black tile. The pebble top delivers a sharp-looking pattern on the surface that offers traction. It is usable in a home gym or in a commercial gym.

When using this garage gym flooring at home, it is easy to install, thanks to the interlocking edge design on each tile.

PVC Interlocking Tiles for Garage Gymnasiums - $4 per Sq. Ft.

If you want to park your car or your home and garden power equipment on top of the garage gym flooring, we recommend that you use a PVC tile. PVC is extremely durable, even when used in a thin format.

garage gym flooring coin top tiles

It also provides resistance to multiple types of liquids, including gasoline, chemicals, oils, and water. Should the motor vehicle or power equipment drip oil or gas from a leak, the PVC flooring will not absorb these materials, giving you time to clean up the spill.

Our Warehouse Floor Coin PVC Tile is one of the most popular selections for this use case, with a cost of roughly $4 per square foot.

Although it only measures 1/4 inches in thickness, it has plenty of durability for supporting the weight of vehicles. Variable temperatures and humidity levels do not affect it, either.