Customer Reviews for: Gym Mats 2 Inch x 4x8 Ft. V4 18 oz

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One of the best companies out there, Great customer service, Great product, everything on time, and I would highly recommend them.

Nazira K Alim

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I ordered 3 of the black tumbling mats. They shipped super fast and their packaging was great and very sturdy! The recipient of the mats was not home and they ended up sitting on their doorstep for a few days and through wet weather and all, the wrapping kept the mats dry. I read in previous reviews to air them out before using, but honestly we unwrapped them, laid them out for about 30 minutes before using and it was just fine. They are soft and great! So happy to do business with them and will definitely keep them in mind for the next time!

Dawn Bierstedt

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The GreatMat product is without a doubt terrific and quality mats. We feel relieved that our granddaughters safety is not compromised by purchasing sub pare other companies product! Thanks

Tim Critelli

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Mats are comfortable and easy to pick up and put down. Can't speak about durability yet, as I've only used them a couple of weeks. Appear to be well made.


Monroe, WA

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The mat has done wonders for my grandsons play space. He loves to tumble and cartwheel on it and it gives us a more secure feeling of his safety. It is easily put away and he is able to handle it himself.


University City, MO

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The mat I received is very well made, but my granddaughter whom I bought it for says that it is too hard when she does tumbling etc. I only hope it will soften up a little with use

Carol Insogna

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Purchased mat for Christmas present for my 7 year old gymnist. Customer service was awesome and last minute order made it on time for Santa. Great mat for tumbling and handsprings. Will definately look to purchase more in future!

Stephanie Wright

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I have ordered from Greatmats in the past and was pleased. Very friendly staff and quality products with competitive pricing. This was the first time having a mat shipped, picked up in the past. Shipping was faster than expected. Highly recommend Greatmats

Steve Lundeen

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The customer service person was very helpful. I received my mat in a timely manner.


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Portable mats that arre made of quality material and lightweight. Wish we had more room and I'd definitely order more.


Jupiter, FL

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I was very pleased with the customer service and pricing. I am an interior designer and I purchased this item for a client. We both were very pleased with the item.


Bergenfield, NJ

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Only used it for one class so far, but seems to be very well made and durable. Time will tell if it's the quality I'm hoping for.


Bothell, WA

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I needed this against a wall in my OT sensory gym but could also be used on the floor under a swing. Wonderful product, great thickness! 1/2 the price a coworker paid for a similar mat she had bought for cheer lessons. Thanks!


Pontotoc, MS

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The service was excellent: the mat was wrapped protectively but simply. It was shipped in 24 hours and was in excellent condition when it arrived. I gave the mat 4 stars because the ends of the bindings are not finished: they are just cut off so there is a raw edge and the piping shows. Now......if someone could just invent a way to get the vinyl smell to gas off in minutes rather than days!!

Jane Doe

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Mat was better quality and thicker than my other one in the sensory gym that I paid double for. Very pleased!

Marcia Washington

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Mat was better quality and thicker than my other one in the sensory gym that I paid double for. Very pleased!

Marcia Washington

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They work great for my aerial silks and aerial hoop classes.


Nashville, TN

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The service was quick and competent. The mat has fulfilled expectations. Price was as advertized, without add-ons.

Martin Churchill Associates

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Love my new mats. I uses these while teaching a Martial Arts class. They work great for calisthenics and falling. High quality construction and the inner material is supportive but not too soft which is great for conditioning and training. Love the fact that they can velcro together and make a large training area. The mats came very well sealed and packaged. They also had a strong smell as they were brand new. I had to air them out for several days but they seem to be much better after being out in fresh air for a while. I recommend these for anyone who needs a high quality solution that is easy to transport. Definitely let them off gas before putting them in your training area.


Los Altos, CA

Customer Rating:


I read other reviews before ordering and they were accurate. The mat is thicker and higher quality than others out there, and dealing with Greatmats was effortless.

Jill Johnke