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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You


Customer Reviews for: Home BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

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Greatmats had what I needed as a family member and I are building a basement gym, delivered the product quickly and did it well.

Kevin Fodor

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I absolutely love these mats!!! Excellent product at an excellent price. I bought 36 pieces to cover a 12' x 12' area. I teach martial arts lessons privately and these mats work perfectly. I teach Filipino Kali, Silat, Muay Thai, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do & grappling. You can definitely do takedowns on these mats but depending on how hard you land you might feel some impact. I already have an extra fold out mat to put on these mats and that works great for the throws. Installation was very easy. Took me 45 minutes to lay them out. I laid out the 3 sides then filled in the middle and then closed up the other side. I also laid out plastic sheeting (because of the hardwood floor underneath) just to protect the floor from any moisture when I clean the mats. Very pleased with this purchase. I highly recommend these mats. By the way, I'm 50 years old and have been in martial arts for over 35 years so I've seen my share of mats. You won't be disappointed with these.


New Windsor, NY

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I have no reservations about the company or product. Friendliness on the phone and amazingly quick delivery. The website gave me the round and round on both my orders and kept hassling me to change my password and would never accept the new one so I ordered over the phone-no problem.

Charles Miller

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I purchased the home mma bjj 1 5/8" mats. They are perfect! Fit together perfectly, all pieces tight. These mats are perfect for my training and I love using them for my circuit fitness training!! Highly recommend! Thanks again for a great product??


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My children love the mats. We installed them in our unfinished basement, directly over the concrete floor covering approximately 300 square feet. As soon as the project was complete, they started playing on the mats daily. Not only do they insulate, they make for a safe play environment. We also use this space as a home gym area.


Lakeshore, ON

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i have ordered from this company several times and can tell you without reservation that their products are of the highest quality! Their shipping is fast and reliable and their customer service is top notch. I highly recommend this company!

D Reed

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From the first phone call were all my questions were answered. To the confirmation emails which help me to track the product and then the speedy delivery which was right on time as they stated. The Mats were exactly what I had hoped for and very easy to install. I got the 2 feet by 2 feet mats with one and 5/8 inch thickness which was perfect for the indoor playground.

Amy P.

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The mats I purchased are great! They are professional looking and provide an inviting appearance to those BJJ practitioners that will be training with me. The mats are durable and if in a rare occasion a portion of mat was ripped I can replace a piece of the mat rather than the whole mat. I have no regrets with my purchase!

Robert Maloney

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I called to order mats and talked to a real person! She was very helpful and patient. From ordering to delivery, the transition was great!

Richard Payne

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thick, heavy, solid, firm mats ... too firm. feels wonderful to stand on. so much so i sometimes walk on them for no reason just for the feeling of my feet getting massaged ... but when i lay down on them to do some crunches etc. it feels as hard as a wooden floor. they give way under my feet or knees or elbows but if i lay down flat there is no give at all - it just stays flat. basically great flooring if you're going to be mostly standing on it. if you need something to lay down on for some yoga or whatever may want to throw a softer mat on top. another problem is my socks slide on this flooring like on ice. bare feet don't have that problem. i now also own an Airex Hercules mat which i use on top of these tiles for various exercises i do on the floor and the combination of the two is heavenly. the top Airex level gives soft, comfortably cushioning while the bottom EVA tile layer gives support against bottoming out under knees etc. this was my plan from the beginning as i had previous experience with EVA tiles and i knew they would be too firm for my liking on their own. i also had previous experience with Airex mats so i could design this sandwich and it worked out exactly as i hoped. i ordered this product twice and both times there were no issues with fast shipping. the price is also right. all in all i would recommend this product for some use scenarios and not for others. hopefully this review can help you decide.


Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:


Love the flooring and the customer service!! Friendly people and great product!! Made a playroom for my daughter and I am pretty sure she and her friends like the flooring more than the toys - no kidding!

Jolene Schmitt

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Great product easy to install and fits the bill.


Kula, HI

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Solid material, reasonable weight, easily storable.


Brewster, MA

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i thought i wanted 8 floor tiles but the particular tile had 9 as minimum order quantity. i called and phone was answered promptly. i told the lady that the computer system isnt objecting to me placing order for 8 tiles, but would they actually ship ? she said no the order would be cancelled if it wasnt a minimum of 9 so i ordered 12 ( i needed even number ). when i received them i was surprised because they came in two boxes ( 10 in one, and 2 in another ). this led me to believe that that there was no reason why they couldnt ship 8 tiles. a few weeks later i needed 3 more tiles, but i was sure they wouldnt ship just 3 tiles so i ordered 6 ( which i was promised would not ship, because of 9 minimum ) ... a week later i had my 6 tiles despite the 9 order minimum. maybe they gave me a break because i was a repeat customer - i dont know. shipping was fast on both orders i just wish they would take off that 9 tile minimum note from the page all it does is cause confusion and aggravation. all in all pretty good service and fast shipping with fedex.

George Chkhartishvili

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Upon receiving the mats they were as stated. Great thickness comfortable and easy to assemble.

Dean Lingenfelder

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I shopped around for quite a bit to find something to put down on a tile floor with a childrens play structure that would provide fall protection. Greatmats has a great website. I called the sales staff to ask some questions and they were very helpful both in answering my questions and in suggesting a different, cheaper configuration to cover the same area. Have been using the foam mats for a few months now and am pleased with them. Cleaning spills is easy and the durability is holding up. I see minor indentations from the dogs toenails but I expected this when I made the purchase. Overall I am very satisfied.

Matt Kandoll

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I had a unique problem. Not just mats for recreational use but solely for safety. Because of Alzheimers my wifes behavior was unsafe. She would make her way onto the bathroom counter, rest her feet in the sink and teeter back and forth. I knew in time she would fall likely resulting in a broken arm, leg or hip. I talked to the great customer service reps at Greatmats. We came up with a solution. A particular mat that had a national safety rating for falls. My stress level regarding this potential danger is now manageable. Thank you to the ladies at Greatmats. John T


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Just as promised. Great mats for BJJ/ Krav Maga training. As well as for the kids to roll around on. Placed directly on concrete floors with no issues or slipping.


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Great mats, love them.


Greatneck, NY

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Easily put together and everything I expected. Bought 30 to start,just bought another 5 more.

Patrick Brunetti