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Customer Reviews for: Home BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

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Received the mats and was at first taken back by their light weight. But after delivering and receiving a few hard throws on the mats, I am very impressed. For the price, the Home MMA BJJ 1-5/8 Inch puzzle mats are very nice. After 35 years of teaching ju-jutsu and buying many mats over the years, I highly recommend them.

Sensei Norman Beck

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Super happy with the mats. Was looking for something that we could workout on and also the boys to wrestle on. These mats are firm, but yet shift enough to roll on. Great price and great mats.


Village of lakewood, IL

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The thickness and padding is perfect for TKD. Poomsae does not hurt my feet or knees. Very stable for kicking practice and padding level works well for throws and take downs. No smell and easy to assemble.


Green Brook, NJ

Customer Rating:


These mats are great. Perfect for home gym wrestling and calisthenic workouts. Fast shipping, great price. Would order again when needed

Dave Davis

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I love these mats! Easy to install, easy to roll on, and easy to clean. When I expand my home gym I'll be going back to GreatMats and buying some more!


Waco, TX

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Excellent website experience. No hassle ordering, shipping or payments processing. Products are as advertised

Andrew Delio

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Mats delivered quickly and met all expectations. Easy to install.


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The shipping took way less than I thought it was going to take, I love my mats! They are great for Insanity and other high impact exercise.

Anthony Wheeler

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Wish I had received a confirmation e mail after payment in addition to order number. But mats are fabulous and I am using them for both flooring and safety for my pole work

Pilates at home

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Very Thick Jujitsu home MATS Excellent

Trevor Holland

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Everything from website to ordering, delivery to installation was easy. The quality of the product is as advertised. My family of 3 study and practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and these mats make a huge difference in our self-study, having the ability to practice at home.

Stuart Jolly

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These mats were a gift for my Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor. I thought they would be larger, more like the square mats you see in kids play rooms or in home gyms. It is okay though. We will make do with the ones we have. I do appreciate them.

Warren wright

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I recently purchased the 1 5/8'' BJJ mats, and I love them. My family has been using the mats for exercise, and I am working on a mounting system for my punching bag. I love the density of the mats, and the installation was very simple. Great purchase!! Thank you!


Excelsior, MN

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Paradise, CA

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This mats are great to roll on, and very easy to assemble. . . . .I would buy them again in a heartbeat, and recommend them to anyone!


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I purchased 36 mats intending to make a 6x6 mat in our basement gym, but decided to go with a 5x6 instead. The mats are exactly what I was looking for. I had not seen a lot of people discussing the density of the mats, but they are perfect. I am 250 pounds, and can still jump rope as well as any cardio workouts without the mats giving way or being squishy. My only complaint with the mats were that some of them did not interlock perfectly with the others. I know it is trivial, but when the first 20 or so locked together with a seamless fit, I was a bit peeved when the next box I opened had small spaces at the seam where they joined. Luckily I bought more than I needed, so I was able to find a way to get them perfect. The product shipped out immediately and arrived very quickly. Overall, I am extremely happy with the investment, and will definitely purchase from Greatmats in the future!!!

Jamie Kruger

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These mats are perfect for me. I'm using the mats, at home, mainly for yoga and bodyweight workouts. I use them occasionally for bjj as well. These are great for multi-purpose usage. The surface is smooth but not slick. Textured. I have had no problems with mat burn. The pieces fit together perfectly.


Johnson City, TN

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The ordering process was easy, and the mats shipped out promptly. The quality and look of the mats were exactly what I was looking for, as a focal point my in home gym. The price for what was received was more than reasonable, if I had to do it again, I would do it the same way.

Eugene Hicks

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Delivery was quick! I bought these mats fo r my first dojo. Im very satisfied!

Steven Perrot

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I love my new mats! I wasnt expecting such high quality in puzzle mats. These mats work great for shrimping drills, rolling, workouts, etc. The mats arrived in a timely manner. I received the mats the week after I ordered them. Customer service was also very helpful when an issue came up with my billing/mailing address.

Tyler Whitley