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Customer Reviews for: Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Customer Rating:


All in all, these mats are just what I hoped for. The foam backing is extremely resistant to indentation (I have two heavily loaded shelf sets on them, and they hardly dent the mats), but they feel soft when I walk across them. They were easy to install and cutting them to fit went well. My only concerns are that there is a bit of color difference between some of the squares, and I'm still vacuuming up a lot of mats' fibers. The mats are in a basement area, so the color issue is a minimal one.


Asheville, NC

Customer Rating:


Everything is very positive. The carpet tiles exceeded our expectations, and seem very well made. The shipping was very efficient, as was the person who took my order. Very positive all around. Excellent job! take care,


Shorewood , WI

Customer Rating:


Very nice product. I am using for a house rabbit play area. I installed over my carpet (to protect my carpet from the rabbits) and it has worked great. It is not recommended to install over carpet, but it is working fine for this purpose. My bunnies love it!


Keller, TX

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Bought this carpet for our 20 x 20 trade show booth. Worked great!! Our one concern was possible tripping on the edge, but once the show/isle carpets were laid down it worked perfect. The carpet was comfortable, cleaned up easily and held up nicely to heavy traffic. It paid for itself in one show and we hope to continue using it the rest of the year. Very happy!


Princeton, MN

Customer Rating:


These carpets are a great buy. I like them because of the convenience I can place them down but if I need to remove them because of cleaning or basement getting wet I can pick them up fast and easy.Nice colors to chose from and good texture for my feet.


Baltimore, MD

Customer Rating:


This product is great! We actually used the carpet tile for our two labs next to the fireplace entrance. They love it and we couldn't be happier! We bordered them with a 6x8 play yard and all the fur and sand from the outside is contained. The carpet tile vacums and cleans nicely. The service at GREATMATS was excellent and we will shop there again! Thank You!


Sioux Lookout, ON

Customer Rating:


Donice is the name of our accountant for the Whilry Girls. I am Bev Haug Schaffter, and I ordered the carpeting. Everyone was great, and your product (we used it in the past) is amazing. Thank you again for all your help and assistance. Bev Haug Schaffter, VEMerchandising, for the Whirly Girls.


Tryon, NC

Customer Rating:


Great product. Easy to install and perfect for our basement.


Farmington, MO

Customer Rating:


The carpet was easy to install, and is very comfortable to sit on, especially on a concrete basement floor. This is a great product that has surpassed our expectations.


Menomonee Falls, WI