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Customer Reviews for: Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Customer Rating:


I purchased these tiles for my basement and I exercise on them almost daily, although not aerobic exercise because even with their cushioning, my basement floor does not have enough give for jumping. Very comfortable and good-looking. I have had them only two months, so I do not know how they will hold up, but they seem to be sturdy. Customer service was also excellent, and shipping was very quick.


Alexandria, VA

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They are thicker than they appear, but that ended up being a great thing. They are more comfortable to stand on at my standing desk and I don't even need an additional fatigue mat.


Portland, OR

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Purchased this for our trade show booth - held up to the busy foot traffic and heels. The larger tiles were perfect for setup and tear down.



Customer Rating:


The mats were suppose to be all charcoal gray but when I receive them and was installing them I notice some were black. The quality was not as good as the ones I got 6 yrs ago even thou I order the exact some ones. I will not order from them again. I was very disappointed.

Jeannie Cotton

Customer Rating:


Product was as advertised. The install was extremely easy and it looks great in the basement..

John Leite

Customer Rating:


Mats are great and have had no problems.


Customer Rating:


We just put some of the carpet tiles down in our laundry / guest room. Love it!


Allyn, WA

Customer Rating:


Product was just as described and looks spectacular.


Winnipeg, MB

Customer Rating:


The tiles were pretty much exactly as advertised. Nice, soft feel under your feet. Very easy to install. We used them as part of converting a large 2 car garage into a child's rec room and they were perfect. Our only ''complaint'' is that, in one of the boxes, the tiles had all bowed up in the middle. This made them not fit as smoothly together and also caused those particular ones not to lay flat to the concrete floor. We are hoping they settle over time. But honestly, for OUR needs, this wasn't a huge issue. We will do business with you again. Thanks!


Chattanooga, TN

Customer Rating:


Easy to use. Looks great!


Parker, CO

Customer Rating:


This ended up being a great solution to finishing the floor in our basement. It gave cushioning and warmth. It was easy to install, and we like that they can be removed and replaced easily if our basement is flooded. My only complaint is that we ordered the tan color, but it almost had a rose tint to it. So it doesn't match the wall paint as well as I'd like. However, we had a nice room size rug to lay over it that just happens to bring the colors together.


Gallatin, MO

Customer Rating:


Great Carpet Tile, we used it for a trade show booth. It was quick going down and easy to pack back up after the show. The light weight and comfortable pad were major selling points for us. We spent 3 days standing on it all day long and no one complained of foot pain. We had heavy equipment that left a temporary indent in the foam. 24-36 hours after removing the equipment the foam bounced back and looked new!


LaGrange, KY

Customer Rating:


I've finally found the best carpet tiles for our trade shows: easy to install and durable!


Miami, FL 33138, FL

Customer Rating:


This is exactly what we needed. It was needed on short notice and they delivered across country. We use it in a trade show setting and it works great while saving us thousands in rented carpet costs.


San Fernando, MD

Customer Rating:


Great product that is very easy to install and work with yourself. I was amazed at how well the seams were hidden after vacuuming the carpet the first time. This was an amazing product to install over tile without having to permanently adhere the carpet to the tile or floor.


Middleport, NY

Customer Rating:


A great product! Easy and fast to assemble. Saves a lot of money as opposed to renting carpet at a trade show. Very comfortable to stand on all day. Can be used over and over which saves even more money!


Clinton township, MI

Customer Rating:


Great mats, love them a lot.


San Antonio, TX

Customer Rating:


I am very satisfied. I use these interlocking carpet mats, and they hold up very well. They are exposed to a lot of traffic and subject to the sun and the rain. If they get dirty, I just squirt them with a little cleaner and hose them down right in place. They clean up great. I hope u can see by the photos, they are in the main traffic area.


Chicago, IL

Customer Rating:


Only issue I had was a couple of my 25 tiles the color looked darker no matter which way I installed them. Other tiles I was able to turn 90 degrees and get the color overall to match. But three tiles I could not get to match.


Fullerton, CA

Customer Rating:


These tiles are exactly what I was looking for and they work just as I had hoped! The process started with me emailing a question. 2 days later I had samples in the mail. Then I ordered and the shipping was very fast. Installation was fun and easy. I did have to cut a few of the tiles to fit the room and it was a breeze. 25 tiles covered my needs in my basement recording studio. Great product and great service. Can't ask for anything more!


Duluth, MN