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Customer Reviews for: Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:


Great carpet. The 2X2 squares make it very easy to work with. Cuts easily with a sharp utility knife. The interlocking edges make for a tight, secure fit. Looks great installed. Great for do it yourselfers.



Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:


We used the Interlocking Carpet Tile at a recent trade show and were extremely pleased with the product. The floor was comfortable to stand on during our long day at the show, and the floor looked great for the whole show (we purchased dark grey).


Rogers, MN

Customer Rating:


I placed the matts in my garage a few months ago. They feel great and look great! I highly recommend them.


Redondo Beach, CA

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Customer Rating:


After looking for quite some time to fine a carpet to put in the basement to complete my sons bedroom in the basement, These mats were what we decided. I installed them myself, very easy to install. Cutting a straight line was not good for me, I probably should have drew a line on the mat before cutting, they were easy to cut. We love the mat carpet it has a nice thickness that makes walking in his room heaven compared to the concrete or the old carpet with padding that was in there before. My teenage son loves the carpet tiles, the color, the thickness, and the softness. The price was great for them too. I hope to save up enough money to buy more to replace the old carpet in the basement living room area. I bought a few each tiles just in case I messed up on cutting them, which I did not, so a used them in the laundry room area in the basement, made a path into the room to the washer and dryer and in front of the them too, I don't mind walking down into the basement to do laundry now. These are wonderful tiles, extremely glad I found them and bought them. I am adding a photo of the room right after I finished installing the tiles, sorry the ceiling was not complete at that time.


Parkridge, IL

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We had a basement flood, and replace the carpet tiles in a back room with these interlocking mats. They look and feel great. I thought the surface would be more berber-like, but the felt-like carpet surface is fine. Even with cutting pieces to fit in a closet and at wall edges, it took maybe 3 hours to do the whole job in a 14' x 11' space., and that included fitting pieces under an existing model railroad table legs, lifting the legs, etc. No glue, no mess. Very happy with the results for the price at this point.


Manassas, VA

Customer Rating:


Great carpet tiles. Easy to install and great to walk on, good price too.



Customer Rating:


Product Arrived on time. Packaging is sturdy and reusable. Installation was fairly simple. Product performed well as expected.


Oakville, ON

Customer Rating:


Great product. Looks good at tradeshow, sturdy surface, reusable



Customer Rating:


It's great. Wish you sold a hard plastic box price with it or as an option. The box it comes in tears up after three tradeshows. But great price.


Ontario, CA

Customer Rating:


Shipping was very fast and the carpet tiles were better than I expected. They went down easy and I finished my room in the same day. They have turned a cold basement floor (and room) into a warm place to relax. I didn't have a lot of money to spend but these were well worth the cost. If you are on a limited budget and need something to warm up and soften a cold hard basement floor, these are perfect.


Lorton, VA

Customer Rating:


We are very happy with our purchase. The order came in very timely. Carpet tiles are softer and were easier to put down than we anticipated. I would suggest Greatmats and this product to friends and family.


Clifton Heights, PA

Customer Rating:


The carpet tiles I purchased made a Huge difference in the look and "feel" of my Art Show Booth. It added the finish to my booth that I have been looking for. I use the carpeted panels for my back drop and with the carpet tiles - it really looked pulled together -- the colors coordinated perfectly. Many of my customers and many of the vendors made positive comments with the vendors asking where to purchase. The tiles were especially what I was looking for -- no rug to roll out or up or lug around or tape down, etc. And the cushioning made a huge difference for me - standing in my booth on concrete for a 3-day weekend. The price is very reasonable, the No Shipping Charge is an added bonus and the tiles were shipped right away with no hassle. Thanks Great Mats for a terrific product and great service.


Knoxville, TN

Customer Rating:


I put this product down in my basement entertainment room. It is awesome!!!! The carpet is nice. The padding is very comfortable - more comfortable than regular carpet with padding! The only down side is that you will notice any pieces that are not installed in the proper direction (because of the carpet fabric direction) - this makes it difficult to utilize cut pieces on opposite sides of a room or where you might fit extra pieces (hence a bit more waste). I used them anyway and it was hardly noticable - it allowed me to keep me a few extra full pieces for spares. The puzzle seams are barely noticable, and the overall appearance is very nice almost like regular carpet tiles. I give this stuff "two thumbs up"!!! It is a great solution for basements and lower levels!


Lino Lakes, MN

Customer Rating:


Love it! It was easier than I thought to install. Feels good to the feet!


San Antonio, TX

Customer Rating:


I used the carpet tiles on a boat in the pilot house area. It is over a diesel engine. The carpet tiles kepps the area clean, comfortabel to walk on and reduces engine noise. If you want more pictues, let me know. Chet Hiner


Glen Ellyn, IL

Customer Rating:


Great Product! Completely satisfied with the product and service! Thank you!


Sioux Lookout, ON

Customer Rating:


We used these for the first time last week at a trade show and really liked them! They provided a good amount of cushion for standing on all day and were very easy to put down and take back up.


Parker, CO