Customer Reviews for: Grappling MMA Mats 1.5 Inch

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Love,love love,my mats


Monahans, TX

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The mats were extremely well packaged and easy to assemble. As promised, all mats came with straight-edged borders on all sides. Once installed, they are well padded and look just as nice as the more expensive Swain mats I used many years ago. Grappling, tumbling, falls and light throws are all capable of being conducted on these mats, which are still firm enough to allow stand-up work, as well. The only negative to the mats is that, despite the textured surface, they are very slippery. I am told by a fellow instructor that this goes away with use. Overall, I'm very pleased by the product, the price, and the service of the company. These were recommended to me by another martial arts instructor and I would recommend them to others, as well.

Amy L

Sevierville, TN

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This is the Headquarters of the World BJJ Association in Sarasota, FL. I use 99 1 5/8" greatmats. It all started back in 2009 when I ordered my first 50 when I was renting a multi-purpose room in a community center and after upgrading 2 more times we are finally well established in a premium shopping center in the heart of Sarasota with 120 members. Thanks greatmats! Thadeu Vieira 2nd degree Black Belt World BJJ Association


Sarasota, FL

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We purchased Greatmats back in Aug 2011, for our new karate dojo, Faith Martial Arts. We are located in Colorado Springs Co. We ordered a total of 90 40 x 40 x 1-5/8" grappling mats . And the more we use them the better they feel! We here At Faith martial arts, do a lot of karate forms, stand up fighting and grappling! We absolutely love them! And plan on purchasing more in the future. Thank you Greatmats for a wonderful mat! Gina Pavicich.


Colorado Springs, CO

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Ever since I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, back in 1998, I envisioned one day being able to open my own martial arts training academy. My long time dream became a reality! Come check us out! Antelope Valley's newest training facility for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Fitness Kickboxing, and Self-Defense! ELITE Fight & Fitness Lancaster, CA


Lancaster, CA

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I used these mats for an in-home BJJ training area. The mats are high quality, the shipping was fast, and they were simple to install. Highly recommend!


Port Clinton, OH

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These mats are great. I have them in my gym and also my home gym. I teach BJJ and there perfect for ground work as well as takedowns. No mat burn either. They also do not slide around so no jammed toes.


goodlettsville, TN

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Awesome product, easy install, looks great, and perfect for mma training, will buy again soon to expand gym.


Klamath Falls, OR

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I use Greatmats MMA and Grappling mats for my professional BJJ studio in Bloomingdale IL. As a 7 time World BJJ Champion Ive trained on many martial arts and Judo surfaces around the world. I would recommend Greatmats MMA mats for any pro dojo. These mats are easy to install and they never give me rug burns like other more expensive mats on the market.


Schaumburg, IL

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We are really enjoying the new mats we installed. I expect that overtime peoples joints (ankles, knees, hips, etc) and skeleton are going to appreciate this softer surface as compared to thin carpet over concrete. Right now the mats are still a little slippery but seem to be getting a little less so. Of course, we are likely also getting use to the new feel. We clean the mats about 1 time per week with the procedure and materials recommended on you website.


Naperville, IL

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These mats are fabulous! Great value for the price. They provide stable footing & at the same time good cushioning for falls. Highly recommend purchasing them!


Marana, AZ

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Great Mats very strong and durable.


Portage La Prairie,

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Great product. Shipping was a disappointment.


prospect, KY

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I am completely satisfied with my Great Mats purchase. I teach at a local "Anytime Fitness" facility that was interested in starting a Martial Arts program. I instruct in a variety of styles including Okinawa-Te / Aiki-Jujutsu / Kodakan Judo and the floor has worked out perfectly. It allows good footwork and body movement; it has a good feel for atemi landings and ground fighting workouts. The staff was very helpful in assisting me in my final decision. I just wish I had a bigger room to utilize, I would have bought more. Thanks for your help. Osu Danny McManus

Danny G


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These mats will do for grappling, however, I will need to make a spring loaded floor for throws as it is not quite thick enough. 2 inches thick would have been preferable. I give these mats a 4 out of 5. Thank you Great Mats!


Beech Bluff, TN

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I do want to express our thanks to you and your staff for the great customer service during the purchase of our mats. Every questions was answered, samples were promptly sent, and shipping and delivery was just as expected. We LOVE them and use them often. They are easy to set up and clean. They give us the ability to use an entire room or just a portion depending on our training needs. Staff's aches and pains from sessions of DT have gone down due to the quality of your product.  Thanks Again, Stacy


Lawrence, KS

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I used your mats for a residential application. I covered a 20' x 20' play area on the concrete floor of my basement for my boys (9 and 6) to crash around on during our long Vermont winters. We love the mats for this purpose. You should consider marketing for residential applications as well. Best, Tim


Charlotte, VT

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The product arrived in good shape and very quickly after ordering. The mats are great and appear to do the job we wanted them to do. Very attractive and as advertised. I do have two suggestions: 1. Put installation instructions in with the product pointing out that the edges are not identical and thus only fit together one way. 2. Sales information needs to state that each mat comes with 4 edges creating a straight edge. If I could have saved a few dollars by deleting these edges, I would have. As it is, I have dozens of those edges and feel like it is wasteful to throw them away.


Keller, TX

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These mats are used every single day for karate, jiu jitsu, weapons, kickboxing & mma. They have been through heck so far and are still in great shape! They also cut easy for fitting around walls etc. Will order again when it's time...whenever that is!


Norfolk, VA

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Excellent product, impeccable service, The Mats are already installed in the socket University Santo Tunja , Boyaca, Colombia, students are already practicing Yoga and MMA on, very satisfied customer, Thank you! Andres Segovia Distributor Colombia South America


Miami, FL