Customer Reviews for: Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm

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I had a great experience with Great Mats and Pam from getting my questions answered, having samples sent to my house, taking my order, and the delivery on time to my Taekwondo studio. I would definitely recommend Great Mats to others.

Charles Warden

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So far, the mats look great. Shipping was slow. Suppose to get them Friday, then Monday, then Tuesday and then got them on Wednesday.

Sanders ATA Martial Arts

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I have been using these for over a month in my gym and they are working great! These are great for commercial gym use. I am very pleased so far.

A. Brown

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Solid company.


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Use them for mixed martial arts training and fitness training, these mats are great! Great Mats got them too me swiftly as well. Thank you!


Manassas, VA

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We received my mats on time as per the agreement. When we installed them we were surprised at the ease of installation AND we really liked the "edge" strips. We installed them in a 15x30 (approx.) space and had to do minimal cutting. We would have liked to have had the tapered edges for the doorways instead of the flat edges. All in all we really like the mats.

John Lambert

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This is my second time buying from them. The delivery is always within the week and their prices are very reasonable. Good quality product too.

Bounce Around

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Received product right to the door.

Duluth YMCA

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I went back and forth a few times on which mats to need . I love that great mats has the fire testing available on their website. My only complaint would be about eight of the mats ( out of 240) have black marks that resemble burn marks. We were able to use most of those for cut pieces, so it wasnt horrible.


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I have used greatmats in my martialarts school for 10 years. I have a section of mats that were only used for two years. That made it possible for us to attach the new mats with the very used mats in the school. Thanks Greatmats for an amazing product.

Lorraine TuckerReid

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these cushion tiles were easy to install and because of the green on one side tan on the other made for a nice checkerboard design , customer very happy with the out come

Z-Tech Contracting LLC

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Bought these mats for my Karate School located in Elkton Md. They offer great protection against the concrete, interlocking pieces do not come apart when moving around, and these mats are firm enough that you won?t get your foot hung up with spinning or moving across the floor. They were easy to install and very easy to cut. I think they are a great safe addition to my Karate school. Anyone wanting to come see for yourself is welcome. Great Mats

Ronnie Cimorose

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I have used GreatMats 4 times. The product is awesome the service is unreal. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs GreatMats. I will not use anybody else.

Tony McKenzie

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After receiving the mats i find out that there is only one way the mats go together. if you are doing an irregular shaped space there will be lots of waste. you can not use a part of the mat and then turn it around and use the rest of it somewhere else. I had several pieces of a 40"X40" mat that i had to cut off 8" to meet a wall and all of the rest of that mat was wasted because it cant be turned around like a lot of other mats can. If i had known this before hand i would not have purchased these for my application. these will be great if you have a large square space that doesnt have any nooks or odd walls.

HoliDog Inn Room and Groom

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Great experience

Patricia Garcia

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After completing entire ordering process, customer service then discovered there was not enough mats for my order. That left me with a decision to cx, change to a different product, or wait on backorder. I chose to wait because our color scheme was centered around color of mats. The product did not come in on the actual date I was told. It was several days later. I asked for a small sample to be sent 2nd day delivery so I could use to match mat color to trim. That was on a Wed. The sample didnt arrive until following Mon.. Anyway, the mats arrived, and are installed. They look great. So summary, I had to delay my school opening by 14 days due to miscommunication. So maybe 3 1/2 stars out of 5

Richard Link

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Ordered martial arts puzzle mats. Service was great and received them within a week. They came on freight truck and driver lowered the mats in back of my truck for me. No issues with mats after installed at dojo. Will order again in the future.


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they work great for what we need them for. i own a boxing club.

Blue Boy Boxing Club LLC

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The sales staff did a great job recommending the proper type of mats for my needs. The mats arrived on time and were easy to install. I would definitely use Great Mats again.

E Thomas

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The mats were just what we needed for our training floor. Customer Service was very helpful in getting the quantity and everything just right.

Shaolin Institute