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Customer Reviews for: Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm

Customer Rating:


Great mats...feel good, the install was a breeze. Really pleased with them. Shipping seems overly expensive though...cost 1/2 of what the mats cost...But the product itself is GREAT!


Clawson, MI

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My son is a double black belt and is working on his third. He absolutely loves the mats,inviting friends over when he is home from colege. The only problem I have is that now I can't park in the garage.


East Hardwick, VT

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Thanks to Pam for helping me. She was really helpfull all the way. The mats is really good it's perfect for what I need.The order was easy and the delivery was on time. Thank you Greatmats.


Bakerfield, CA

Customer Rating:


Great Mat! We covered our workout floor and they not only improved the look of our studio, but provides a firm, yet giving floor for rolling and light falling. Shipping was fast as well. Thank you Great Mats! Drew Serrano East Coast Training Systems


Waterbury, CT

Customer Rating:


The mats are great and work perfectly for my Dojo. Everything was delivered on time and in great condition. I highly recommend great mats for all your Dojo floors. Thank-you Sensei Ron LLoyd


dunnellon, FL

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I purchased the Martial Arts Pro 7/8-in floor mats, 36 quantity. Customer service was friendly and professional. My order was completed correctly and delivered on time. I am doing P90X and these mats are life-savers, as I have foot problems (plantarfaciitis) and am 6'5" and currently 270 lbs. They provide sufficient cushion to comfortably absorb the impact of my heavy frame on one or two feet (during plyometrics). Also, it is also easier on the hands/wrists when doing the various styles of push-ups. My daughter took two of my mats and use them in the kitchen - one near the sink, and the other near the stove - she loves them as she can stand there cooking for a long time without any foot/leg/back discomfort. I am very satisfied with both the product and the customer service. For any future mats/cushioned flooring purchases, they would be my first choice.


Ellenwood, GA

Customer Rating:


I have used these mats before and work fantastic for my entire gym. I have covered over 7000 square feet with these mats and they are wonderful. They are super easy to clean on a regular basis and fit perfectly together without any seam. Thanks great mats for a wonderful product.


Tucson, AZ

Customer Rating:


Great size, lightweight, and very manageable as a temporary floor solution. Just enough padding the eliminate worry about falling.


Mesa, AZ

Customer Rating:


They look great, love the green/brown color. the were very easy to install. We find them slippery with bare feet - that will take care and getting use to. We don't use shoes on them.


Jefferson, ME

Customer Rating:


Quality product. Easy installation.


Greer, SC

Customer Rating:


Your product was as expected; the matts that were purchased are durable, provide adequate padding and are easily able to be taken apart and stored when needed. Thank you for the expedited shipping and service your company provided. If we ever need to purchase anymore matts we will be sure to think of Great Mats first. -Officer Jason Ross


Ruston, LA

Customer Rating:


I really like these mats. For a time I used them at a dojo I rented time from, and being able to set them up and put them away quickly and easily was great. I just moved into my own permanent space and expanded my mat coverage with a semi-permanent set-up. They are so easy to work with it's fantastic. I teach historical European martial arts meaning that we are both doing take-downs and dropping/disarming weapons on these mats, and they hold up very well. They also provide a firm surface for walking on while cushioning students from the brunt of falls. These really are Great Mats!


Ottawa, ON

Customer Rating:


We only use greatmats products at Bishops. We have alot of. Classes and need a reliable floor and cage. Good stuff!


West Bridgewater, MA

Customer Rating:


We have kettlebell, kickboxing and other fitness classes several times a day and everyone wears shoes. They have held up well for the first year. The only problem we've had is that when we added additional floor space and ordered more mats, the original mats had stretched to the point that they no longer match the new ones. Hopefully, the new ones will expand to match. We would have planned our purchases better had we known that.

Timothy e

Johnston, IA

Customer Rating:


mats ordered were mats that arrived. Mats came in a timely fashion and the driver delivering was courteous and helpful. Thank you. Prof Joe Cayer


Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Customer Rating:


My experience with great mats was wonderful. Everything was done as you said it would and on time. Thank you!


Knoxville, TN

Customer Rating:


The mats were delivered on time, and were very easy to piece together. The surface is very good for our training, and everyone loves it! The price was also terrific, better than I could get through my wholesale agreement with a martial arts supply company! I would (and have) recommended your company to others who are looking for this type of flooring.


Old Orchard Beach, ME

Customer Rating:


I really like the product, I would refer this product to anyone openning an exercise studio, it gives great support to your legs and your feet. I am very happy with my product.


Aurora, OH

Customer Rating:


This is the best flooring that I've ever worked out on for aerobic exercise. My clients love it! It is very good for the feet and knees. I would definitely recommend this flooring for anyone that has an aerobic studio. Thank you so much!


Aurora, OH

Customer Rating:


I chose to purchase from great mats because I liked dealing with the great mats staff. They were professional, knew a lot about the various products and advised us on which mats would work best for our studio. They followed up the conversation with written quotes but didn't try to push the sale like other companies. They were also very helpful with our product delivery requests. We have had our new martial arts mats down for a few weeks. They look really nice and a lot of our students like them. A few of our over 45 adult students commented that their knees do not hurt when they do jump kicks and land on these mats.


Woodbury, MN