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Customer Reviews for: Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm

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We have such postive feedback from our members regarding these mats!


Fairfax, VA

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With my new location! Again Greatmats is my #1 place to outfit my gym.


Manassas, VA

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GreatMats were a pleasure to work with getting our order in place for one of our four training rooms and we love the mats. They look great and the students love them. We are looking forward to using GreatMats for the other three rooms when it is time to replace those mats, Thank you!


Greendale, WI

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Mats at USAKF NATIONAL Championships


Richmond, VA

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They're Great!


Denver, CO

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They're very functional. I hold my own tournaments in the building now instead of having to haul everything to the high school, which is really nice.


Boscabel, WI

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This is master Yu from Yusabu Taekwondo School. I bought it a few months ago. I satisfied with it. It's very cheap than other companies products. and nice and clean. But one major drawback is very soft and can be slippery. Finally when I put chair or something on it the mats leaves mark and scratch behind so easily.


Alphratta, GA

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We love these mats and gladly give them and greatmats 5 stars! Our previous flooring was long overdue for replacement. The school therapists did lots of research on the best flooring to put in our preschool's physical therapy room. In terms of ease of care, resistance to wear, protection and cushion provided, the Martial Arts Mats seemed to be the best tile out there to fill all our needs. We ordered 64 red/blue. A few came damaged, but GreatMats customer service was outstanding in resolving our issue. They sent replacement tiles for those that were damaged and we repurposed the damaged tiles to create a set of climbing stairs to our foam pit. The floor and the stairs look great, and have met our needs beautifully. Thank you greatmats and David (our customer service representative) for the great service!


North Syracuse, NY

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Important for our vast array of weapon and floor training as well as our special needs students. i.e. elderly, autism, oncology and those prone to falling. Your affordability was a pivotal component to our decision, as we have over 10,000 square feet to cover.


Miami, FL

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Great puzzle mats, they work perfect for commercial gym use.


moriarty, NM

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Thanks Greatmats for an amazing product. We have used our mats at our martial arts school for 10 years.


Richland, WA

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Great product easy to install, happy customer!


Summit, NJ

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good product! Easy to put down and pick up. easy to clean.


North Charleston, SC

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LOVE LOVE LOVE our new mats!


Troy, MO

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Ryoshin-Kan Karate School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is very happy with the Pro Sport Foam Tile red/blu mats the we ordered from Greatmats Company. They were very easy to install. Our Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team and Ryoshin-Kan Karate School Students love the new awesome floor.


Virginia Beach, VA

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Church nursery flooring


San Angelo, TX

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Purchased 3 years ago

Michael E

Amarilo, TX

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Use them for mixed martial arts training and fitness training, these mats are great! Great Mats got them too me swiftly as well. Thank you!


Manassas, VA

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First, Ive used several different products for TKD flooring. In my opinion, the current product is defficient. Yes it is softer. No, it is not easier to clean. It does not have the same durability as the previous TKD flooring product. It has the same cut pattern and will connect at first install, but the newer product as we are reviewing it xpands at a faster rate than than it's forerunner. Unfortunately, our supplier has discontinued the better product. After 2 decades of using these products, I am convinced that I will have to find out who manufactured the original basket weave TKD flooring I have. I cant in good consience purchase any more of this product. It is inferior. I do not recommend it for anything. It stretches and bubbles too fast. This had to be trimmed after the fist ear of use. The previous model lasted more than ten years and never had to be trimmed. It was firmer, sturdier and overall a better product. WILL NOT PURCHASE EVER AGAIN. Just look at the bubbles in the pics.


Redmond, OR

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Thank you for a great product!! All my clients love the mats!


Portland, ME