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Customer Reviews for: Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm

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Great service and quick delivery!

Colorado Kung Fu Academy

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Purchased 3 years ago

Michael E

Amarilo, TX

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Use them for mixed martial arts training and fitness training, these mats are great! Great Mats got them too me swiftly as well. Thank you!


Manassas, VA

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Thank you for a great product!! All my clients love the mats!


Portland, ME

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We use the puzzle mats (7/8 inch) for demos. We take them to different venues and put them down and do our martial arts demo. Helps save the feet. I would not hesitate to use greatmats for a dojo but would buy thicker ones than we got for a permanent floor especially if you do throws. Good product!


Pittsville, WI

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Great quality product! Great customer service, had a township inspector issue and needed paperwork, they emailed it to me in less than 15 minutes! Will most definitely order again.

Leslie D

Plainsboro, NJ

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great product, was easy to assemble and looks great with our color scheme. It is over a cement and parquet floor and it is still super comfortable to walk, sit or fall on. You made opening my school affordable!!!

Caitlin E

Eau Claire, MI

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love the mats, the ease of use, the support they provide - very pleased.


New Town, OH

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I purchased the Pro Sport 7/8 Inch Foam Tile (Gray/Black) for my new Chinese Martial Arts Studio (Pacific Northwest Martial Arts Academy - PNMAA) location. The product arrived without any damage, was very uniform, and was easy to install. My daughter and I installed the flooring all in one day. The product was easy to trim/cut. My daughter had a great idea for using the edging that we discarded. She constructed 7 mats using these end pieces, held together with duct tape, and we use these mats in the gymnastics and kids parkour classes. If we were to purchase similar sized mats on-line, we would have had to pay $75 each. Not only did my daughter's innovation save us money for not having to purchase additional mats, she also saved my studio money for not taking the extra pieces to the landfill! We have had martial arts classes, gymnastics classes, parkour classes, and cheer tumbling classes so far since our grand opening on September 3rd, 2015. The mats are durable, strong, and easy to clean. I am very pleased with this product and the company that stands behind what they sell. Thanks, Great Mats!!!'' --Jeannette


Mount Vernon, WA

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These mats are perfect! They are firm enough for stand-up and bag work, but soft enough to be comfortable on bare feet. They also work well for rolling and falling. I would recommend something thicker for take-downs, but in our bag-room, they are perfect. They installed super quick easy; we just laid them down before class one day. We bought 36 to cover an approximately 30 sq ft area. I had to trim nine to fit the width of the room. I marked it with a utility knife and then cut through more quickly with a saber saw. I had no issues. We have used the room for about a month now, at least two high-intensity classes per week training MMA. We typically have 4-10 people working out each class. It has been perfect for our needs; and looks great!


Memphis, TN

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Love my 2nd basement gym even more than the first thanks to my Pro Sport 7/8 inch foam floor by Great Mats. Staff was very accommodating with my shipping requests. Floor went in on a Sunday afternoon with no tile defects. I'd highly recommend these mats for cardiovascular or MMA workouts.


Lakewood, CO

Customer Rating:


Outstanding product. My second purchase from this company and they have been everything you could hope for, kind and friendly with a great product to boot. I have every amount of confidence you will share my same views of Greatmats, you have nothing to loose.

Jeffrey Louis

Houston, TX

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Mats arrived quickly and were in great condition. This has been my 3rd purchase in the last 7 years. With a traffic of roughly 100 people per day the mats hold up really well even with people wearing sneakers. Very happy customer.


Ho Ho Kus, NJ

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I couldn't be more pleased with Greatmats, or our Rep. Pam! She was very patient with us making sure we had the best product to match our existing Tiles purchased from Greatmats over a year ago. We were able to incorporate new into the existing type of tiles that were previously discontinued. We received the perfect sample to make sure our new product was going to work. Our students are excited with the new flooring and we are stoked about the fit and look. Thanks Greatmats!


Redmond, OR

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Love these mats for boxing related classes. Not my first order, not my last.

Jeffrey Lee

Tupelo, MS

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I love the mats they are very practical and sufficient iam glad I called



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Person at order desk was very knowledgeable and helpful. The mats were easy to install. We put them to unconventional use -- on the walls of several horse stalls to help prevent horses that tend to kick, from sustaining injuries. The mats work very nicely for this purpose.



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I love the mats! They were really easy to install, they're easy to clean, and my dogs absolutely love the cushion beneath their paws! The mats are great! :)


Wheeling , WV

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Excellent Product! I did a lot of research and found this mat before I purchased this mat. I am glad I did.

Robert L

Christiansburg, VA

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The mats are great..... they are definitely cut more accurate than other puzzle mats I have had in the past. Attached is a few photos....Once the mirrors are installed I'll send more.... Tina was great to work with...thanks!


Vernon, NJ