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Customer Reviews for: Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack

Customer Rating:


The mats are perfect for the playroom I'm designing for my toddler and pre-school aged grand children. I love the bright colors and like the idea that the kids are less likely to hurt themselves if they trip and take a tumble. The price was right and I received them in record time.


Springfield, IL

Customer Rating:


The mats are perfect for my needs; lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to clean. Great product.


Westwood, MA

Customer Rating:


I bought the foam mats for my kindergarten class. They are wonderful and the perfect size for the children. The children enjoy sitting on them. They are spacious and comfortable.


Palos Hills, IL

Customer Rating:


Exactly what I wanted, thank you.


Atlanta, GA

Customer Rating:


Excellent quality, well pleased with this order.


Branford, FL

Customer Rating:


I am very happy with the Foam Mats that I purchased! The thickness & quality are wonderful. I run a In Home Day Care and the Kids love them too, great for learning Colors too! I appreciate the Fast Service/Delivery as well.


Elyria, OH

Customer Rating:


They arrived very fast, and were easy to put together.....good quality, and very colorful! One mat had a gouge in it, and when I called about it, a replacement was sent immediately, without the hassle of having to send the damaged one back....I really appreciated that!


St Paris, OH

Customer Rating:


I first bought these to use at our library. Needed something for children to sit upon when sitting on the floor. We liked these mats so much, we had to order 2 more packages.


Wixom, MI

Customer Rating:


Very nice mats. Placed them on cement to help protect grandson and they worked just as expected.


Altoona, PA

Customer Rating:


I got them for my one year old grandson. they seem to be just what my daughter whated.


Greer, SC

Customer Rating:


Nice and big. Perfect for what we use them for--infant and toddler Sunday School. Also, we received them very fast. Much appreciated.


Buda, TX

Customer Rating:


Mats were perfect for what we needed. We needed something lightweight for children and adults to use to sit on a carpeted area, in the library, when the weather was snowy or rainy. Great for keeping dry!


Wixom, MI

Customer Rating:


We like them very much, but do to my great math skills (ha) we did not get enough. We intend to purchase another set to complete the basement.


House Springs, MO

Customer Rating:


i am very satisfied with this product ... i just put new wood floors in my home and the several pieces of gym equipment that i have are able to be used while still protecting my investment. You can say that your product is helping to save my home. If you have any other products you would like me to try and then give an honest appraisal on let me know,


vail, AZ

Customer Rating:


we love them. they are laid in the laundry area in our basement. makes laundry a little brighter and it also makes for a clean foor.


Morton, IL

Customer Rating:


I use these to cover the floor in my kids' room. It adds just the splash of color we wanted while keeping the wood floors free of scratches and softer under foot.


Washington, DC

Customer Rating:


Right price. Great bright colors. Perfect of my needs. I just wish they came with the borders


San Mateo, CA

Customer Rating:


I use these mats in my woodworking shop so that I do not have to stand on the concrete floor. They interlock tightly and are holding up to the abuse very well. Defiantly well worth the price.


Pickens, SC

Customer Rating:


I purchased these mats for my 7 month old daughter to have a place to play, roll and crawl. She loves them and so do we! They are durrable yet soft so if she falls she doesn't hurt herself. We have tile all downstairs, and these are so great to cover a large area for her to play on. Great purchase!


Metairie, LA

Customer Rating:


I have been using the Children's mats as my workout room mat. I have laminate flooring and doing cardio and weight training workout was uncomfortable, because the floor was very slippery and hard. I bought a few packages of these mats and covered my floor and I love my workouts even more. I think the thickness of this mat is enough to provide nice cushioning for workouts, I would actually feel wobbly if the mat was thicker. I actually prefer to do the workouts in barefoot now. The mat is made out of the material that is used in training and running shoe cushioning. I have been using these mats for about a month now. I noticed that if I do a lot of crazy feet exercises, when you change direction quickly, it could strain the connection joints. I am wondering how long the joints will last, but it is a minor issue. If you can live with the very bright basic colors, then I would highly recommend these mats.


Los Alamos, NM