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Customer Reviews for: Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack

Customer Rating:


I use the mats to block my knitted shawls after washing. Some of the shawls are quite large, and I have to use 6-8 mats for blocking each one. These mats are very suitable for my purpose as I can put them away when the shawls have dried. Because they are foam, the pins that hold the shawls in shape stay in place. They probably won't get dirty the way I use them, but I expect they'll be very easy to clean if needed.


Oakland, CA

Customer Rating:


Great price, fast shipping and the best part of all is that the product had no chemical type smell whatsoever. I was fully prepared to air it out for a week or so, but that wasn't at all necessary.


Telford, PA

Customer Rating:


Everyone loved the colors of the mats. They only mentioned thhat I installed them upside down( smooth side up). But it will be simply to flip them over.


Parma, OH

Customer Rating:


Great product. Great service. It doesn't get any better. A huge thank you.

Debra DiMattia

Niantic, CT

Customer Rating:


These are fantastic! Best prices I could find and outstanding quality. Shipping was also much faster than expected.


Onalaska, WI

Customer Rating:


Excellent quality....fair price!

Chris Melissa

Ukiah, CA

Customer Rating:


Good quality


Mission Viejo, CA

Customer Rating:


excellent product easy to clean fast shipment even on holidays

Alberto C

Lakewood, CA

Customer Rating:


I ordered 6 sets of the colored mats for my kids play room. They work wonderfully!!! I love how thick & bright they are, and they are super easy to clean, just mop them or if you have a big spill take them outside & hose them down! As a bonus the price was great too!!


Albuquerque, NM

Customer Rating:


Great product, robust and comfort, my kid really loves it.


Beavercreek, OH

Customer Rating:


I love these mats. Wished I had of gotton 2 more pairs last time I ordered. I use them to go around or infront of furniture, hearth, and doors ways for my 1yr great granddaughter. They make my life so much easier not having to worry about her hitting her head on corners. When the older kids come over they love the boxes and turnels I make for them out of all the mats. They love to play in them and build their house with them!


Lubbock, TX

Customer Rating:


This mats are great. I had some that I used for my son when he was in the hospital to have a safe clean place to play in his room. They were great. I bought a couple sets to donate to the hospital and they use them for other kids to have a spot in their room that they can play. They are easy to wipe down and disinfect and are soft. Love them!


Santa Maria, CA

Customer Rating:


I actually use them for protection and as a cushion to kneel on during my construction projects, they work great.



Customer Rating:


Great product and very good price! I layed these mats down on my outdoor patio for my child daycare. I am very happy and they are safe!


Santa Clara, CA

Customer Rating:


Perfect fit and price! We love these mats!


Phoenix, AZ

Customer Rating:


I teach first grade and these are in my library. They are awesome. Very colorful and comfortable.


Graham, NC

Customer Rating:


These mats are colorful and perfect for a playroom. I really like the size and brightness. The only flaw is that they are easily marked up if something heavy is pulled across them.


Boulder, CO

Customer Rating:


The mats are great for our play activities for the 2-7 year olds in our play groups here at a local health department. Excellent quality and the kids love them.



Customer Rating:


The entire transaction went smoothly and I am pleased with the product. I have tile and wood floors and use the mats to form a path in my house for walking exercise. The cushioning is enough that I can walk continuously barefoot for over an hour a day and not have my feet hurt or blistered. The mats are easily manipulated to form a walking path that fits my home. (I am 71 yrs. old and this exercise is important to my health.) I do have to place them in such a way that they will not slip a little as I walk. (I could attach the rubberized runners (that prevent carpet slippage) to the bottom of the cushions and that would work, too.) They are easily picked up in sections when I am finished walking each day.


Las Vegas, NV

Customer Rating:


Great product! Nice & soft for my students to sit on. Will be easy to keep clean too!


Frisco, TX