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Customer Reviews for: Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack

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I am so happy with my purchase.. It's so good, colorful, easy to install and easy to clean. And the most important thing, my daughter loves them a lot. She is 11 months old and the one who doesn't want to crawl much but she loves these mats so much that she crawl all the time.. Earlier I ordered 4 pack and was satisfied so ordered another 4 pack.. Thanks a lot for such a good product!!


West New York, NJ

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great product, colorful, easy to install and my husband loves it


West New York, NJ

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We bought 4 packs at first to try them, my husband loves them and the kid doesn't get hurt, so I'm pretty happy. After a cupple of weeks we ordered 4 more packs :) easy to put together and I like the colors.


West New York, NJ

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Love these mats. Good quality . My grandsons love changing the way the mats are set up ,They use their imagination to shape them as robots. Nice vibrant colors. Easily moved from area to area. I use these mats around the house for play areas for my grandsons (ages 3y & 18 months). Quick delivery. Excellent product & company.


Coral Springs, FL

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Purchased these to cover an area of our patio that our littles to play on. It was easy to install, can quickly be pulled up when rain is forecast, and is easy to clean if something gets spilled. It has been just perfect protection when the new walkers tip over or fall off of a small play structure! Great product! Great price!


Santa Barbara, CA

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Great foam tile product, easy to install.


Philadelphia, PA

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Really happy with the purchase! Product was easy to order and customer service was very helpful/friendly. The foam mats provide enough cushion on our carpet for a 7 month old learning to stand who is constantly falling. Like the different colors as it's perfect for babies/toddlers to keep them entertained.


South Pasadena, CA

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I purchase the mats so my granddaughter would have a safe surface to play on when she was on the deck. We love them!! They are easy to rearrange and clean. Not to mention how durable the are. I will definitely purchase more.


Islandia, NY

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I ordered these mats to use in my basement to practice obedience training with small dogs. They are working out just fine. I probably would not use them for larger, heavier dogs when I get to the open and/or utility level, but they should work just fine for the smaller dogs for a long period of time. The fact that they are movable, washable and can be vacuumed meets my needs.

Carla W.

South Yarmouth, MA

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great mats grandson loves them


brea, CA

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We made this purchase to provide some cushion under our grandchildren's glider. It provided the confidence needed that if a fall took place, there'd be something soft to land on. The unexpected surprise....Our granddaughter is quite an active sleeper, we'll hear thumps upon the walls. So, we were able to use them to soften the thumps. We used the removable hooks and some self made latches to hold the squares in place. Thank you for this great product.


Omaha, NE

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We are very happy with our mat so far. We got 11 packages to fill the play room for. The color is holding and there are no scratches like the cheaper brand we bought before. I wish it would have been a little bit cheaper though.


Evans, GA

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Great Product!



Customer Rating:


Product is an excellent addition to the play room, and , well made


Centereach, NY

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Great service, fast shipping, no problems!


Youngsville, LA

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I purchased 6 4-packs of these for camping. The first time we used them was when scouts were over and it was pouring rain. We made a mat on the garage floor for a free-standing tent as one of the kids was afraid to sleep outside. The next time was for under a tent at a state park when the tent site had stones and roots. These mats seem pretty durable. They make a nice shoe mat for outside our large family tent as well. I chose these mats after seeing an ad for camping mats that cost over twice as much. They're not camo, but do I really care?



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fast service, priced excellent, quality a+, great mats just so pleased

Jamie McKissick

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The mats are great. Easy to install, easy to clean, and most of all, they look beautiful.


Wilmington, NC

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Try these colorful children play room mats from Greatmats, they will love them.

Rio Tec / Jose Ornelas

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Arrived super fast! Colorful for the kids and perfect for my home daycare! Didnt have funny chemical smell and are soft. Will use this company again for sure!!

Caitlyn Cunha