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Options for Outdoor Wall Padding and Fence Padding

At Greatmats, we offer outdoor wall padding and fence padding that can be hung sturdily in almost any location at your outdoor athletic field. Some people even use the pads at track ovals or daycares for outdoor playground wall padding. 

The pads are suitable for use in all climates, and they can withstand rain. You have multiple options for anchoring and hanging them, too, giving them excellent versatility.

Types of Outdoor Wall Padding

Our outdoor sports padding has a thick foam interior section inside a durable vinyl cover to help the foam maintain its shape and protect it from the elements, allowing it to retain its pliability and cushioning bounce-back. The types we offer include:
  • Exterior Wall Padding: Place these rectangular pads over the top of solid concrete or wood walls.
  • Outdoor Fence Padding: Place these rectangular pads over chain link fences using bolt and plate brackets.
  • Pole Padding: In areas with columns or posts, like a football goal post, a volleyball net post, or a basket standard post, these pads wrap around the posts securely.

Features and Benefits of Outdoor Wall Padding

Choosing to install these outdoor fence padding panels brings a series of benefits for your facility and for your players, whether you need pads on a baseball outfield fence, at the end of a track and field sprinter lane, or somewhere in between. We have products that work as soccer and football stadium wall padding. They also are perfect as baseball and softball backstop padding.
  • Safety: When players are running at top speed while chasing a ball in the outfield or trying as hard as they can to reach a pass, they can’t always stop themselves in time to avoid a nasty collision with a wall or post, so our padding keeps them safe.
  • Weather Resistant: The tough vinyl exterior on our padding keeps rain and snow away from the foam on the interior, meaning you can leave it hanging in place most of the year unless temperatures will be at minus-20 or lower. The vinyl also resists sun fading from UV rays.
  • Customization: If you need an odd size of padding, or if you want your team graphics printed on a particular color of vinyl to add to the fun atmosphere at your stadium, we can deliver whatever custom needs you have.

Outdoor Wall Padding Q&A

Where can you find baseball wall pads?

Regardless of whether you have chain link fences or solid walls at your baseball or softball field, you can find baseball wall padding from Greatmats. We have pads that protect players who may slam into the wall chasing a ball. We have numerous products that are customizable in terms of height, color, and applied graphics for the perfect look at your baseball field.

How do you use fence padding on chain link fences?

Our Outdoor Sports Wall Padding for Chain Links is crafted from poly foam to give athletes maximum shock absorption. Chain link fence padding is usually attached by bolts that are screwed into threaded washer inserts with round backing plates. The washers and screws are both made of stainless steel to resist corrosion.

How are grommets used in outdoor wall padding?

For a truly durable and versatile adhesive wall pad, try our Wall Padding Outdoor Safety Padding with Grommets. They include a 1-1/2 inch vinyl flap with #2 stainless steel grommets every 12 inches at the top and bottom of the pad. The pad is attached to the fence with 14 inch nylon ties, 50 lb break. Attach to walls using concrete anchors. 

How are Z clips used in outdoor wall padding?

If you're working with wooden or concrete walls, our Field Wall Padding With Z Clips is the answer. These feature Z clip mounting hardware for installations, this innovative hanging system simplifies installation on solid walls without causing unnecessary damage.