Judo Puzzle Mats for Home and Dojo - Tatami

Judo Tatami Puzzle Mat Options for Home and Dojo Video

Greatmats has an extensive selection of Jiu Jitsu and Judo Mats that provide safe, sanitary and comfortable surfaces to train and compete on. All of our options feature waterproof surfaces that are easy to sanitize.

Our Judo and Jiu Jitsu mats range from interlocking tatami puzzle mats to roll out mats or folding mats and crash mats. Crash mats, rollout and folding mats all feature vinyl covers over foam cores while tatami puzzle mats have a EVA foam core and surface.

A vinyl covered judo mat or jiu jitsu mat will have either a grippy tatami surface or a smooth surface that is easier on the skin. To fully prevent skin burns, take a look at our puzzle mats with a no-burn tatami surface.

Our Judo and Jiu Jitsu mats range from 2x2 feet to 6 feet wide and custom lengths and all are at least 1.25 inches thick to provide proper impact absorption for falls and throws. For extra cushion and fall protection, we also offer foam underlayment rolls.

At Greatmats you'll find free samples, free price quotes, live knowledge customer service and the guaranteed lowest prices on professional quality products.

Let our friendly and knowledgeable sales team direct you to the best solution for your judo training and competition spaces.
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