What Is The Lifespan Of Interlocking Foam Tiles?

By Paige Cerulli Created: December, 2022

Interlocking foam tiles are a versatile and popular flooring choice. Whether you’re looking for flooring for a kids’ playroom, a school, or an exercise room, chances are that you’re considering foam tiles. Whenever you buy flooring, it’s important to understand how durable it is and how long you can expect it to last. Here’s what to know about interlocking foam tiles.

How Long Do Interlocking Foam Tiles Last?

It’s important to understand that there are many different types of interlocking foam tiles, and they can vary in quality, performance, and durability. How long a tile will last will depend on the specific tile, how it’s used, and how well you care for it.

Most interlocking foam tiles have a one-year warranty, but they can last for more than a decade when they’re properly cared for. You’ll also find that some specialty tiles, particularly those intended for athletic use, have longer warranties.

To maximize the lifespan of your tiles, it’s important to start by choosing tiles that are appropriate for how you plan to use them. For example, if you’re looking for flooring for a martial arts facility, then you will need to choose a commercial tile that’s designed to withstand the increased traffic and use that the flooring will see in that type of setting.

foam interlocking tiles for martial arts

Troy of Stockbridge TKD Academy speaks about their 16-year-old Martial Arts Premium Karate Mats, “They made it 16 years, and we didn’t even have to flip them over,” Troy said. “The only time we flipped them over was just to change the color of the sparring ring. … You can find (puzzle mats) anywhere, but to find them durable enough to last… nothing lasts 16 years anymore. It’s almost impossible to find anything that’s going to last 5 years, let alone 16.”

interlocking foam puzzle mats for taekwondo

Similarly, if you’re looking for tiles to install in a basement that has some moisture issues, then you’ll need to choose a tile that is waterproof. A tile that absorbs moisture will be prone to developing mold and mildew, and you will likely have to throw it out if your basement leaks or floods.

It’s also important to consider whether you will need to put furniture on top of the tiles. Some tiles are designed to withstand that weight, while other tiles will be damaged by the weight of furniture and may need to be replaced.

Consider whether you will be repeatedly removing the tiles, too. Some tiles are designed specifically to withstand repeated removals and re-installations, and they tend to feature highly durable interlocks.

interlocking foam tiles for grappling mma

Alternatively, some tiles are intended to be installed and left in place long-term. Using these tiles for repeated installations could result in damage to the interlocks, and will shorten the useful life of your flooring.

Proper installation plays a role in the lifespan of your tiles. Start by reading the installation instructions provided for your tiles.

You may need to leave gaps at the edges of your flooring (where it meets the walls), allowing the flooring to expand and contract with changing temperatures. The manufacturer will provide details on proper installation technique, including how to cut foam tiles without damaging them.

Be sure to also care for your interlocking foam tiles, too. Take the time to thoroughly read any care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Depending on the tiles, you may be able to sweep them, damp mop them, or even vacuum them, but only use the cleaning methods approved by the manufacturer. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to try any cleaning method on a small, inconspicuous area of the flooring to confirm that it doesn’t damage the product.

Additional Benefits of Interlocking Foam Tiles

Not only are interlocking foam tiles and mats durable, they offer many other benefits, too. EVA foam mats create a soft surface that can make a room more welcoming, comfortable, and even safer.

These tiles can help to absorb the impact of a fall, making them ideal for spaces used by kids. They can also help to relieve fatigue and minimize the impact on joints, keeping staff more comfortable when they spend long hours on their feet.

At Greatmats, we offer a wide selection of interlocking foam tiles. These include thinner tiles suitable for kids’ rooms, all the way up to the extra thick mats needed for MMA facilities.

These mats also include special features, like waterproof designs that make it easy to clean up spills. Many of our MMA mats have a no-burn texture that helps to prevent skin burns, ideal for groundwork.

interlocking foam mats for kids areas

You’ll find that interlocking foam tiles are highly versatile. Many can be installed directly over a hard surface, like wood, and you can even lay the tiles over carpet. Some tiles can be briefly used outdoors.

Thanks to the puzzle-style edges, these tiles are easy to install, and can often be removed and reinstalled again as needed. They’re lightweight and easy to transport and store.

You can cut foam tiles to fit a room using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Many of our tiles are also available with edge pieces for a clean, finished edge.

Whether you’re looking for interlocking foam tiles for your home or for your martial arts studio, you’ll have plenty of products to choose from at Greatmats. Our customer service team is happy to help you determine which product is best for your needs.