Commercial Dance Studio Flooring

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Commercial dance studio flooring delivers the quality and durability required to give dance students a safe and responsive type of floor.

Whether customers need a flooring installation they can use for practices or performances, Greatmats has the proper products. Our dance studio flooring consists of the highest quality material, delivered at a reasonable cost per square foot of coverage.

How Customers Use Our Commercial Dance Studio Flooring

Although vinyl marley dance floors paired with comfortable dance subfloors are common selections for our customers, we offer a few other types of dance flooring options to fit our customers’ specific use cases.
  • Portable Dance Floors: Even in a studio setting, you may have the need for a DIY dance studio flooring system. The studio dance instructors then could take the portable floor to the location of a performance and easily do the flooring setup themselves.
  • High Performance Commercial Dance Studio Flooring: To keep dancers safe as they practice, you may need the best quality of slip resistant commercial flooring for several types of dance.
  • Performance-Quality Dance Studio Flooring: Some customers want to use one floor for practices and another specifically designed floor for performances. Some customers prefer a no-glare dance floor roll for performances, so audience members don’t have to worry about glare from theater lights.
  • Commercial Dance Studio Subflooring: Some customers need sprung dance floors or cushioned dance subflooring underneath the roll of marley flooring to provide bounce and spring for the dancers.
  • Commercial Studio Tap Dance Flooring: Studios that offer one-on-one tap classes or small group tap classes may want to use interlocking tap dance floor tiles to give dancers a realistic sound feedback during practice. We offer tap dance floor kits that are easy to assemble and that have a high-quality wood grain finish.

Commercial Dance Studio Flooring Thickness Options

Marley dance flooring rolls consisting of vinyl are available in multiple thicknesses. Thicker marley will have extra durability and will be more resistant to punctures than thinner marley.

However, thinner marley is easier to carry because it weighs less. Commonly available thickness measurements include:
  • 1.2 mm
  • 1.5 mm
  • 2 mm
  • 2.3 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 3.5 mm

For comparison, 1 mm is equal to about 0.04 inches.