Can Carpet Tiles Be Used As A Rug?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: August, 2021 - Modified: August, 2021

Carpet tiles can be used for multiple purposes, from serving as a full flooring solution to piecing some together to make an attractive, durable rug.

A will likely be much easier to clean and maintain than a traditional area rug will, as carpet tiles are made to endure high traffic, heavy furniture, regular use, and more. Depending on the carpet tiles used, some are also designed to resist the growth of mold and mildew, resist water and moisture, and should a small section become damaged or stained, it will be easy to replace.

Of the many products available that would work to make a carpet tile rug, the following 5 are among some of the more popular choices:

These products would all work really well to create a carpet tile rug. They are durable and versatile enough to work in virtually any commercial space or area of a home. They all deliver a number of features and benefits, and they are all well liked among customers.

Royal Interlocking Carpet TileRoyal Interlocking Carpet Tile is a great product to use for a rug. It has an interlocking design for a quick and easy diy design project.

This carpet tile has a durable carpeted top that is bonded to a soft, closed foam base. It is designed to endure foot traffic, play time, pets, furniture, and more. It offers the warmth and comfort that traditional carpet offers while being removable like an area rug. Plus, it’s a lighter weight, low maintenance and waterproof alternative.

This carpet tile is also odor proof, and it delivers a comfortable, anti-fatigue and insulation value similar to traditional carpet rugs. Be sure to pay attention to the nap of the tiles as it is directional, which is also indicated on the underside of the tiles.

It’s not uncommon for this product to be used to create an outdoor rug, due to their waterproof nature. They also have been a popular replacement for heavy area rugs used for trade show display booths.

10x10 Ft Comfort Carpet Tile KitA 10x10 Ft Comfort Carpet Tile Kit is an option to consider when thinking of making a carpet tile rug. It’s a 25-piece kit that features corner, border, and center tiles, each of which are 2x2 ft and 5/8 inches thick. It’s available with ramped beveled edges, too.

These carpet tiles would work great to form a rug where anti-fatigue properties are desired. The tiles can be custom cut with a utility knife and straight edge, and they can be placed right on concrete or tile without the need for adhesive. Their interlocking design provides a continuous surface, and they are lightweight and portable, so they’re easy to take up.

Designer Impressions Interlocking Carpet TileDesigner Impressions Interlocking Carpet Tile is another option to consider if you want to make a carpet tile rug. It’s a commercial grade product that is easy to install, and each tile is only 2x2 feet, so easy to work with to make your desired size and shaped rug.

With this carpet tile, you can install it over vinyl without glue, tape, or staples. It’s another one with a simple interlocking design that delivers a surface that offers anti-fatigue and insulative value and is available in a variety of designer color options. It’s waterproof and odor proof, and it is suitable for virtually any space or place.

Designer Weave Interlocking Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit
Designer Weave Interlocking Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit is another interlocking option. It has an anti-fatigue and insulative value similar to traditional carpet, and it can be placed directly on concrete or tile without needing adhesive. There are beveled edges on all four sides.

This product is available in single tiles or several kit sizes, and there are a number of designer color options available. It’s easy to install, and it’s lightweight and portable.

Designer Pinstripe Interlocking Carpet Tile 10x10 ft KitDesigner Pinstripe Interlocking Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit also works really well if you’re looking for a product to make a removable rug. It offers anti-fatigue and insulative values like traditional carpet does, so it’s a great product to use if your rug will be in an area where you’ll be doing a lot of standing.

This product can easily be custom cut with a utility knife, and it can be placed right on concrete or tile. It comes in a variety of designer colors, it’s easy to install, lightweight, and portable.

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