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What's The Best Flyball Matting?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: May, 2021 - Modified: December, 2022

If you have dogs and you love to work with and compete with them, may be something you do or are considering doing. Any time dogs are a part of a team and race against each other through a hurdle course to a box that releases a tennis ball - for the dog to return back to the handler - the competition is exciting for spectators and great for participating dogs. If your dog does multiple relay heats, it can be hard on their feet, joints, and muscles if appropriate flooring isn’t part of the course.

The best flyball matting will cushion impact for the dogs and offer softness and resilience to make moving through the course much more comfortable. Greatmats offers 5 great flyball matting products:
  1. Interlocking Dog Agility Mats
  2. UltimatePet Artificial Grass Turf
  3. Pet Haven Artificial Grass Turf Roll
  4. Rubber & Foam Dog Agility Flooring

Each of these flyball matting options would look great and perform well for the dog and dog handler.

Interlocking Dog Agility MatsInterlocking Dog Agility Mats, as their name implies, are designed to perform as agility mats. They offer a superior level of comfort for dogs and trainers - allowing both to train longer and harder without becoming fatigued. Made of EVA foam, they protect dogs’ foot pads, nails, muscles, and joints by offering support and give. They also feature a non-slip grip top for excellent traction. Free of lead and latex, they are a safe and healthy option. These mats are waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, lightweight, portable, and super easy to install.

UltimatePet Artificial Grass TurfUltimatePet Artificial Grass Turf is a superior artificial turf product designed with pets in mind. It delivers a proprietary 100 percent permeable, non-absorbent backing that allows quick and effective drainage and prevention of odor and bacteria buildup. It will endure constant use and foot traffic, and it will keep any area - and your dog - clean and comfortable. It will not fade, as it boasts UV inhibitors, and it features a high tear resistance and stain resistant fibers.

Pet Heaven Artificial Grass Turf Roll Pet Heaven Artificial Grass Turf Roll is a top notch product that is suitable for flyball and other dog competitions. Dogs and dog handlers love this product. It has a polyethylene polymer in the stalk yarn with a pile height of ⅞ inches, which delivers a comfortable and soft surface on which to train and compete. It features a robust backing with dual layered woven polypropylene with polyurethane coating which results in a super tough and durable product. The turf looks, reacts, and feels realistic, but is a breeze to clean and maintain compared to real grass.

Greatmats - For the Best Flyball Matting

From dog friendly artificial turf to numerous types of matting, Greatmats really does offer the best selection when it comes to pet-friendly training and competition flooring solutions.

Turf is a very popular and versatile option for many indoor and outdoor applications where dogs will run, play, and train. It can withstand a lot of use and abuse, as it is designed to perform in indoor facilities and outdoor fields and training areas. There are many reasons why turf is a great choice for dog training and competition applications, and Greatmats offers the best selection, anywhere.

Foam mats are also a great option, and they can be installed virtually anywhere. Trainers and dogs alike will appreciate the soft, cushioned support they offer.

If you are ready for flyball matting and flooring, Greatmats really is your one stop shop! From the options highlighted to numerous other products available, there is a perfect solution that will fit your space and budget. Just contact the amazing Greatmats’ team, and together, you can determine which solution is the right one for your dog training or competition space.