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What is the Best Artificial Turf for a Garage?

By Kyle Schurman Created: June, 2024

Selecting the best artificial turf for a garage depends on the type of activity you want to perform in the space. If you are creating a general workout space, you want different turf than if you’re creating an area for a golf simulator.

Installing the wrong turf for a garage gym may cause premature wearing of the material or may reduce the comfort level you have during a tough workout. Low-pile thin turf for learning to putt in golf is ideal for golfing, but you wouldn’t want to do tough football workouts on that type of flooring. The golf green won’t be able to handle the stress of the football workout.

At Greatmats, we have multiple kinds of garage turf to match any plans you have for the space.

Gym or Fitness Space

artificial turf for garage

Creating a home gym in a garage is a popular layout for this indoor space. You can set it up like you want it without worrying about affecting activities and people in other areas of the home. Undertaking loud workouts with exercise equipment in the garage will limit disruptions to anyone else in the home, too. You do need your gym turf to have some padding to provide a buffer between the turf and the hard concrete garage floor.

One of the most popular artificial turfs for a garage that we offer is the Gmats V-Max Artificial Grass Turf. It has a 5 mm (1/5 of an inch) foam pad underneath the synthetic turf, delivering cushioning for tough workouts. The 3/4-inch pile height doesn’t easily show wear and tear, either.

If you have space for a longer roll of floor turf, the FlexTurf Motivate Turf Roll gives you a 35-foot length for types of workouts where you need a runway, like sled workouts. Each roll has a 5 mm vulcanized rubber base layer that yields cushioning to protect the athletes.

For maximum cushioning, trust our RageTurf UltraTiles, which measure 24x24 inches and include a 13.4 mm (1/2 of an inch) rubber backing layer. The thick rubber backing means you can do workouts with free weights without worrying about damaging the subfloor or creating excess noise.

Sports Practice Space

garage turf for gyms
You can use artificial grass to create a sports practice space in the garage that’s comfortable and safe. Maybe you want to set up a space for indoor baseball or softball workouts. You could set up a space for a football-blocking sled, too, or for soccer shooting and ball-handling practice.

For a type of artificial turf for a garage that has a high level of durability and tear resistance, you can rely on the Fit Turf Indoor Padded Artificial Turf. The 5 mm foam backing layer has a nice level of cushioning that protects athletes from overuse injuries.

If you need faux turf that provides a realistic feel for ball sports, the All Sport Artificial Grass Turf Roll is ideal for a batting cage or fielding practice area in the garage. It has a 5 mm padded layer consisting of foam, so athletes can work out for longer periods and avoid injuries.

Golf or Putting Practice Space

artificial grass for indoor
Having a golf practice area at home gives you a better chance to improve your game. You may even want to set up a golf simulator computer package in your garage. Having the right artificial turf for a garage golf practice space gives you a true ball roll for putting practice and stands up to repeated golf club swings when hitting into a net or sim screen.

Creating a putting green in your garage is easier with the Perfect Putt Artificial Grass Turf Roll. It uses a 9/16-inch pile height, which is short enough to allow the golf ball to roll smoothly. Depending on the infill you use, the Stimp meter measures 9 to 11 with this garage turf.

If you have a practice net and a golf simulator in your garage, the Standard Commercial Golf Practice Mat is an ideal choice. It offers 5x5 feet of coverage and includes a foam backing measuring 5/8 inches for comfort. This is a professional-quality golf turf mat.

Play Area Space

flooring for garage turf
Creating a safe and comfortable play space for kids and pets to enjoy in your garage on rainy days is easier with the right artificial turf for garage products. Such turf products need to be free of lead and toxins, and you can count on the safety of the materials in the turf products Greatmats selects to offer to our customers.

The GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat is a Made in the USA product with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can trust the construction quality and value you’ll receive. It offers coverage sizes of 4x6, 6x9, and 9x12 feet, so you can match the available space in your garage.

One of the most comfortable play area turfs for a garage is the Play Time Playground Turf, which has a 1.25- or 2.25-inch foam base layer that protects against falls during playtime. This Made in the USA product is completely safe for kids and pets.

Choosing the Best Artificial Turf

When you want help with selecting the best artificial turf for a garage, reach out to the trusted professionals on the Greatmats customer service team.