What Is SilverBack & ChargeGuard In Artificial Turf?

By Kyle Schurman Created: July, 2023

As you are shopping for artificial turf for use at your home or business, you may run into some terminology that’s unfamiliar. SilverBack and ChargeGuard are two such terms, which actually are brand names for key features that enhance the performance of certain types of synthetic turf.

  • SilverBack refers to a polyurethane coating that provides additional adherence between the backing on the roll and the tufts of artificial grass, ensuring a strong bind between the blades and the backing.
  • ChargeGuard refers to a technology built into the blades of synthetic grass, giving them a resistance to static electricity buildup, which is important in playgrounds where equipment could have a buildup of static.

SilverBack - How SilverBack Improves Artificial Turf Performance

SilverBack technology aims to improve the overall longevity and performance of the synthetic grass, giving you the best possible value for your purchase.

Strong Tuft Binds

The chemistry that’s part of the process of applying SilverBack to the turf ensures that the individual blades of faux grass bind to the backing tightly.

Some manufacturers may use a coating over the stitch on the back to try to ensure tight bonding. However, SilverBack’s technique coats the entire yarn system, yielding the most secure fit possible.

Pure Materials

The advanced chemistry used with SilverBack demands the purest polyurethane materials, which yields a higher level of performance than some other backing materials.

Specially Designed Application

The manufacturer developed an application system for the SilverBack product that ensures full coverage. Rather than relying on already-existing application techniques, this technique perfectly fits the SilverBack chemistry.

The application process also ensures the entire roll of turf has structural integrity, no matter from which direction the stress on the roll originates.

The SilverBack coating reduces the possibility of wrinkles appearing in the artificial grass as people use it. The coating prevents shrinkage or expansion of the turf, which can reduce its performance level and longevity.

silverback tech for artificial turf to improve longevity and performance

Download the SilverBack PDF

Better Test Results Than Average

SilverBack’s manufacturer put rolls of turf using its binding technology through testing procedures versus other manufacturers. Some of the results include:
  • 88% better tuft binds for golf turf versus other urethane-backed golf turf
  • 32% better tuft binds for landscape turf versus other urethane-bsed landscape turf
  • Less than 2.5% tuft loss per square yard over an eight-year cycle versus the industry norm of 5% tuft loss per square yard

Greatmats Products Using SilverBack

At Greatmats, we have several artificial turf rolls with SilverBack branded technology that have impressive durability. They carry a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

ChargeGuard - Reasons Using ChargeGuard Improves Artificial Turf Performance

Some people who install rolls of artificial grass in areas with low humidity may experience an increase in the static charge. When you need to reduce static charge buildup for the roll of synthetic turf, ChargeGuard’s system creates a 200% reduction in static conductivity.

Static Buildup at Playgrounds

The problem with static is especially troublesome at playgrounds with slides. As children come down the plastic or metal slide, the friction can lead to a static electricity buildup.

This buildup can transfer to the artificial turf when the child lands, potentially creating a painful shock.

Dangers of Static Electricity for Kids

Although receiving a static shock is harmless for most children, it can be painful and scary for really young kids.

Children with a hearing impairment could end up with damage to cochlear implants after a significant static electricity shock.

Kids who are on oxygen therapy also could have significant danger from static electricity sparks.

How ChargeGuard Protects Kids

After installing artificial grass with ChargeGuard at the playground, static shocks are greatly reduced. It delivers grounding properties that reduce the discharge, which is especially important in a playground setting with slides and other equipment that could generate static.

Full Coverage Application Method

Although plenty of home remedies exist on the internet for topical applications that reduce static buildup on faux turf, ChargeGuard’s application process occurs during manufacturing. It’s built into the roll of turf, rather than applied later.

With ChargeGuard built in, there’s no need for topical applications after installation, guaranteeing a greater level of coverage and reducing maintenance requirements.

The ChargeGuard application will last for the entire lifetime of the turf product.

chargeback tech for artificial turf to improve reduce static electricity

Download the ChargeGuard PDF

Greatmats Products Using ChargeGuard

At Greatmats, we offer one artificial grass product that features the ChargeGuard branded technology, which is the Play Time Artificial Grass Turf Roll that works for either an indoor or outdoor installation.

Let Greatmats Help You Find the Perfect Artificial Turf

Whether you want the impressive tuft bind strength of SilverBack or the static charge reduction capabilities of ChargeGuard, Greatmats has artificial grass products to fit your exact needs.

And if you prefer features that provide benefits in other areas, our synthetic turf experts can help you find the best option for your needs. Reach out to Greatmats today for help with your synthetic grass selection and installation.