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What Are Some Good Golf Simulator Wall Padding Options?

By Kyle Schurman Created: July, 2024

If you are creating a golf practice area at your home, you may start with simple plans to set up a driving net or small putting green. These days, though, a proper practice area involves a golf sim machine. Although selecting the right design for your simulator is important, consider adding golf simulator wall padding and ceiling padding to the area.

You don’t have to search very far on X, or TikTok to find a golf practice shot that goes wrong at home and puts a hole in the wall or ceiling. Everyone makes some odd mistakes when learning the game. Even the pros still hit a stray shot or two. Wall padding for a golf simulator machine room can protect your home, letting you practice with minimal worries.

At Greatmats, we believe foam tiles and panels are the best options for golf simulator wall padding products. They provide protection against stray golf balls without detracting from the look of the room. You can choose padded wall and ceiling products based on the ease of the DIY installation you want to tackle and on the thickness of the padding.

Foam Tiles With Adhesive

One of our most popular options for protective wall padding for a golf simulator is a set of interlocking foam pads. Firm EVA foam can absorb the impact of a golf ball strike, even one with plenty of force behind it. By using interlocking pads, should one of them suffer damage from a stray golf ball, you can simply replace it.

Thick foam pads also protect the walls and ceilings if you lose control of a golf club and it flies out of your hands in a complete accident. (After all, no one would ever throw a club in anger after a bad shot.)

Premium Foam Kids and Gym Mats

foam padding for golf simulator
Our Premium Foam Kids and Gym Mats are a good starting point for golf simulator wall padding. These pads are inexpensive and easy to install. They just pop together using puzzle edge connections. You can apply them to the wall or ceiling with adhesive. Select among multiple colors, including dark or light green, to create the perfect finishing touch for your simulator room.

One of our customers, Gene, wrote an online review of these mats: “I put the mats together to make a 4x6 pad for my golf simulator. They work perfectly. Good product.”

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile With Foam Backing

golf simulator wall padding
Another popular choice is our Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile. These tiles use interlocking puzzle edges for a tight fit. You can glue them to the walls or ceilings. Each tile has a foam backing underneath the top carpet layer that delivers protection against golf ball strikes.

One of our customers, Troy, wrote an online review of these tiles: “We used them on the walls and ceiling of a golf simulator. They worked really well with a thicker adhesive.”

Thick Foam Panels With Screws

If you would prefer thicker foam golf simulator wall padding, Greatmats has a few options that work well. Thicker pads may be more advantageous closer to the simulator screen, where a forceful ball strike is more likely to occur, while you could use thinner pads elsewhere in the room.

Discount Gym Mats

diy wall padding for golf simulator
Our Discount Gym Mats consist of folding panels that measure 1-3/8 inches in thickness and 4x8 feet in coverage size.

These mats have a soft, cushioned polyethylene foam inside a 15.5-ounce vinyl cover that resists punctures and rips, even when subjected to impact from balls or clubs.

When hanging these thicker pads on a wall or ceiling, you’ll usually use a screw and washer through the hook-and-loop connector strip. The hook-and-loop connectors on the ends then help to create a tighter connection among all the pads, so you don’t have gaps where a ball could squeeze through and hit the wall.

Safety Wall Pads

wall padding for golf simulator
Our Safety Wall Pads consist of folding panels that measure 2 inches in thickness. These pads are available in coverage sizes between 2x4 feet and 2x8 feet. You can select among more than a dozen colors in the 18-ounce vinyl covering.

These pads have a wood backing that simplifies installation. After attaching furring strips to the wall or ceiling, you can then attach the wood backing to the furring strips. You should use screws at the top and bottom of each pad to ensure a tight connection. You may need to use washers with the screws to ensure that the pad doesn't slide out of place.

Trust Greatmats for Golf Sim Wall Padding

A golf simulator allows you to work on your game whenever you want. While you don’t have to worry about a stray tree redirecting your ball when using the simulator – at least outside of what happens on the screen – you do need to worry about a stray shot banging off your ceiling or walls.

For maximum protection, trust Greatmats. We offer the best collection of padding, flooring, and mats for golf simulators. You can count on our golf simulator wall padding experts to give you multiple ideas for protecting your golf sim room with DIY products.