Customer Reviews for: Foam Mats 5/8 Premium

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Your bright orange mats really jazz-up our laundry area in the basement. They went together very well. The fit is snug and they provide firm cushioned support on our concrete floor.



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Great mats, durable (but be careful with vacuum carpet cleaner head), and great service.


Kensington, MD

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I purchased the foam mats to replace an old cardboard blocking board that I've used for years to block my handknitting. The mats offer me the flexibility to use only one or several in a large number of configurations. My first project involved a very large shawl that I was able to accommodate by a careful arrangement of the mats--worked great! Pinning into the mats is very easy, and the white color will assure no color transfer to my knit projects. They are also very lightweight and easy to store when not in use--sorry that I can't provide an installation photo, but they're in the closet and out of the way. Many thanks for an excellent product that will make my hobby much more enjoyable!


Alpharetta, GA

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Great mats. I made a play area for my boy, he loves to spend time there, he likes the colors and this mats are thickest from other brands. Each piece comes with boarders, so you can add or remove one anytime. First I bought 9 and as my boy grows I got 4 more, now I am thinking to get another 3. At summer I plan to place them outside and make a pool area for kids I think they will work just great. So they don't have to step on the grass when they will get out of the pool.


Brooklyn, NY

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Great product and quick delivery. Exceeded my expections with good value for the cost.



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The mats were order for my son who is in college to use for their workout room in the fraternity. They really like them and like the way they old up under the excessive use.


Rolling meadows, IL

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We've used the floor twice now. Once at an outdoor event and one at our Fall concert. The floor has been outstanding in both instances and very easy to setup and break down. Exactly what we needed.


Rockford, IL

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The product looks great and in fact we will be adding more of the tiles to enhance our look even further.


Arlington, TX

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We absolutely love our premium foam mats. This is the second time we have purchased from you all, and the customer service was just as good this time as the first. The mats are very durable with children and I love the color options. Thanks!!


Fort Worth, TX

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I bought these mats for my son's playpen. I'm very satisfied with the products. They are thick and have no odor. I'd buy more when I need to set up his play room in the basement. Thanks.


Millburn, NJ

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I bought these mats to start an exercise program in my basement. And I love them!! There is a lot of jumping in the exercise program and takes away from the strain on my knees and joints. The cushion prevents exercise injuries so I can stay in the game!!


Nashua, NH

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These are WONDERFUL. I am very grateful these are available. They are soft and insulated, easy to clean, and easy to work with. I have been using these for years and have been slowly increasing the space in my house that I cover my floor with these because I love them so much. I also like a white floor for the brightness it adds to the house and white flooring is hard to find. I like that if someone falls out of bed they will land on these instead of a hard floor. I like that I can wipe these clean and so can have soft insulated floor that is NOT filthy, irritating carpet. Please note that we generally take our shoes off at the door though, and this type of white mat will not last very long in a household that wears their shoes in and out a lot. I have not yet tried the other types of GREATMATS flooring that is made for tougher shoe use. Since I know I love these I have stuck with them.


Little Rock, AR

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Ordered these for my classroom. The kids love sitting on them, they're just a little big for the space I have. Hope they will hold up for years to come.


Dyersburg, TN

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Working great so far! Great customer service and prompt delivery.


Arvada, CO

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Mats were delivered within 3 days. They were placed in the church nursery and were easy to install. The colors were as bright as they looked on line and look great! We are very pleased with them.


Arnold, MO

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Easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to replace should damage occur. Safe, soft & warm to the touch, even in a cool room. We;ve had them fo rseveral years, and keep finding more spaces to put them. Great product!


Emigrant, MT

Customer Rating:


Very good product. Recommend it to family with little kids.



Customer Rating:


As advertised. Work great for exercising.


Mobridge, SD

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wonderful mats for my infant to roll all over... and clean up so easy...they also look very nice on the floor..I love them and the service is great...thank you greatmats...



Customer Rating:


They were just as expected. thank you


Shaker Heights, OH