Customer Reviews for: StayLock Tile Perforated Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


This product was easy to install. The interlocking seems sturdy and the material is robust. We installed these tiles on a lanai which had been previously a dirt floor. After leveling and installing this product, the area feels much cleaner and more welcoming.


Minneapolis, MN

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


great floor, easy to put together-we love it!


Farmington, MN

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Super product. Very convenient. Easy to install by DYI. Affordable. It perfectly fits my renovated outdoor patio of EPDM cover. I am very happy with the product & the customer support service.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


The completed installation has a professional and planned appearance. It withstood 45 mph winds the first night after installation


Blowing Rock, NC

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


These tiles are a great solution for anyone looking for flooring to put over a rubber roof. They are very easy to install and they look great. I highly recommend these.


Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We have some minor basement flooding (damp floors vs. inches of water) and I was worried that our existing 'walkways' were encouraging mold. After trying a couple, lesser quality options, I did a web search and found these. My goals were height, airflow and comfort. I am so pleased with these tiles. Unlike the earlier ones, these stay together, look nice and are comfortable to step on. And, most importantly, they allow the moisture to evaporate. I originally bought a dozen to test in a specific area but I will be buying more. Thank you!


Peabody, MA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Love the mats. These were perfect as a flooring for a kids playhouse we set up over concrete tiles. The mats make a safe, comfortable floor covering that is easy to clean. The installation was simple and quick to do for the 6'x6' area.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Perfect for our large and very windy rubber membrane roof top. It was pretty easy to DIY (we used a rubber mallet to avoid damaging our roof or our fingers) and looks fantastic for the price.


Arlington, MA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great product and it went together very easily.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Our existing deck had serious problems. To enter the study space on the second floor, the Clinic staff people had to climb up the outside concrete stairs from the Clinic, and then walk across a modified bitumen roof to the door. We paid dearly to have a wooden “platform” type “deck” built on the modified bit roof. It was terrible. The platform was taller than the top stair, and also taller than the threshold of the entrance door to the study. We were still stepping onto the bare roof at the top of the stairs, and then stepping down onto the bare roof close to the entrance door to the study. Everyone on the Clinic staff wanted to simply walk across a flat smooth surface to their door. “StayLock” perforated roof tiles have greatly improved happiness and safety of the Clinic study. The physicians and the nurses no longer trip over the edge of the wood deck. They don’t need to step over the snow-and-ice puddle in front of their door. We have covered the ugly black roof without repeating the failure of the previous design: The StayLock deck covering is thin enough to be built all the way to the door, and all the way to the top of the stairs. It is no thicker than a thickly padded rug. The tiles are easily removable, in case roof repairs are needed. The StayLock tiles are flexible enough to “relax” down onto the underlying modified bitumen roof, which is definitely not smooth and flat. We are shovel snow and apply salt. Our new StayLock tiles are thin, removable, flexible, durable, and beautiful. Our deck is now a place to have lunch with a friend.

David K


Customer Rating: 4 Stars


These seem good. I'll know more as time goes by. First, they are more ''rubbery'' than I had envisioned. That's probably good for absorbing impacts, but I'm not sure how well they'll distribute weight placed upon them. If you put furniture on these, make sure they have broad footprint to the legs/feet don't press through a weak point in the tiles. (The little 1'' X squares in the tiles feel a little weak.) And don't walk on them wearing heels. ;-) They are also a lot harder to interlock than the video makes it seem. You have to work them into the slots, which takes times and effort. I ended up using a screwdriver handle as a way to apply hard pressure exactly where I needed it. I did a lot of research, and these seem to be a good choice. I'm glad I got them.


Madison, Wisconsin

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


My wife and I were a little skeptical of the price point, but when these mats arrived we were surprised by the quality, weight, and thickness. The mats arrived in good condition, even though we’ve had issues in the past with other companies sending us boxes this big and heavy. Assembly was a little tedious, but we hit our stride once we started using a mallet to get the mats to snap together. We’d recommend watching a YouTube video about how to install before just trying to do it yourself. Overall, a positive experience. We’re glad to have this in place to protect our newly remodeled balcony and the rubber membrane that protects it. These mats are a relatively small investment to make sure we get years of use from our balcony.


Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


Although the product is great and fulfilled the need I had - I was disappointed in GreatMat's customer service and shipping policy. I purchased the original order in October of last year. As it arrived just prior to winter setting in here in the northeast - I stored the boxed GreatMat items until spring when I proceeded to install the flooring over the 2nd floor balcony rubber roof. When I got to the end of the installation I realized I had been shorted 2 tiles. I had accurately measured and ordered and was shorted in the shipment. I emailed your customer service May 3rd with pictures explaining and had to reorder and repay for the missing 2 tiles again with expensive shipping charges. I did not appreciate this lack of accomodation of the customer.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I am more than pleased with this product. I purchased 1200 tiles for several thousand dollars. I was more than nervous about making such a large investment in a product via an online transaction and bought one case of tiles before sinking the big pucks. The project turned out . . . Fabulous! These perforated tiles were the perfect solution to our dilemma; proving a surface covering a slightly sloping roof above our rec. room and garage that also serves as a deck and entry to our 2nd story. The perforations allow for water drainage through a system much like a shower pan and provide a wonderful surface for walking and light activities. The tiles add to the clean look of our cable railing and look of our home.   The 12'' tiles seem to be far and above the very best product for our application  They were easy to install and Eric with Greatmats was thorough and complete in explaining the need for expansion joints to allow for expansion and contraction with temperature change. He answered all my concerns conveyed through several phone conversations and emails thus eliminating the chance for disappointment. They have been installed now for about a month and if they hold up as described . . I am going to remain a happy  customer.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Seems to work quite well. We installed on top of wood chips, which made it very soft without getting wood chips stuck in your bare feet. Only drawback is that it does get quite hot in direct sunlight. At least the solid black mats do.


Lehi, UT

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Easy to put together, looks great and seems durable. All you can ask for in a product.


Mendota Heights, MN

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


The GreatMats were perfect for my needs. We needed something for our floor where the hydrostatic water pressure pushes moisture up through the concrete during the rainy season. They installed easily in the basement. I was able to cut and contour them around posts, sump drains, stairs, furnace and walls for a very clean fit. I used a jig saw to cut the pieces. They were very consistent in size and sturdy after connection.


Alameda, CA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Easy to install...put down mats very quickly and easily. Looks very nice on outdoor deck.


Milwaukee WI

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I used Greatmats on an outside GaGa Put and they worked very well. Great product.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


My concession trailer with your mats that you helped us pick out! Thanks so much!!!


Oklahoma City, OK