Customer Reviews for: Wood Grain Foam Tiles Reversible

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I got the standard color and I love it. I put these in my basement on top of the concrete floors to create a casual playroom and they look and feel great. I do, however, wish they had some type of label indicating which pieces fit together to match the pattern of the wood grain but bc it's my casual basement, that's not much of an issue. Oh one more thing to point out is that in some places the tile sides/ends overlap which probably will require me to cut the pieces to let them fit but if ou plan on keeping the pieces in the SAme place long term, that shouldn't be a concern.


Princeton Junction, NJ

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I love this product. I hae a daycare in the basement of my older home. the floor is concert and was not finished off right. just a rough finish. these mats look very nice and are easy on my feet and back. Easy to clean. I have them in the kitchen of my daycare. I'm going to put them down in the dinning room soon.


Olympia, WA

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I bought these mats to use in my booth at an art/trade show. They looked great and were so cushiony! Many people complimented me on the woodgrain look as well as how comfortable they were to stand on. They did get punctured by high heel shoes but the brown foam interior helps mask the puncture marks.I was warned about this potentially happening and figured it would be inevitable. Mats are perfect if not for the the punctures by high heels.


Sullivans Island, SC

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This is the 2nd floor I bought. The first was the dark wood which I was not happy with. But they sent me swatches and I picked out the light wood floor which I did like and thought they were generous and prompt with everything


New York, NY

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I think these Eva Foam Mats are great. This my third set and the first time I purchased from great mats. The quality of Great Mats seem superior to the other two sets I have experienced. Perhaps the industry has improved. I run a massage business and my past mats surface wears out in the area where people walk (the massage lotion I guess effect the surface). This batch seems sturdier and it is nice to have a flip-side option. If you are pricing around other locations, don't be fooled: there are cheaper mats that seem the same, but if you look closer, they have a white base - this means if you get any scuffs or dings in the floor, a white streak will show up. Spend a bit more and get mats where the base is closer in color to the surface texture, like these mats. Great on my body - I stand almost all day and kneel occasionally too. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because the floor do dent where furniture sits, but this is to be expected of foam.


Ashland, OR

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The floor looks great. The price was fantastic. I purchased a foam floor from another company about a 1 1/2 years ago and this was by far the better price. My only concern, and reason for a 4 out of 5 stars, is that when it came time to put it together, it wasn't as simple as the other one I bought. All squares come with corner edges, so you have to take them off for the center pieces and edges, no big deal. However, instead of all 4 corners being identical, they're not. It took me a little longer to put it together. All-in-all, still worth it.


OFallon, MO

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Great buy! Better than carpet!


Whitestone, NY

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These are great! Easy to install over uneven concrete basement flooring. Turned empty rooms into bedrooms with ease! The kids love them. The wood grain does not line up from piece to piece, but you can't even tell, or at least it did not bother us at all. (Please excuse the dry wall dust on the floors in the photo.)


Bellingham, WA

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I love the look of this product. It was so easy to install. I wanted something to handle kids and there messes. These were so easy to clean.


Lakeville, MN

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I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It is easy to install and beautiful. It has been great for my body in preventing & treating previous injuries while doing exercise, which I currently am doing Beachbody's Turbofire. I placed this product on tile and now, all I need to do is continue to search for a way to keep it from sliding. It slides, even though there is a grip side. I've added add'l grippers and placed solid objects around to help, but it still slides. My next attempt will be to try it with the foam cabinet rolls/gripping pads.



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Love them. Worth the money. I got these for our playroom. I wanted something that looked nice but was soft and keeps the floor from being too cold. My kids play on it all day.


Pittsburgh, PA

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Looks so nice with the borders! if u don't get the grains lined up perfectly- it still looks fine! barely noticeable. One thing to note: it will puncture if kids step on their legos on it...of course this is good practice for kids to always clean up :)


San Antonio, TX

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Product performs as expected so far. Looks great, easy to assemble.


St. Louis, MO

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I used these for a play area for my children on our hard wood floors. Pros: Good looking, fit together well, nice cushion, and a great price. Cons: If you are anal (as I am), you will spend WAY too much time trying to line up the simulated wood grain across different sections to make the seams less noticeable. It's a big pain. If you get it right, you can hardly see the seams. If you don't (or can't, depending on the selection of pads you get) then the seams are pretty noticeable because of the change in the pattern. Also, I find the edges a little too loose. Not horrible, but I will probably secure them with glue or something. Finally, I thought the finished edge pieces would bevel down to the floor, but they don't.


New York, NY

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I installed the tiles for about a couple of ours. Using them in my basement over ceramic tiles. This is A VERY good insulation from the floor. I had previously a cheaper version of interlocking tiles from Home Depot. These are much stronger (and more expensive, though). Overall I'm completely satisfied with this product and can recommend it to anyone. Pros: 1. Easy and fun to install (can be a project to do with kids) 2. Great insulation 3. Soft, safe for kids or sport exercises 4. Do not have any odor from day one 5. Can be easily removed after some time if you don't need it anymore. Cons: 1. Could be easy damaged by furniture as the tiles are still softer than a regular floor.


Rockville, MD