Customer Reviews for: StayLock Tile Perforated Colors 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We used these mats in a childcare facility. They were purchased for an outdoor playground setting. We laid them over commercial landscape fabric. They were very easy to snap together…..took us less than 2 hours from start to finish.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I think it came out great. We all love the soft feel of these tiles!



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I bought the Staylock perforated mats for our backyard and absolutely love them. I chose the terra cotta for the majority of the surface area and the black for a border so it matched the edge/corner pieces. I was converting an old cement slab into a play area for our kids (about 15x15), and these mats were not only the most affordable option but they are also amazing quality. The area I was covering was NOT level and had a few areas where two sections of cement had separated quite a bit so i was worried how well this flooring would lay. but it has been amazing, since these mats are flexible they just lay right over and smooth out the uneven areas really well. my husband and i installed ourselves, it was very easy although it started to wear on your thumbs. our son even helped, using a rubber mallet to lock the pieces together after we lined them up. the kids spent most of the summer playing in pools/water tables/splash pads and this flooring does great with filtering the water through the holes so i never have sitting water. it *does* get slippery when wet and my kids have wiped out a few times, but they just hop up with no complaints! we have lots of leaves falling and so far no stains from wet leaves sitting on the floor either. not sure how it will hold up over winter but so far so good, would definitely recommend!


Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Super easy to install; helpful advice on the phone and it looks FABULOUS! My balcony had Dektek on it and it wasn't a great installation with wrinkles, water, dirt - now I can walk on it without worry and it always looks great. The tiles weren't cheap but the value far exceeded the cost - I am so happy I did this instead of indoor/outdoor carpeting.

Leslie C

Tappahannock, VA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


So happy with this product! I researched everything available and this was the only thing I could find from any company that would work on top of a modified bitumen roof. I placed directly on the shingling and the soft, flexible rubber allows me to walk on it without damaging the roof. Not only do I love it, but my dog does as well. I got the grey and it is nice and cool. On warmer days, the rubber is even more flexible and very soft to walk/lay on. Very satisfied! Will order more and likely finish my entire deck.


Harvest, AL

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


So glad I decided to go with these tiles. Looks great!


Harvest, AL

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Excellent mats - comfortable, firm, attractive. Easy to install and clean. Would definitely purchase again.


Rhinecliff, NY

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Terrific product. Associates are professional and courteous. On time shipping and delivery.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Our existing deck had serious problems. To enter the study space on the second floor, the Clinic staff people had to climb up the outside concrete stairs from the Clinic, and then walk across a modified bitumen roof to the door. We paid dearly to have a wooden “platform” type “deck” built on the modified bit roof. It was terrible. The platform was taller than the top stair, and also taller than the threshold of the entrance door to the study. We were still stepping onto the bare roof at the top of the stairs, and then stepping down onto the bare roof close to the entrance door to the study. Everyone on the Clinic staff wanted to simply walk across a flat smooth surface to their door. “StayLock” perforated roof tiles have greatly improved happiness and safety of the Clinic study. The physicians and the nurses no longer trip over the edge of the wood deck. They don’t need to step over the snow-and-ice puddle in front of their door. We have covered the ugly black roof without repeating the failure of the previous design: The StayLock deck covering is thin enough to be built all the way to the door, and all the way to the top of the stairs. It is no thicker than a thickly padded rug. The tiles are easily removable, in case roof repairs are needed. The StayLock tiles are flexible enough to “relax” down onto the underlying modified bitumen roof, which is definitely not smooth and flat. We are shovel snow and apply salt. Our new StayLock tiles are thin, removable, flexible, durable, and beautiful. Our deck is now a place to have lunch with a friend.

David K


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Tiles arrived on time and as Advertised. I put these on a Trafficable epdm roof. Best part Was a call from a real person To see if the order went well.


Concordia, MO

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Good quality and reasonable price, I am looking to buy more.


Falls Church, VA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


easy to install, perfect for rubber roofs.


Boston, MA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Very good flooring will be back again


Limon, CO

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Easy install, esthetically pleasing and durable.


Layton, UT

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Greatmats has transformed my outside hot tub area into a beautiful, safe and soft area to enjoy. The product was as described and easy to install. Very pleased with the product and the value of it. I highly recommend this to all who have seen and experienced it. Great product!



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


An excellent rubberized tile for roof decks. The flexible and rounded ''feet'' on the waffled underside are just right for protecting TPO and PVC membranes. None of the sharp, rigid edges or points found on many other 12x12 tiles designed to lie flat. And easy to install! I've assembled these on warm summer days and in the cold of winter. They behave differently in the cold but are still flexible and easy to click together. Best of all, they lay flat over slight variations in the surface of the substrate beneath. No ''rocking'' whatsoever!



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Tiles were exactly as expected. Sturdy and easy to snap together. I will surely order more to cover other areas.


Staten Island, NY

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great non-slip pool surround. Easy to trim and install. Perfect!


Holiday, FL

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Absolutely love them. They work great in the areas we have placed them in and the residents of Aberdeen Arms appreciates them too.


Highland Beach, FL

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


They're great!


Riverdale Park, MD