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Customer Reviews for: Foam Mats Economy 1/2 Inch

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Perfect surface to put over my hardwood floors for my new puppy. Makes a nice training pen / play area floor. Website calculator was accurate, shipment was timely. Price was reasonable. Very satisfied.


Charleston, SC

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I purchased these tiles to floor a basement hobby space. The tiles interlock tightly and do not separate when walked on. I am using folding tables and a rolling desk chair, so the easy application of a plastic floor protector under the chair and rubber furniture floor protectors under the table legs prevent any damage to the floor. Comfortable to stand on for extended periods and definitely warmer that the bare concrete of a basement! My use may be a bit a-typical, but does show that these tile fit a wide variety of flooring needs. I look forward to purchasing more tile for a basement work-out space as well.

D. Mary

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The mats are great. They were light weight and easy to install. They shipped quickly during holiday season. Look great at our in home gym.

K. Weaver

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I bought 1/2 inch tiles for $0.99 per square foot to outfit my home dojo and areas in the workshop. They are easy to connect and look great. Its a good price/quality ratio.

Anna Kaunert

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I contacted Greatmats thinking I knew what type of flooring I wanted to purchase for a home gym in my basement. Thankfully, their knowledgeable customer service staff took the time to ask me a few questions about what I would be using the mats for, then redirected me to a product that was not only more appropriate and easier to install than my original choice, but also less expensive and which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. Only regret is that I didnt find them sooner!

Katryn D.

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Ordering was easy, product is quality at great price, prompt delivery. Works great for play room and flooring for my outdoor tent display.

Satisfied customer

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We added a master suite in our basement this summer. The entire project is beautiful with a 4 foot by 5 foot egress window that makes the bedroom as inviting as any bedroom. We did not know what to do about the floors in the bedroom hallway and open areas because of the constant threat that someday water would find its way on to the basement floor. Then we discovered Great Mats economy 1/2 inch foam mats. They feel like walking on Japanese Tatami mats, they make the cement floors warm and comfortable. The neutral grey color is a perfect background for area rugs and furniture alike. Best of all when the clothes washer occasionally spills water on the floor, or some other water gets onto the floor I just pull up a few mats for the short time it takes to let everything dry out. I would recommend these to anyone needing a safe comfortable and easy to clean basement floor.


Madison, WI

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Product was explained well, shipped as stated and installed in 30 minutes (60 squares, I had to cut 10 to fit in the space). After a week of use the product is doing what we needed it to do, provide a softer, easier to clean surface for a play room.

Mike R

Customer Rating:


Great sales force & service - products is also very good

CMS Corp

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Bought the mats for a room that is still under construction, so have not used them yet, or even opened the package, but I can say that the CS rep I spoke to was very helpful, and the mats I ordered arrived very quickly.

Anne Riecken

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I just installed my Greatmats floor this past weekend in my basement and I just love it! My floor in my partially finished basement is, of course, concrete, but the previous owner had glued some type of tile flooring down some time ago and removed it leaving behind the old black adhesive. It was no longer sticky, just UGLY. These foam tile squares were the perfect solution for me! I was able to install them myself and cover the concrete floor with a perfect flooring for my plan to use the space as a fiber arts studio. The tiles are super easy to cut to size with a utility knife and lay out is simple as well. Easy enough for this 60 year old woman to do on her own without help!! I will not worry if I spill some fabric dye or paint on the flooring because I can clean it up easily. If a square gets damaged, I can always pull it up and replace it with an extra tile. I rounded up my estimate to be sure I would have extra tiles, just in case of accidents. This flooring was also the most economical choice for me. I would highly recommend this flooring!

Mary Wingate

Customer Rating:


I ordered from Greatmats, the order was here in a few days and installed with ease.

Daniel McNeice

Customer Rating:


representatives were very helpful in making the right choice for the product that would suit my needs. quick delivery.

Donna Gigliotti

Customer Rating:


The product quality and time of delivery were as expected.

Rahway Bible Church

Customer Rating:


Ive been ordering flooring from you all for 7 years now and have used it for 4 different dog training facilities. It holds up well and my order experience was very pleasant this time around and the delivery was smooth. Thanks!

Catherine A Bruce

Customer Rating:


Wonderful customer service, quick delivery.....havent used product yet but tiles look great!

Patricia Hamel

Customer Rating:


Great price, quality and quick delivery.


Triangle, VA

Customer Rating:


best service Ive had in awhile. thanks again

casey miller

Customer Rating:


Great customer service and fast shipping. Everything was delivered as order. Highly recommended!!!

Gracie Clearwater

Customer Rating:


mats came fast and were easy to install. fit between mats was excellent. i wish mats came with straight edge for outside border but that is not available. would recommend these to others for home gym.

Timothy Fisher