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Personal Workout Mats

For those seeking a style of workout mats and room flooring to use at home or to carry to the gym, Greatmats has plenty of options designed for portability. Whenever the flooring at the home or at the athletic studio is too hard to be comfortable, Greatmats has mats for workout room use that can be unrolled quickly over the existing flooring. When the workout session is finished, just roll the mat up and store it until the next use.

Many types of workout floor mats we offer will be easy to clean, thanks to their anti-microbial properties. Such mats will be usable either indoors or outdoors. This style of mat is waterproof and won’t absorb sweat, meaning it won’t carry any odor from workout to workout. The waterproof work out mat also is the perfect option for a water aerobics class.

Rubber Mats

When you’re wondering what is the best flooring for exercise rooms that have a lot of foot traffic, rubber mats make a perfect solution. Our rubber workout mats deliver a much stronger type of flooring material than foam. Our rubber mats consist of recycled tires and will deliver impressive durability of at least 20 years. In a commercial gym setting where heavy foot traffic is common, this type of flooring material is a smart idea.

Rubber yields an extremely durable workout room flooring mat option. Its density makes it a great flooring for exercise rooms, as it can support heavy exercise equipment, while protecting the subfloor from damage. A thick workout mat made from rubber is a must have at home when you’ll be lifting weights.

We offer rubber workout matting in a few design options, which will meet different use cases. For those who need a larger coverage area, interlocking rubber tiles have edges that press together tightly without the need for adhesive. The edges almost look like jigsaw puzzle pieces, which simplifies installation.

Straight-edge rubber work out mats are heavy, but they provide an easy means of providing protection to a certain portion of the floor in the exercise room. Because this workout room flooring is heavy, for more coverage area, just place two or more rubber mats side by side, and they won’t slip out of the way. This is a convenient option for those who may want to frequently slide the workout room flooring mats to new places in the room to protect different areas of the floor as your exercise needs change.

Benefits of Rubber Workout Mats

  1. With extreme durability, these rubber mats work well in high traffic areas
  2. Dense and thick rubber will withstand heavy workout equipment and dropped weights without being indented
  3. Provides sound absorption and buffering against cold concrete floors, creating a more enjoyable workout environment
  4. Eco-friendly mats are made from recycled rubber

Folding Mats

Folding workout mats provide another nice option to create a more comfortable exercise area. The foam workout mats for home include a vinyl cover that provides a high level of durability. These workout room flooring mats will work either folded, to yield more cushioning, or unfolded, to provide more coverage area. When unfolded, these mats have coverage areas ranging between 4x6 feet and 6x12 feet. Our mats include hook and loop strips on the sides that allow multiple mats to be connected together for an even larger coverage area.

For more padding, keep the mats folded up to create exercise room flooring for activities like gymnastics, martial arts, wrestling, or cheerleading. For even more padding in the workout, consider stacking these folded workout pads.

Roll Out Mats

Roll out workout mats increase the versatility of any space. This workout matting can be placed directly on top of most surfaces to temporarily add cushion and shock absorption. It's a great solution for workouts and practices when you need a little more protection than the current flooring provides.

Roll out mats are usually between 4 and 6 feet wide. They are available in various lengths, with 10 feet being the most common length. You'll find that mats range from 1 1/4 inch to 2 inches thick. Once you're done with your workout, you can simply roll the mats up again and store them away. Vinyl topped roll out mats are a popular option for wrestling, grappling, and martial arts training.
Carpet-topped roll out mats are often used for cheerleading, stunting, and some gymnastics.

Benefits of Roll Out Mats

  1. Instantly add cushion and shock absorption to any existing floor surface
  2. Once done, just roll the mats up for easy storage
  3. Choose from a variety of lengths and widths, so you get a mat that suits your specific needs

Benefits of Folding Mats

  1. Highly portable, you can fold up the workout mats and store them away when not in use
  2. The foam core is very comfortable, offering excellent shock absorption and cushion
  3. Durable vinyl wrap ensures these mats will last
  4. Versatile mats may be used as a floor when unfolded, or a training device when folded
  5. Connect multiple mats together for a larger space

Interlocking Foam Mats

Interlocking foam mats are frequently used to make comfortable and safer workout spaces. The mats, which are available as puzzle style tiles, can be connected together in just seconds. You can quickly and easily create a cushioned, forgiving floor that is perfect for workouts.

Interlocking mats can be used as both temporary or permanent flooring. If you need to pull the mats up and remove them, you can easily do so, and then reinstall the mats later. The mats are lightweight, so they're easily portable and convenient to move. They're also highly affordable, and are a practical solution for both home and commercial use.

Our interlocking foam workout floor mats connect together just like puzzle pieces, and fit together securely. For a wall-to-wall installation you can cut the mats to fit, though many mats also come with border strips for a clean island installation. Because installation requires no adhesive, you can perform the installation on your own as a DIY project. And if you ever want to relocate your workout room in the future, you can pull up the tiles and move them.

You can choose from workout floor mats in a wide variety of different densities, surface textures, and thicknesses. These mats are designed to meet the needs of several different workout routines, making them a versatile addition to any home or facility.

Benefits of Workout Flooring

  1. Shock absorption makes for a more comfortable surface, resulting in less wear and tear on your body
  2. Surfaces designed specifically for exercise can reduce the risk of injury, particularly for high-impact, repetitive exercises
  3. Durable mats are designed to withstand rigorous use
  4. Choose from mats intended for a more permanent installation, or mats which can be easily rolled up and transported to classes for excellent versatility
  5. Enjoy additional benefits, such as excellent traction or the ability to protect your subfloor from exercise equipment or dropped weights

Benefits of Personal Workout Mats

  1. Superb cushion makes for comfortable workouts just about anywhere
  2. Lightweight and easily portable, these mats can go anywhere with you
  3. Rolled up mats are easy to store, making them ideal workout mats for home use
  4. Use these mats both indoors and outdoors, whether you're participating in an outdoor yoga session or are heading to the gym
  5. Anti-microbial and waterproof materials contribute to a healthier, easy to clean surface

Thickness of Workout Mats

We at Greatmats offer workout room flooring in a variety of thickness measurements. Thicker mats will yield a greater level of cushioning than thin mats, although the material used in the exercise pads also plays an important role in the cushioning properties of the mats.

Often times, rubber matting will be limited to thicknesses between 1/4 inches and 3/4 inches. Rubber exercise mats have a high level of density and are heavy. Extremely thick rubber exercise flooring may be so heavy that it’s difficult for one person to move alone. So for those who will be moving the mats often, consider a thinner type of rubber mat to make the process easier.

Foam style cushioned workout flooring mats typically are available in thicknesses between 1/2 inches and 2 inches. Some mats will even be thicker. Certain types of foam exercise mats require a firmness to deliver the proper support, such as for exercises where the athlete is sitting on the ground. These mats will have a firm style of foam and won’t be very thick.

Thicker styles of foam matting use a soft, spongy type of foam, which gives them a lot of cushioning. This type of workout mats and room flooring is made to give extra cushioning for falls for those practicing martial arts or wrestling. Cheerleaders and gymnasts who need a thick cushioning pad for landings will want an extremely thick exercise mat too.

Workout Flooring Color Options

Our customers appreciate the dozens of workout room flooring choices we offer at Greatmats. In addition to the different materials we use for the flooring and the thickness options, our exercise mats are available in several different color options.

For those running a gymnastics, cheerleading, or martial arts studio, consider having workout floor colors that match the team colors. In a home workout area, having colors that match your decor can be a nice option.

For rubber workout mat flooring, black is the most common color, although we at Greatmats offer some rubber flooring with color flecks embedded in the mats. Firm foam workout mats and those with vinyl coverings will have many more color options available, providing a type of flooring for workout rooms that looks great and provides a good level of durability and value.